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  • Tips on the Perfect Outdoor Hat


    July— a month that conjures up images of slow moving creeks dotted with sunlight coming through the trees, the juicy smell of fresh chopped grass, and fields of wheat growing brown in the baking heat of summer. It is a time when nature calls to us. There is no better month to hang up your work hat and change into something a bit more outdoorsy, load up your SUV with a tent and a couple coolers and leave the steamy pavement of city life behind. Time to go camping! And as every boy scout knows, the more you prepare the better your experience will be. So get ready for your “walkabout” with an outdoor hat from e4hats.com.


    man-182906_640 ac001cw-black-1_1


    Western style hats

    The image of the cowboy is thoroughly evocative of the freedom of the wilderness. Harness your own inner waddy with one of our old timey cowboy hats— the headpiece that won the West. Practical, rugged, stylish: the cowboy hat is an American symbol of independence and masculine outdoorsmanship. Conjure up the spirit of pioneer toughness on your next woodland excursion with one from our slick selection. Hopefully there won’t be any gunfights!


    mountains-691547_640 _1242141293_19


    UV Blocking Hats

    Camping is not without its own unique set of perils. Ants, wild animals, sudden storms, and the occasional unfriendly chawbacon are all things to look out for. But perhaps the most perilous element of all is the elements themselves— the sun in particular. Spending your time in the great outdoors often means a not so great sunburn, so prevent such a painful experience with one of our UV blocking hats, complete with a neck flap to keep you perpetually in the summer shade. If you are going somewhere hot, choose one with a soft, thin and cool material to maximize your comfort.


    adventure-21486_640 _1241006034_4


    Sporting Hats

    Not that you need a reason to drop everything and head out for the brush, but there are actually some great activities to occupy your time once away from the glow of the internet. What could be more outdoorsy than actually supplying your own vittles to bake over the simmering coals of a campfire built with your own two hands? Fishing hats are available for e4hats.com, to help you wrestle up some slabs of salmon to bed down over the hot coals. These classic symbols of the pier lounging fisherman are made of rugged material, and provide 360 degree shade from the elements (not to mention a place to stick some of your fish hooks for a really cool look). Or, if you are after some four-legged fare, check out our selection of Camouflaged hunting hats. Sitting in your deer stand or duck blind, the top of your head can be seen by some wary game animals, so hide more effectively with our forest patterns.



    Don’t loaf about on the couch this summer. While Netflix and air condition are certainly nice, there are more memorable experiences to be had in the mountains, deserts, and forests of our lush and wonderful world. Strike out on your own or with friends and make some memories you will cherish for years to come.

  • Express Yourself: American Flag

    4th of July Fun in the Sun


    The time is upon us to load up on watermelons and beer, crack off some fireworks and fire up the barbeque. That’s right, it’s the season to celebrate the birth of our nation with sparklers, swim trunks, and that smell of freshly cut summer grass so evocative of July. But while you’re marinating the baby back ribs, icing down the cooler, and spending way too much on fireworks, make sure you take some time to shop for a stylish hat to commemorate the occasion!

    3     2



    American Flag Hats

    What better way to show your love of nation than by wearing the emblem of the Stars and Stripes on your head. This symbol of our country has long been evocative of the pride felt by Americans, and with our wide selection of flag hats, you can display your support with style and grace. Check out our flag head wraps for that patriotic look that will have your friends and family saluting.

    ag002da-navy-1  oa501cy-5  gh503cy-charcoal-grey-1


    Baseball caps

    There are only few things more American than the good old fashioned baseball cap. This symbol of US casual wear is as functional as it is stylish. The folded front brim keeps the sun out of your eyes, and allows you to proudly display whatever is important to you- a sports team, a “world’s best dad” emblem, or even the grand old Stars and Stripes. At e4Hats, you can find an amazing selection of this American staple, including caps with sequins for the ladies.


    a    b



    Another piece of Americana is the visor. Just a cap with the top cut off, visors are generally worn by active types- golfers, fishermen, or barbeque-ers who want shade without the sweaty scalp that some full caps might cause. Our selection ranges from opaque gardening hats for those in the watermelon patch, to brushed cotton khaki visors for the day out on the lake. Check out the wide range of visors at e4hats.com and be cool and collected however you decide to spend your 4th.

    to  l


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    Novelty Hats

    Imagine the looks on the faces of your friends and family when you show up to grill the burgers dressed like Uncle Sam. This personification of our national ethos is tall, bearded, and loves to sport a star spangled banner top hat as he points his finger at the able-bodied young men of our country. Or, if you are feeling a bit more feminine, why not sport a hat in the spiky style of Lady Liberty herself. There are an assortment of wacky novelty hats and accessories available for your annual July celebration, so check them out and have some fun.


    While the 4th is a great time to have a beer and a picnic with those who you hold dear, let us not forget the solemn occasion of the birth of our nation. Those revolutionary patriots and forefathers who saw to it that our country was created as a free state deserve our recognition and remembrance. While you are gazing starry eyed at the rockets’ red glare, take a minute to remember how lucky you are to live in a country with such great ideals underpinning it.

  • Top 4 Summer Vacation Destinations

    Our Favorite Summer Vacation Spots for 2015.



    Summer vacation is a time of highs and lows. The sun above brings bright days, but it is often oppressive in its heat. While many people may have extra free time during this season of freedom and leisure, those fair-skinned types may find themselves restricted to small doses of the outdoors, lest they burn and blister. A day at the beach conjures images of joyful relaxation in the sand, but the reality of the wrathful sun above often leaves beachgoers sore and peeling.

    But don’t let the brilliant rays of the sun keep you at your computer all summer long, there is still plenty of time to make a temporary escape. What’s more, if you bring along proper headwear those bothersome UV rays will become quite manageable.

    Without further ado, here are our picks for some top vacation spots this summer, along with the perfect hat for the trip from e4hats.com!


    clearwater-beach-467983_640           fz001bh-navy-1


    Mosey down to Pensacola Beach, Florida with a stylish bucket hat or visor

    Originally settled by the Spanish, this pristine barrier island on the “Redneck Rivera” has some of the nicest beaches in the nation. White sands, a calm bay on one side, and an ancient fort that once held Geronimo are just some of the island’s attractions. But be warned, the Deep South is deeply hot and humid come summer time, and visitors would do well to come prepared with the 360 degrees of shade that our mesh bucket hat can provide. Visors are also a great way to provide shade without feeling confined.



    Jet over to Lanai, Hawaii with a colorful roll up sun visor

    This is the smallest publicly accessible island in the Hawaiian island chain, but that only adds to the seclusion and mystery of this Polynesian paradise. Once a giant pineapple plantation, the island is now a great spot for a quiet day at an empty beach. Don’t be deterred by the proximity to the equator’s scorching rays, one of our colorful roll up hats can fit handily in a purse and provide shade as you bask in the glory that is Hawaii.


    sea-418742_640         fc001fw-tan-black-1


    Sail away to Zakynthos Island, Greece with our wide brim beach hat

    The nation of Greece has been hard up lately, but that is no reason not to appreciate its warm culture and ancient insular beaches. Nicknamed “the flower of the East” by Venetians, this gorgeous Ionian island is a great place to get away from it all if you can afford the airfare (and if you are already in Europe, it will be cheap). But take care traveler, the Greek sun God Helios is alive and well in these isles, so come prepared with our classy beach hat.



    Fly out to Fiji with our tweed floppy sun hat

    Just a jaunt away from New Zealand’s North Island (and in that part of the world, a jaunt is a mere 1000 miles), the islands of Fiji are a tourist’s paradise. With a rich native culture and beautiful landscape, there is plenty to do and see on this historic island chain. But the sun is no joke, so come stylish with our tweed floppy sun hat, and spend the week in a hammock listening to the waves crash in.

    Wherever you go this summer, remember that too much sun is a serious health concern. With our wide selection at e4hats.com, you can protect yourself and look cool in the process.

  • A Simple Guide for a Great Father's Day Gift

    Quick Tips for the Perfect Father's Day Gift.


    Dear old Dad doesn’t get much in the way of holidays, parades, or music dedicated to all his hard work and support. Showing our appreciation for the man that raised us isn't always easy, and emotions may be more of the "strong and silent type" when it comes to telling Papa how we feel. While there is no replacement for a heart to heart, a fine, practical gift never hurts to let Dad know that we care. This Father's Day, show your old man you were thinking of him with a thoughtful and stylish headpiece from e4hats.com.

    Dads tend to respect gifts that they can make use of- handiness over pizazz. Let's toss around some ideas.

    da302he-red-white-royal-1   md302sh-black-white-1


    da301sh-black-1   nm305sh-stone-grey-1


    Hats for the World's Best Dad

    A cap that reads "World's Best Dad" is the sweetest kind of hyperbole. Your father will know that, at least in the mind of his beloved son or daughter, he is the greatest. These stylish caps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and embroidered with an assortment of personalized messages.


    ts002uv-charcoal-1 _1241025399_25


    Hats for Golfing Dads

    There are plenty of dads out there who enjoy squeezing in 18 holes on a lovely June day, so why not cater to this fatherly habit with one of our cool hats for golfing? If your dad is fair skinned, help him get some protection from the summer sun with one of our special UV blocking caps, complete with a neck flap to prevent a nasty sunburn.



    Hats for Fishing Dads

    For the angling dads out there we have a special selection of stylish hats for floating through a Sunday. A water resistant bucket hat has just the kind of durable and protective material that Pop needs as he does battle with the elements and that "big fish" he is always going on about. Or, get two and take to the lake together.

    IMG_1420     IMG_1438




    Hats for the Gentlemen Dad

    Not all dads are outdoor enthusiasts- some might prefer the charm of a stroll through city streets, stopping for a cocktail and a chat with their sons and daughters. For these proud pops we have the pork-pie, bowler, and fedora to meet the demands of a stylish senior.

    mens-hats-730168_640  IMG_1454


    Hats for the Traveling Dad

    A Panama hat is the perfect thing for the globetrotting father. He has worked his whole life to provide for you and your family, and now he is taking some time for himself to see new things. Make sure he does it in style with this straw hat of South American origin (Ecuador, not Panama!) that just screams: "Here is a man of the world."

    Dads need to feel special too, and while there are flowers and cards given out on every Mother's Day, showing your affection for your father through a unique gift can be a little challenging. A practical present like a hat is something a man can use every day, and every time he does he will have good cause to think of his treasured son or precious daughter.

  • Tee Off with the Season's Hottest Golf Hats.

    Focus, practice, and your lucky golf hat.



    Golf is a magical game indeed. You round up a group of your friends, together meet out at a place verdant and meticulously manicured, and proceed to spend the rest of the day launching a little white ball into the blue vastness of a (hopefully) sunny sky. Now that the weather is warm and inviting, there is little excuse to stay away from your local country club. But fair warning before you hit the fairway, most courses require that you wear appropriate clothes, and the sport of golf has its own honored culture of cool. As a matter of decorum and practicality, no golf outfit is complete without a stylish headpiece to top it all off.


    Let’s take a look at some golf-sheik that’s trending:



    Mesh Golf Cap or Visor

    One of the most common hats to see out on the course is unsurprisingly a practical American classic. A cap is durable, keeps your eyes well shaded for your stroke, and comes in a variety of fashionable colors. Sometimes called  “trucker hats”, our golf caps are made of mesh in the back that allows your sweat to evaporate and keep you cool. Or, if you want to take a minimalist approach to fashion, a visor lets you catch every whiff of gentle summer breeze.


    ml002fl-fuchsia-1          _1318939913_6


    Microfiber Hats

    Golf is more fun when you can do it in comfort, and our selection of golf hats can help you achieve a high level of that comfort. Microfiber is a wonderful synthetic material designed to absorb and dissipate sweat from off of the wearer’s skin. What could be better for a sweltering 18 wholes than a dry forehead? Ok, maybe a cold six-pack, but we can only help with the sweat part. There are a variety of different  hats made from this material, so you can stay cool without sacrificing your particular style.


    wf002sp-khaki-1  fz001bh-navy-1  _1279813024_8


    Bucket Hats

    Also called a 'fisherman's hat', these rugged and stylish pieces are usually made from heavier material such as cotton to provide increased protection from the elements. The bucket's 360 degrees of shade will help you escape the scorch of 18 holes, and are great for times you want to play through a random summer shower.


    _1333107254_7  uc001vn-black-1  _1280503854_10


    UV block / Neck flap Hats

    If you are a fair skinned individual, it really pays to be completely protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. We have a selection of hats specifically designed to keep the sunburn to a minimum, while allowing you to enjoy your golf game in style and safety. These are the ultimate in practical protection from the heat!




    To play golf is to take time for yourself, to put aside all your cares and worries and instead spend the day savoring the sweetness of grass, sky and sun. So grab a cold beer and press the golf cart pedal down- but make sure to hold on to your hat as you fly from green to green!

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