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  • Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas

    November is a fantastic month to be an American. Football season is in full swing. The leaves are crunchy on the ground and the air is crisp. And every turkey across the land is filled with trepidation as basters and ovens are prepped at the ready because, of course, Thanksgiving Day is coming! But before you get out the stuffing and the cranberry sauce, it is time to take a long hard look at your fall and winter wardrobe. How are you set for the incoming cold weather? We would hate to see you fill up on vittles without the freshest style to accentuate your Thanksgiving feast this year. So, let us lend you a hand. Grab a drumstick and join us as we look at what’s in season. Check Thanksgiving Day gift ideas with e4Hats.com.

    thanksgiving day gift ideas

    Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas - Beanies

    It’s getting cold out there, and by Turkey day it is bound to be even nippier. As Thanksgiving Day is coming, along with all things after, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with our cold weather selection, including a wide assortment of beanies, toques, ski caps, snookies, or whatever else you call them up in your neck of the woods.

    Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas - Newsboy Cap

    Thanksgiving Day is coming, and one of the best parts about having a large meal with your family is getting to see how all the little ones have grown this year. If one were to get into the holiday spirit a little early, this feast might present some great gift giving opportunities. And if there is one gift that mom and dad will agree on, it is a styling newsboy cap for that young male cousin or nephew. How adorable!

    Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas - Pilgrim Bonnets

    The pilgrims are an integral part of Thanksgiving lore, and this year you can pay them homage in a creative way. As Thanksgiving Day is coming, we here at the offices of e4hats.com have been giving some thought to the history of this auspicious occasion, and have come up with an assortment of pilgrim themed hats for bringing back the spirit of the times!

    Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas - Turkey Novelty Hats

    Looking for something to turn a few heads at the dinner table this year? Well look no further. Thanksgiving Day is coming, and we’ve got all the festive accoutrement you need to make the occasion special. These gobbler hats are flying off the shelves, as jokers around the world make ready to liven up the family feast. Get in on the action in our novelty hat section!

    Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas - Football Hats

    One of our favorite things to do come Thanksgiving Day is to fill up on food until we are absolutely stuffed, and then retire to the couch for a game of bone-crunching football with the family. Now you can practice this time honored American tradition in style with a football hat from your friends here at e4hats.com!

    However you decide to celebrate Turkey Day, make sure to give thanks for everything good in your life. After all, aside from family and food, that’s what the day is really about. Happy early Thanksgiving to all our friends and customers!

  • Veterans Patch Hats

    This coming Saturday (November 11th) marks a great tradition of honoring the men and women who’ve served our country. That’s right, in case you’ve forgotten to mark this auspicious date on the calendar: it’s Veteran’s Day 2017! If you missed our Veterans Day blowout sale earlier in the week, have no fear. There are still plenty of great deals on Veterans patch hats to be found browsing our wide catalog. Let’s take a look at some recommended fashions for this occasion, shall we? You won’t be disappointed.

    Veterans Patch Hats

    Embroidered and Patched Hats

    Veteran’s Day is about remembrance. We take this quiet occasion to reflect on all of the conflicts that have raged in times past, and to remember the men and women who participated in those historical events. For these reasons, a good Veteran’s Day hat should be imbued with meaning, specific and clear. With our wide selection of custom embroidered patches, you can select any theatre, war, or branch of the military to honor in particular. Have an uncle that served in Vietnam? We have a patch specifically for him. Grandfather had a career in the navy? Why not embroider a US Navy patch on to his favorite jacket, hat, or backpack? We’ve got something for all those who’ve served past and present.

    Patriotic Hats

    If you are looking to avoid picking a particular conflict and instead take a general approach to honoring our troops, patriotic hats make a great way to broadcast your love of country this Veteran’s Day. We’ve got the stars and stripes featured on a multitude of designs, materials, colors, and forms. How about a patriotic beanie for the next big outdoor sporting event? It’s getting cold in America these days!

    Orange Hats and Gear

    Veterans Day weekend happens to coincide with all sorts of hunting seasons across America, and many who were once in the service now practice hunting as their hobby. While it is a great pastime, a bit of orange is indispensable if you’re planning on crawling around in the woods this Veteran’s Day. Check out our wide selection of orange and camo hats for each stage of your Veteran’s Day weekend hunting trip!

    Veteran’s Day License Plates

    We may be the number one place on the internet to pick up stylish and respectful Veterans patch hats, but that isn’t all we are! We also have a bevy of specially themed accessories to choose from, not all of which go on your person. Accessorizing your car can be just as fun as trying on new clothes, and with that in mind, we are releasing some pretty rad Veteran’s Day vanity plates this year. Now you can showcase your patriotism on the road as well!

    However you decide to honor our troops, make sure you set aside some time aside to remember Veteran’s Day this year. Our men and women in uniform need and deserve our love and respect, and what better time to come together as Americans and be thankful for all we have. Happy Veteran’s Day!

  • Veterans Hats - Limited Time Sale

    The tail end of the year is full of fantastic Holidays, and while it may be a bit overshadowed by Thanksgiving, Veteran’s day is still one of our favorites. Veterans deserve a whole lot more than a single day when it comes to being honored and appreciated, but now you can remember the vet in your life with a thoughtful gift from your friends here at e4Hats.com. As a special treat for the men and women who serve our country, we are launching a spectacular Veterans Day Sale this year. That’s right, from November 4th through November 7th, you can use coupon code “e4Hats20” to get 20% off on all orders site-wide. Now those are some savings worth standing at attention for! Let’s take a look at our veterans hats, shall we?

    Veterans Hats

    Here are Our Selected Veterans Hats

    Camo Beanies

    The surreptitious art of covert operations has lent the fashion world a thing or two. Can you spot the trend? We here at e4Hats.com love our camo, and it makes a great fashion statement. During our Veteran’s Day Sale, you can pick out our veterans hats to help you “blend in” this fall!

    Veteran Caps

    Our Veteran’s Day Sale is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for that old soldier in your life, and what better way to do so than by making it easier for him to spot others who shared his experience. Our Vietnam Veteran hats broadcasts one’s service and their lived experience for all to see and appreciate. Show your appreciation with class.

    Patriotic Hats

    The defense of our country wouldn’t be possible without all of the pride and patriotism that flows our men and women in the service. During our Veteran’s Day Sale this year, you can represent the good old Red White and Blue with an assortment of patriot hats and accessories designed to do just that. God bless America!

    Reenactment Hats

    Historical reenactment is a fantastic hobby. Not only does it teach us the deep and conflicted story of our county’s tumultuous past, but it makes for a fun long weekend spent outdoors. Whether you are simply looking for a casual costume, or something seriously accurate for your historical rendition, our civil war hats is sure to meet muster.

    Orange Hunting Beanies and Caps

    Let’s not forget that many hunting seasons just so happen to coincide with our veterans hats. Opening day might be passed, but there are still plenty of opportunities to experience the great outdoors this fall. Just make sure you do so responsibly by signaling to any hunters that you are, in fact, not a deer. Orange gear and hats abound at e4Hats.com.

    We hope our Veteran’s Day Sale will help you find a nice gift for the veteran in your life but don’t forget that something as simple as time, attention, and an understanding ear can serve that old soldier far better than anything material. Our heroes need us as much as we need them. Happy Veteran’s Day 2017!

  • Last Minute Shopping Halloween Costume Hats

    It happens every year. Life gets busy, and you find yourself staring down a Halloween party just a few days away, with absolutely nothing in the way of a costume (or even a good idea for one). We’ve all been there a time or two, but Halloween need not be a stressful episode when you’ve got your good pals down at the offices of e4Hats.com watching your back! Step inside for a veritable plethora of last-minute easy Halloween costume hats, sure to take a whole lot of hassle out of your All Hallow’s Eve this year.
    If you missed our recent Halloween sale, have no fear. You’ll still find great deals within for your upcoming monster mash. So let’s “bat” around a few ideas, shall we?

    Halloween Costume Hats

    Here are Our Selected Halloween Costume Hats

    Mario Hats and Moustaches

    The world of the Mushroom Kingdom is full of last minute easy Halloween costume ideas. Slap on a ”M” hat and a mustache, and you are instantly transformed into that goomba smashing plumper of pixilated fame. Dress your date up as Princess Peach and boom! couple’s costume quick and easy.

    Animal Hats

    There are so many places from which to draw last-minute easy Halloween costume hats ideas, and the animal kingdom is no exception. Check out lions, tigers, and bears and throw on a quick and simple fauna garb this October 31st. You’re sure to turn a few heads with a little help from the menagerie at e4Hats.com!

    Robin Hood Hats

    Robin Hood is the hero of the common man, the Prince of Thieves— robbing from the rich to give to the poor. Thankfully for us here living in the modern world, Robin of Loxley didn’t believe in a whole lot of bells and whistles in his get up, making Robin Hood costume fairly straightforward to replicate. All in all, a great last-minute easy Halloween costume idea. Better brush up your archery!

    Witch Hats

    The ghoulish figure of a witch is instantly recognizable to boys and girls the world over, and her tapering hat is about as emblematic as it gets when it comes to last minute, easy Halloween costume hats ideas. We’ve got everything you need to dress up as one of these maidens of the night this October, so head on over and check out what we’ve got brewing in our cauldron.

    Nun Hats

    If you went to Catholic school, it might be that you find something a little frightening in the traditional vestments worn by women of the cloth. And really, a nun outfit is a great last-minute easy Halloween costume idea. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery! Just don’t forget to say your Hail Mary’s before the party.

    However, you decide to dress up this season, let us help you come up with some great last minute easy Halloween costume ideas. A little bit of preparation now, while there is still time, will go a long way come next Tuesday. Happy trick or treating to all the kids out there, and have a wonderful Halloween from your friends here at e4Hats.com!

  • Halloween Theme Costume Hat 2017 - Part 2

    The holiday season is well on its way, and the best part (by far) is kicking off the long string of special days with the spookiest night of all: Halloween! That’s right kiddies, time to gear up for a night of mischief and candy corn because All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner. If you are like us, you’ve likely been wracking your brains for costume ideas. But not to worry! If it is a Halloween theme costume hat you are after, you are most certainly in the right place. We’ve got a whole bag of tricks and treats to make your special night memorable. And don’t forget! Friendly reminder that from 10/21 to 10/25 we are scaring up one monster of a sale, and are offering 30% off across our entire catalog. Just use coupon code e4Hats30 to chop prices limb from limb, and save nearly a third off of your total during our exclusive Halloween sale this year! Now let’s see what we’ve got in store.

    Halloween Theme Costume Hat

    Here are Our Halloween Theme Costume Hat Collections

    Waldo Hats

    Waldo. Where is he? Such a deep, philosophical question. If you ask us, this enigmatic guy really needs a GPS tracker implanted. But in the meantime, we’ve got a Halloween theme costume hat featuring that hard-to-spot red and white hat the Waldo Hats. You’ll have people looking for you all night long!

    Animal Hats

    Our furry friends are as cute and cuddly as they can be, and Halloween is the perfect time to pay homage. What better way to broadcast your spirit animal than a Halloween theme costume hat that is representative of our world’s lovely fauna? Lions, tigers, and bears are sure to be spotted this Halloween eve— oh my!

    Hair extension Hats

    Sometimes, a costume calls for long hair. Last we checked unless you’ve been planning the costume for quite some time, there is no way to suddenly sprout long, glorious locks on command. But have no fear, for with our Halloween theme costume hats your intrepid dress-up plans need not be thwarted by something as trivial as a lack of hair. Behold, hair extension party hats from e4Hats.com! Just slap on that baseball cap and bask in the glory of your newfound mane! Shampoo not included or necessary.

    Nose Masks

    As the name e4Hats.com implies, we fancy ourselves your one-stop-shop for all Halloween theme costume hats this year. But don’t forget that we are also purveyors of some of the finest and most novel accessories to be found on the whole, wide internet! Looking for a nice elephant trunk to top off your pachyderm outfit? Look no further. When it comes to awesome accessories, e4Hats.com never forgets!

    However you decide to dress up during Halloween, remember that a bit of effort now goes a long way to making October 31st a special event. Don’t wait until the last minute to grab your Halloween theme costume hat this year. We’ve got a wide assortment ready for you to browse. And don’t forget to check back for our massive sale starting October 21st!

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