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  • Winter Hats for All

    The long cold spell is upon us here in the States, and icy roads, grey skies, and thick socks predominate across much of our great country. But there is no reason to give in to the winter blues, no matter how desolate things might seem outside. Just curl up with a hot cup of tea and plug in that laptop— you’ll find the long, dreary hours pass by like a flash when you are surfing the web’s premier hat supplier!
    We’re stocked up this season with winter hats for everyone! If you are looking for something colorful and zesty to offset the doldrums of the cold weather, we’ve got anything your heart could desire on, right here on display. Beat those winter blues with a full shopping cart today!

    winter hats

    Here are Our Selected Winter Hats for All

    Pom-pom Beanies

    “Winter hats for all” means styles and sizes for everybody, children included of course. What could be cuter than decking out your kiddies with a pom-pom beanie, other than having a little pom-pom on top to really set off the look. The adorable fashion sense of your younger family members is sure to melt even the frostiest of hearts. If only we could say the same for your frozen driveway!

    Winter Caps

    There are those of us who prefer to embrace the crispness of the cold rather than to hide from it behind layers of swaddling. We’ve got winter hats for all type of personalities, and now you can grab a simple baseball cap embroidered with a wintry design, just to show you’ve got no fear of that old Jack Frost!

    Flame Beanie

    Sometimes a tropical image or even the evocation of warm things can do a lot to relieve those winter blues, and we’ve got winter hats for all types of preferences. Check out our rad flame beanies, and get warmed up by our hot fashion accessories while supplies last!

    Wool Top Hat for men

    We’ve got winter hats for all occasions as well, and heaven knows there are plenty of excuses to dress up, even this time of year. So why not get fancy with a top hat, refined selection from e4Hats.com? We’ve got all the classic numbers, made in wool and felt so that you can look cool and stay warm all winter long. Elementary!

    Whatever cool winter fashion you’ve got your heart set on this year, we can most certainly help you out. Check out our wide selection to find a winter hat for all tastes, and look out for big sales (and hopefully warmer weather) just over the horizon. In the meantime, bundle up and stay warm if you can, because it sure is a cold one outside!

  • Winter Fashion Hats & 25% OFF Winter Sale

    Now that the holidays are over, it is time to keep those New Year’s resolutions. Whether your goal for 2018 is just to get in shape or run a marathon, revitalizing your wardrobe is a great first step in furtherance of those lofty goals. We here at e4Hat.com are sticking to our promises this year, and bringing you a whole slew of new winter fashion to help you start the year off right. To help you do so, we are launching a winter sale. Once you’ve got your sleigh (or cart) full of goodies, just use coupon code “e4hats25” to shave a quarter off of the purchase price.

    winter fashion

    Here are Our Selected Winter Fashion Hats


    The beanie is the quintessential winter fashion accessory and comes in a somewhat dizzying array of colors, styles, materials, and methods of manufacture. But there is no need to feel overwhelmed, let your friends here at e4Hat.com make browsing a breeze. Just slide on over to our beanie selection and grab yourself some of our dreamy beanies.

    “Mom Life” Caps

    Got a new or expectant mother in your life this year? Why not give her a piece of winter fashion to fit in with those big life changes that she is about to face. Our classy, wine colored, “Mom Life” caps are a fun and unique bit of style for those switching over to a more maternal mode this winter.

    Women’s Wool and Felt Dress Hats

    Sometimes winter fashion calls for a bit of refinement, a touch of class, a bit of that urbane attitude embodied by Manhattanites walking the wintry streets of the Big Apple. With our wide selection of stylish wool dress hats – the fedora, the bowler, the cloche, to name a few – you can capture the essence of city life with your brand-new accessories.

    Trooper Hats

    Sometimes, keeping warm can be a matter of life and death. For those frosty climates, we’ve got some trapper cap that is as insulting as it is hip. If you’ve seen television shows set in the great white North (Fargo is one of our favorites), then you are likely familiar with this tasty bit of style. When you absolutely must protect that noggin from the worst that Jack Frost has to offer, accept no substitute.


    Not all latitudes are snowy and drab at the moment, however, and for those of you in the southern hemisphere, winter fashion has a whole different meaning. We don’t forget about our Kiwis nor our lads and ladies Down Under. If your January fashion means shorts and flip flops, we’ve got a visor or two that will be “good on ya!”

    Whatever direction you decide to take your winter fashion, try to keep positive as the dreary and chilly days wear on. Remember that 2018 is a brand new year, and a brand new you! So bundle up, make yourself a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, and browse on your laptop for a whole new cold-weather wardrobe. We here at e4Hats.com will be keeping the lights on for you all winter long!

  • Fashion Hats and Accessories

    It’s a brand-new year folks, and that means new beginnings. Time to put the party hats of 2017 in a cardboard box somewhere, and slip into a brand new you for 2018. This is sure to be a memorable year for fashion, and there is no better time than now to get yourself outfitted with fresh hats and accessories from the hippest, trendiest hat store on the whole wide internet!
    We’ve got new styles and fashions coming at you, so be sure to poke around our selection for that refreshing look. Or, read on to get our top picks for what is going to be “in” circa 2018.

    Fashion Hats

    Here are Our Selected Fashion Hats and Accessories

    Newsboy Caps

    They say that a classic never dies, and the newsboy cap is a prime example. Classic styles such as this are set to come back in a big way in the late 2010s when retro fashion is becoming increasingly popular. Nostalgia for the old days is strong in American culture, and now you can capture a new look for yourself that has a proven track record!


    Another classic that’s been flying off the shelves in 2018 is the grand old fedora. There is nothing that reflects the old, 1950s fashion than one of these signature numbers. If you are looking for a new look for the new year, you can’t go wrong with one of these snazzy symbols of urban masculinity. Don Draper eat your heart out!

    Ivy Cap

    Fancy turning your attention to scholarly pursuits this year? Why not pick up some new fashion accessories that reflect your maturity? Our wide selection of Ivy hats is set to lend you some new refinement for the year of our Lord, 2018!

    Bucket Hats

    Planning on picking up some new outdoor hobbies this year? Solid choice. Let us help you get outfitted with all the gear you need to embrace the sportsman’s lifestyle. Bucket hats are super durable and protect you and your skin from the harsh elements required to wrestle your supper out of that crystal lake. Now in a whole school of assorted colors and materials. Check them out, and hook something nice today!

    Pork Pie Hats

    Pork pies are some of our favorite hats, with a style so unique and compelling that it is perfect for those looking for some new flair for the new year. Just old-timey enough to be vogue, these low crown hats are a serious throwback to times long gone.

    All American Baseball Caps

    If you are looking to get back to basics this year, we’ve got you covered. We are still busy at work to bring you the widest selection of baseball caps around, so if simplicity is your goal in 2018 you’ll definitely want to check out what we’ve got going on in our cap section.

    2018 is a new year, a new you, a chance to fulfill all those ambitious resolutions. While we can’t help you lose that Christmas weight, with a few clicks of a button, you can accomplish any fashion goals in a snap with the help of e4Hats.com!

  • Winter Accessories & Happy New Year

    How was your Christmas? Holly jolly we hope, and spent with the friends and family who are dearest to you. While most of the festivities are soon to come to an end, that cold weather shows few signs of abating any time soon. Thankfully, we’ve been hard at work to bring you more stocking stuffers, even after the Christmas season and beyond.
    When it comes to winter accessories, your friends here at the internet’s leading hat provider really know their stuff. From beanies, mittens, scarves and ear muffs, we’ve got everything you could possibly need to bundle up against the cold this time of year.
    Have a look, why don’t you?

    Winter Accessories & Happy New Year

    Here are Our Selected Winter Accessories

    Leisure Themed Beanies

    What’s your passion? Your fire? Your reason for being? Got that mental picture clear in your head yet? Well how about you let us help put it on winter accessories that speaks volumes about how you spend your free time. Whether it is boating, chess, or tennis, we’ve got a leisure beanie to keep you cool and collected all through the tail end of winter.

    Gloves and Socks

    Let us not forget about those appendages – a good set of winter accessories will have your hands and feet nice and toasty. We’ve got all sorts of styles, materials, and colors when it comes to something for your hands and feet. We’ve got everything ranging from the professional to the silly and fun, come on over and pick gloves for yourself.

    Scarves and Shawls for Women

    Winter accessorizing is all about mixing and matching those little compliments to your outfit. While practical, things like scarves and shawls can make a strong fashion statement as well, and are best when they are subtle and understated. For this reason, we pride ourselves on one of the most up to date and complete portfolios of scarves and shawls on the internet.


    The ears can sometimes go overlooked when it comes to picking out your set of winter accessories, but these little guys do so much for us, and deserve to be pampered when the cold winds blow. We’ve got cozy, fluffy earmuffs for snowman construction, or professional, black, understated earmuffs for when you are standing in line for coffee before that big meeting. It’s time for your ears to overcome their fears!

    Long Gloves and Arm Bands

    Some of our customers live in places that are truly, bitterly cold. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you frosty few, and have an assortment of winter accessories ready for those truly frigid climates. If you reside in a latitude where showing any skin at all is a risky proposition, you may want to look into our long gloves, to keep that exposed skin from falling victim to the elements. Check out the many stylish choices.

    However you decide to accessorize this winter, let your friends here at e4Hats.com take the lead and eliminate any anxiety you may be feeling over the myriad of choices.
    Sit back with that warm cup of cocoa, and just browse to your heart’s content.
    Happy New Year to all our customers around the globe!

  • Christmas and New Year Hats 2017

    Christmas, at long last, is upon us. While boys and girls across the land lay dreaming of sugar plum fairies and presents under the tree, all the little elves here at e4Hats.com have been hard at work to bring you a fantastic selection of Christmas and New Year hats, just in time to deck the halls and ring in the season in high-fashion. So let the yule-log burn, pop open egg nog, and fill your stockings with a hat or two while supplies last. To help you do so, we are launching an enormous Christmas and New Year’s sale this year. Once you’ve got your sleigh (or cart) full of goodies, just use coupon code “e4hats25” to shave a quarter off of the purchase price. Now that’s nothing to shake a candy cane at! Let’s take a look at what’s on offer, shall we?

    Christmas and New Year hats

    Here are Our Selected Christmas and New Year Hats

    Youth Sized Winter Gear

    This is a special time of year for the young ones in your life. They are out of school, and the promise of that important gift is looming big on the horizon. Whether or not they are into clothes and fashion, you want to make sure that their Christmas is as warm and toasty as possible with proper cold weather gear. While we might not be able to help you out with that pony your daughter has been asking for, with our youth hats, we can definitely help her look good and stay warm in the meantime!

    Big Sized Winter Gear

    Struggling to find that snug (but not too snug) fit? We’ve got you covered, in a big way. Give your noggin some space for Christmas this year, and check out all the large size hats on offer in our Christmas and New Year’s hats. Let us deck you out on in fine fettle for the holidays.

    New Year’s Hats

    Our big Christmas sale isn’t just about Santa and his reindeer, but New Year’s as well. These two holidays, coming as they do in rapid succession, deserve a bit of thought and planning when it comes to your many wardrobe options. So head on over and grab something festive. All our celebrations theme Caps are guaranteed to last longer than your New Year’s resolution and are about to go on discount for the space between Christmas and the New Year.

    Beanie Hats

    What would a Christmas Sale be without the humble beanie, the winter hat that started it all? When it comes to this ubiquitous head covering, we’ve got more designs and styles than you can possibly imagine. Just like snowflakes, our many beanies are each as unique and special as you are, so come check them out!

    However you celebrate this special time of year, we hope you are feeling warm and loved. With our many new year hats and accessories, you can spread Christmas cheer for pennies on the dollar, and keep warm and lovely all winter long. Keep an eye out for old St. Nick, coming to a chimney near you this week! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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