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  • Get Outdoors with Outdoor Hats

    Things are heating up here in the northern hemisphere, and all the majestic glory of nature is in full bloom. We here at the offices of e4Hats.com have been spending plenty of time outdoors, enjoying the beauties of the season. Not only are we working on our tans, but we’ve also been showing off our fantastic selection of outdoor hats and accessories, sporting our most fashionable items out among the green hills and the sunshine. If you are looking for a little adventure as you frolic through April showers, let us help you out with outdoor hats to keep you cool and protected, while looking great at the same time! Stay tuned for great sales, discount prices, and amazing deals as we roll through spring and into summer.

    outdoor hats

    Women’s Gardening Visors

    A great women’s outdoor hat may be judged by the three ‘P’s: price, prettiness and practicality. Thankfully, our outdoor hats rank highly in these ever-important criteria. In particular, our visor hats not only make great gifts for the lady gardener in your life, but they are seriously protective against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Coming in a variety of tints, materials, and forms, we’ve got a perfect match for that green thumb of yours. Check out what is sprouting up in our awesome selection! No weeding required!

    Straw Fedora Hats

    The fedora is one of the coolest hats around, but it tends to be associated with big city living, martinis at the lounge, and hailing down a taxi cab after a long day at the ad agency. But what about those seeking an outdoor hat which preserves this classic sense of a cool, urbane lifestyle back in the concrete jungle? Well, for all of you, we have an outdoor hat at home in both Times Square and the wide open plains of Texas. Breathable meets hip in our straw fedora section!

    Original outdoor hats - Cowboy hats

    The cowboy hat might be the original outdoor hat. As much a symbol as an accessory, cowboy hats evoke a whole host of rugged, scrappy imagery. Check out our wide selection of styles and ride out to the ridge where the west commences!

    Floral Hats and Accessories

    What better way to show your appreciation for nature than with an outdoor hat that takes its appearance from the flowers themselves? We’ve got just about everything with a floral, or flower print— so head on over and pick yourself out a bouquet of fashion!

    High style and fashion don’t abruptly end when you hit the city limits, and country life provides ample opportunity for looking great as you pursue adventure and fun in the world’s wild places. Let us deck you out in the proper attire for responsible fun in the sun. Our bevy of outdoor hats and accessories will keep you protected and looking great. There are more sales inbound in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to this blog for updates on all the great deals from e4Hats.com!

  • 2017 KALATTA Table Tennis Tournament

    2017 KALATTA Table Tennis Tournament
    2017 KALATTA Table Tennis Tournament
    Place: All Nations Church
    Time: 04/01/2017 8AM-7PM
    S.A.B Group – 2nd Rank in Group
    S.A.B Group – 3rd Rank in Group (Jack Mcarthy)
    Single – 1st Rank in Beginner Group (Maria Lim)
  • Baseball Caps for all seasons

    April 2nd marked the glorious opening of another all-American pro baseball season! We’ve got our ice cold beverage, our Crackerjacks, and of course, more baseball caps than you can shake a stick at! Your local ballpark is genuinely a magical place— from the roar of the crowd to the crack of the bat, to the sun on your face! Wait, how did that last one sneak in there? No baseball fan wants to miss a crucial play due to too many UV rays. So let us here at the internet’s sportiest hat department help you out with one of the widest selection of baseball caps on the internet, just in time for the 2017 season. If you can dream it up, we can slap it on a baseball cap, so come check out what we’ve got in store for all you sports fans out there!

    baseball caps

    Sport and hobby Baseball Caps

    Here at e4Hats.com, we do a lot of custom in-house embroidering on our baseball caps. We do this in order to be able to tailor our hats to exact customer preferences, and the result is often a truly unique style. This is definitely the case when it comes to our sport and hobby section, where you can find just about any pastime or avocation stitched to the front of a baseball cap. From scuba diving to canoeing, to even something as simple and everyday as a game of catch with dear old dad- we’ve got a hat just perfect for the way you spend your time. Check them out today and pick up a baseball cap that is 100% you.

    Mascot Embroidered Baseball Caps

    The world is full of symbols, icons, and mascots used to represent some larger picture. We here at e4Hats.com are huge fans of baseball caps sporting simple designs that speak of some larger meaning, all in one easy to decode the message. Some emblems may be profound – a cross symbolizing the wearer’s strong Christian faith, for example. Others may be more quirky and fun – a skull and crossbones (we know you aren’t really a pirate, but why not pretend?). We even have the simple and mundane, like a smiley face or a hot dog embroidered baseball cap, just to help you get through the long day. Whatever your thing, let us here at the internet’s most customizable place for hats and accessories stitch in onto a baseball cap for you this baseball season. You surely won’t be disappointed.

    Whether you are planning on taking a trip out to the ball game and enjoying the crowds and peanuts, or if you just feel like staying at home and transmitting that much needed emotional support to your team through the airwaves, make sure you take some time to celebrate the new season of America’s favorite pastime. We’ve got all of the baseball caps and accessories you need to ring in the new season in high style and true baseball fashion, so stop by and swing away!

  • Fancy Easter Hats for Men and Women

    The long season of Lent is thankfully drawing to a close, and as flowers blossom across the northern hemisphere, people are preparing for the celebration of renewal and rebirth that we call Easter. Whether you decide to go all out with baskets full of chocolate, egg hunts, and a giant stuffed rabbit, or just take it as a day of rest, you’ll no doubt notice that this time of year comes with its own fashion sensibilities. In celebration of this, we here at the internet’s most rejuvenating hat company are announcing a huge Easter hats and caps sale!

    Easter Hats

    For a long weekend (4/8/17 to 4/11/17) we are going to be slashing prices across the board by 20%. That’s right guys and girls, Easter is serious business around here! So check out our awesome (and highly discounted) selection while supplies last.Here are some fresh ideas to help you get started:

    Fedora Hats

    Trilby Fedora hats are great for men’s spring fashion. These Easter hats work perfectly for any formal occasion, and present a sort of retro masculinity that is currently making a resurgence in the fashion world. We have several different styles to choose from, so grab one during the sale for a dose of that old-school cool!

    Ivy Hats

    Another icon among the canon of Easter hats is what’s known as the Ivy/driver/flat cap. Also hailing from the fashionable past, this scholarly looking accessory is making a big comeback this spring. We even have ivy hats for the kids, so that you can dress up your young gentlemen in style for the Easter festivities.

    Bucket Hats

    On the slightly less formal end of the Easter hat spectrum, we have the bucket hat an.
    d all of its outdoorsy connotations. Often thought of as a practical headpiece for fishermen or other sportsmen, the bucket hat is ideally suited for the oncoming warm weather and all of the fun activities you’ll be able to revisit now that the world is thawing out. Whether it is fishing, hiking, or hunting, this hat as got you covered – enjoy!

    Easter Hats

    We are constantly expanding our selection of custom embroidered baseball caps, and this year we have a brand new Easter lineup to showcase. Easter is about fun, after all, so head on over and pick yourself out a pair of bunny ears or a “hippity hop” baseball cap. This year’s Easter celebration starts with a custom Easter hat from e4Hats.com!

    You won’t have to hunt under hedges and in garden rows for our amazing hat deals! Just make sure to capitalize on the steep discounts, as Easter will be here in the shake of a rabbit’s tale. Whether you are planning on dressing up the whole family for church on Easter Sunday, or just having a little get together to dye eggs with the kids, Easter is about the inevitable changes and rebirth that come with the end of another frigid winter. Get out doors and celebrate with a new hat from our wide selection! Happy Easter everyone!

  • Coachella Style Hats

    Coachella style hats

    April is a special time for us here at the offices of e4Hats.com – the week of 4/14 in particular. It is this auspicious date that marks to beginning of Coachella Music Festival. The festival, in case you haven’t heard, is a time of music, art, and general frivolity held annually in Indio California. Not only are the tunes, food, and ambiance all on point, but festival goers tend to bring their “A game” when it comes to hats and accessories as well.

    Whether you are looking to attend for this year’s awesome lineup, or are planning on being there in only spirit, we’ve got a plethora of Coachella style hats to free the mind, body, and spirit.

    Check out all the deals we have on offer, perfect for a bit of a desert romp!

    Straw Fedora Hats

    Coachella style hats

    Coachella style hats Coachella style hats Coachella style hats

    Even Don Draper has to find a change of wardrobe when he lands in sunny California, and swapping that warm, velvet fedora for one made of straw is Coachella style through and through. Check out our selection of straw fedora styles and keep it real all festival long.

    Cowboy and Outback Hats

    Coachella style hats

    Coachella style hats Coachella style hats Coachella style hats

    Coachella style is deeply intertwined with the lore and fashion of the west and all that this heritage entails. Rough cowboys on the trail, gold panning prospectors, and hard-drinking gamblers all contributed to the milieu that won the West. Now, you can continue that legacy as you party it up in the deserts where these great figures of the past once rode. Check out our wide selection of cowboy hats before the festival starts!

    Floral Hats

    Coachella style hats

    Women's Floral Canvas Roll Up Hat Floral Cotton Bucket Hat Floral Design Bow Crushable Hat

    Flower girls are what Coachella style is all about, and these icons of the festival scene have been rocking out in floral hats and accessories since the sixties. Now you can get groovy, tune in, and drop out with our far-out selection of floral hats. Whether it is a simple garland of petals, or something a bit more traditional, we’ve got what you need to reach full bloom baby!

    Coachella Style Hats

    Coachella style hats

    Coachella style hats Coachella style hats Coachella style hats

    While fitting in to that Coachella style vibe is important to festival goers, one also has to take time to consider the practical elements of days spent out dancing in a desert. The sun is a very real thing out here in California, as you’ll soon realize in despair if you don’t take steps to protect your hide. Never fear, we’re here to help with an awesome selection of wide-brimmed hats for you to choose from. Now you can dance all day in the shade – just be sure to stay hydrated.

    Coachella style hats

    However you decide to celebrate this festival season, the fashion that accompanies this wild and free jubilee has definitely started a trend. Get on board with our awesome-sauce selection of Coachella style hats and accessories today, and bring a little of the spirit into your life. You might find yourself stuck inside the office while the big-name bands rock out, but remember, there is always a Spotify playlist and a hat from e4Hats.com to make you feel like you are right there!

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