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  • Memorial Day Hats Guide

    Memorial Day is right around the corner, and it is high time to set aside a reflective hour in which to honor and cherish the men and women who have sacrificed so much to fight for our country. We here at e4Hats.com want to do our part. So, for three days (from 5/20 – 5/23) we are slashing prices and offering a 20% discount across the board. We’ve got a wide array of military hats and accessories, check out our awesome Memorial Day Hats.

    Memorial Day Hats

    Memorial Day Hats - Military Patches

    A good military hat is customizable, and our military patches are aimed at giving you options specific to particular engagements and events in military history. We’ve got a patch for just about every conflict in recent memory, so swing down and peruse for a new patch today.

    Memorial Day Hats - Civil War Hats

    Some military hats are less about recognizing service in modern times, and more about reenacting huge events from our nation’s storied past. Civil war recreation is a big time hobby among American military history buffs, and we are ready and waiting to help you get into character. We’ve got a wide and historically accurate selection of civil war hats from the war between the states, ready for your perusal.

    Memorial Day Hats - Veteran Hats

    Many Vietnam vets have a need to locate others who’ve had a similar experience and also to be recognized by fellow soldiers from time to time. Mostly, these military hats make a statement: “I served, I was there.” This helps an old veteran to be appreciated and recognized for all the great things they have done to keep our freedoms free. Buy one veteran hat for a veteran you know today.

    However, you decide to mark the occasion, make sure that you pay proper homage to the people who have spilt their blood, sweat, and tear to protect our great land and its cherished institutions. Whatever the purpose, you’ll have a great time browsing through our military hat selection this Memorial Day.

  • Mother's Day Hats Ideas

    The time to knock out that Mother’s Day shopping is nearly at an end, and all filial sons and daughters with the opportunity are busily preparing to spend some quality time in honor of Mommy Dearest. Remember that this Sunday (May 14th) is the special day, and make ready while you still can. We here at e4Hats.com are big momma’s boys and girls, so to help you out with your shopping, we’ve just finished our massive Mother's Day hats sale with great success. If you didn’t have a chance to snap up those deals, have no fear, we still have thousands of gift ideas in stock and ready to ship out to you at a moment’s notice. Time to show Mom how you really feel with grand Mother's day hats or accessories from our myriad collection of styles, shapes, colors and materials. Let’s jump right in!

    Mother's Day Hats

    Mother's Day Hats - Red Hats for Mom

    Red is the color of passion, love, of so many things, so why not give Mom something to put a little pep in her step this Mother’s Day? She may be getting on in years, but she probably still has a bit of a fiery streak when it comes to fashion. These Mother’s Day hats are fabulous fashion statements, and a great way to show Mom that you still think she is a hip lady. Check our red hats while supplies last!

    Mother's Day Hats - Scarves for Mom

    While most places in the Northern Hemisphere have started to warm up, that doesn’t mean that cold-weather clothing is an off-limits Mother’s Day gift. If you’ve sorted through the Mother’s Day hats in our store, but can’t find anything that just screams “mom”, you might do well to consider stocking up Mother’s wardrobe with cozy and fashionable winter accessories. And let’s not forget all those Southern Hemisphere netizens out there. If you’re on the bottom side of this wide world, Mother’s Day might be the perfect opportunity to outfit the dear lady with protective and stylish gear for the coming frosty season.

    Mother's Day Hats - Custom Embroidered Hats for Mom

    Your Mom is a unique and special woman, and in order to find something suitably original in our Mother’s Day hat selection, you might need to check out the custom embroidered section. Specially tended by our seasonal hat experts, this selection always contains fresh and topical ideas for any particular time of year. Mother’s Day is no different, and we have a few hats specifically created for this time of homage to matriarchs the world over. Check out these custom embroidered Mother’s Day hats while supplies last and grab something that let’s Mom know you see her as one-of-a-kind!

    As Mother’s Day passes, summertime comes into full flower. The next upcoming holiday is going to be Memorial Day, and we have a big sale in store for all of our customers. Stay tuned to our website for updates on great deals throughout the summer. From all of us here at the internet’s most filial hat store, Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Mother's Day Hats Guide

    Mom is a classy lady, and the day has nearly come to pay homage to this magical woman with a token of your appreciation. That’s right, Mother’s day will be here in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, and the window of time to prepare something meaningful is getting smaller by the minute. Have no fear however, because your good pals here at e4Hats.com have prepared a bevy of Mother’s Day hats and accessories ready to be shipped out to your door at a moment’s notice. Not only is our selection a testament to the wonder and convenience of the internet, but we are also slashing prices across the board just for this auspicious occasion. That’s right you sons and daughters, our Mother’s Day Sale is here! You can expect a discount of up to 20% until May 9th! There is no better time to grab Mother’s Day hats, so let’s get into a few gift ideas below shall we?

    Mother's Day Hats

    Mother's Day Hats - Dressy Hats

    As we mentioned earlier, Mom is a class act, and she needs hats and accessories that keep her looking fancy during this year’s formal events. Look no further that e4Hats.com to fulfill your filial duty with an awesome, stylish formal hat from our wide selection. There are floral fascinators of all shapes, colors, and arrangements perfect for Moms attending Sunday service, wool and felt hats for weddings and a whole lot more. Stop by today and save 20% on all Mother’s Day hats and accessories while supplies last! Mother dearest will absolutely love these practical and fashionable gift ideas. Enjoy our floral Mother's Day hats!

    Mother’s Day Hats - Wide Brimmed Gardening Visors

    A beautiful garden is a favorite pet hobby of mothers and other green-thumbed individuals the world over. While getting outdoors is certainly a treat, most of us try to be conscious of the exposure our skin gets to harmful UV rays. With a special Mother’s Day hat from the fashion experts at e4Hats, you can kiss the burnt and peeling skin goodbye. These wide brimmed visor hats offer Mom a serious amount of protection. They are perfectly practical for log days spent digging in the soil, sowing seeds, weeding, and doing all the stuff that it takes to make one’s garden grow. If mom tends her veggies half as well as she tended to you growing up, you’ll be eating a chef’s salad in no time. Check out these great (and cheap) Mother’s Day hats today and pick out something nice! Enjoy our gardening Mother's Day hats!

    Custom Embroidered Mother’s Day Hats

    Sometimes, the best purpose served by a Mother’s Day Hat is simply letting your mom know that you are thinking about her and showcasing your love and respect for the woman who brought you, through great pain, into the world. She has likely sacrificed a lot of things over the years in order to give you a healthy, happy life, and there is probably no gift you can give that would ever repay that. But, with a custom embroidered Mother’s Day hat, you can at least show her how you feel. Enjoy our embroidered Mother's Day hats!

    Stay tuned for all sorts of deals on Mother’s Day hats, and make this special day even more meaningful with a thoughtful gift from your friends at e4Hats.com! Enjoy our Mother's Day hats!

  • Early Gift Ideas for Mother's Day Hats

    So, what did you get your mother last week for Mother’s day? Oh man, you should have seen the look on your face! But seriously, don’t worry, Mother’s Day is still a few weeks away (May 14th, to be exact). But that panic you just felt thinking you might have let the important day slip by should be reason enough to start planning your Mother’s Day gift as soon as possible. We here at the internet’s most maternal place for hats and accessories have a whole bevy of charming Mother’s Day hats and other gift ideas to get you started on the right foot. The woman who birthed you deserves honor and recognition, so check out our wide selection of Mother’s day hats during our upcoming Mother’s day hat sale (During the week of 4/28 – 5/9, you can expect a discount of up to 20% !!!)

    Mother's Day Hats

    Mother's Day Hats - French Style Berets

    What doesn't Mom have a bit of the Francophile buried within their hearts? Now, you can grab your beloved matriarch a Mother’s Day hat with a side of continental flair. She’ll absolutely adore the refined, international look of any of our multitude of styles, materials and colors. Life pro tip: grab a bottle of red wine (French vintage, preferably) and pick French style berets for your Mom. make it a themed mother’s day in 2017.

    Mother's Day Hats - Gardening Visors

    Mom likes to keep busy, and why not spend a little extra time outdoors? Particularly if the kids are out of the nest, Mom needs her hobbies now more than ever. For this reason, we here at e4Hats.com have released a dizzying array of wide-brimmed gardening visors. These Mother’s Day hats make a wonderful and practical gift – they help protect the skin from harmful UV elements and look great with a green thumb! Check out all the different styles and shapes, and get a jump on those gift ideas.

    Mother’s Day Embroidered Hats

    Mom is a special and unique lady, so why not show her just how one-of-a-kind she is with a mother’s day hat from e4Hats.com that’s every bit as original as the woman herself. World’s greatest mom? Most definitely. Let the whole world know with a custom, in-house stitched work of art from our embroidered hat collection. Whatever emotion it is that you want to show her, we’ve got the perfect patch to let that feeling be heard loud and clear! Check out our Mother’s Day hats.

    Your mother means the world to you, so make sure to make this once-a-year celebration something special, and give her something to cherish as the year goes on. You’ve probably heard that it’s the thought that counts, and while true, why not make your gift something meaningful? With Mother’s Day hats, and the upcoming Mother’s Day sale (20% discount!) coming from your friends here at e4Hats.com, creating that memorable gift idea is as easy as a slice of mom’s best cake. To all the Mother’s out there, we hope your special day is everything you deserve! Enjoy our Mother's Day Hats!

  • Get Outdoors with Outdoor Hats

    Things are heating up here in the northern hemisphere, and all the majestic glory of nature is in full bloom. We here at the offices of e4Hats.com have been spending plenty of time outdoors, enjoying the beauties of the season. Not only are we working on our tans, but we’ve also been showing off our fantastic selection of outdoor hats and accessories, sporting our most fashionable items out among the green hills and the sunshine. If you are looking for a little adventure as you frolic through April showers, let us help you out with outdoor hats to keep you cool and protected, while looking great at the same time! Stay tuned for great sales, discount prices, and amazing deals as we roll through spring and into summer.

    outdoor hats

    Women’s Gardening Visors

    A great women’s outdoor hat may be judged by the three ‘P’s: price, prettiness and practicality. Thankfully, our outdoor hats rank highly in these ever-important criteria. In particular, our visor hats not only make great gifts for the lady gardener in your life, but they are seriously protective against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Coming in a variety of tints, materials, and forms, we’ve got a perfect match for that green thumb of yours. Check out what is sprouting up in our awesome selection! No weeding required!

    Straw Fedora Hats

    The fedora is one of the coolest hats around, but it tends to be associated with big city living, martinis at the lounge, and hailing down a taxi cab after a long day at the ad agency. But what about those seeking an outdoor hat which preserves this classic sense of a cool, urbane lifestyle back in the concrete jungle? Well, for all of you, we have an outdoor hat at home in both Times Square and the wide open plains of Texas. Breathable meets hip in our straw fedora section!

    Original outdoor hats - Cowboy hats

    The cowboy hat might be the original outdoor hat. As much a symbol as an accessory, cowboy hats evoke a whole host of rugged, scrappy imagery. Check out our wide selection of styles and ride out to the ridge where the west commences!

    Floral Hats and Accessories

    What better way to show your appreciation for nature than with an outdoor hat that takes its appearance from the flowers themselves? We’ve got just about everything with a floral, or flower print— so head on over and pick yourself out a bouquet of fashion!

    High style and fashion don’t abruptly end when you hit the city limits, and country life provides ample opportunity for looking great as you pursue adventure and fun in the world’s wild places. Let us deck you out in the proper attire for responsible fun in the sun. Our bevy of outdoor hats and accessories will keep you protected and looking great. There are more sales inbound in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to this blog for updates on all the great deals from e4Hats.com!

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