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ETTC Fullerton Store

Towel & Apron

A towel or an apron is an often overlooked accessory. Keep yourself warm, clean and dry. We carry many different types of towels including hand towel, beach towels, and bath. You can even shop for a high quality golf towel. The luxurious feel and performance of the terry material cleans your clubs and keeps your hands dry on the course. Shop our array of aprons, all of which can be custom embroidered with your own image, text, company or group name and more. You can find both 2 and 3 pocket aprons. For added year round warmth we also have soft woven, and throw blanket for winter camping and traveling. We even have sleeved blankets as well, for maximum comfort that makes a great fun gift for anyone. Check out our diverse designs and styles. You will find one that you love. We go way beyond just headwear.