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A wallet would be a wonderful addition to your accessory collection. We have wallets of different material such as hemp, cotton and nylon. Additionally, we have many Rasta designs for some of our wallets.

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More About Wallet

Whether you are looking for peace symbols, Jamaican color designs or a plain design, we have the selection to satisfy your needs. They make great gifts for fans of Rastafarian, Jamaican, Reggae and Bob Marley fans. Our wallets range from simple colors like natural, black, olive to more colorful varieties such as RGY.

Some of our wallets have chains accessories so you won’t lose them easily. We carry both bi-fold (two folds) and tri-fold (three folds) options. Any of these great accessories would be a great gift idea for anybody on your list, or even a simple yet secure way to take care of your money and important cards.