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Big Hats For Big Heads

Many individuals with above average noggins have a super difficult time finding stylish hats to fit them. Here you will find awesome hat styles that you didn't even know were available to you.

  • Grandpa Hat Styles for Grandparents

    Grandpa Hat

    The first Sunday after Labor Day is an often neglected though important date to mark on our calendars. Falling this year on September 11th, National Grandparent’s Day is a time we set aside to honor the fathers and mothers of our own parents. If you are one of the lucky ones to still have living grandparents, this occasion serves as a reminder to spend as much time as possible with the cherished forebears and versed generation without whom we would all have missed out on our very existence. While a visit from their grandchildren is likely the best gift you can get an aging grandparent, you might also invest in a little stylish flair to keep your beloved golden-aged couple looking sharp and stylish. We here at e4Hats.com have all the styles from today and yesteryear that your grandparents are sure to love. Check out what awesome Grandpa Hat we’ve got in store before the sun sets on these sweet deals!

    Grandpa Hat and Grandma Embroidered Hats

    Grandpa HatGrandpa HatGrandpa Hat

    Grandma and Grandpa hats, particularly when given as a gift, are best when they highlight the love and affection of the whole family. Now you can let Grandma know that she is number one in your book with these custom “World’s Best Grandma” hats from the internet’s superlative provider of Grandparent’s day gifts and accessories.

    Custom Embroidered Grandpa Hats

    Grandpa Hat

    Grandpa HatGrandpa HatGrandpa HatGrandpa Hat

    A good Grandpa hat should be a source of pride for the old man, something that lets people know that he is respected and admired by the extended family he helped to sire. Now you can grab a custom embroidered hat that lets the whole world know that your Grandpa is top notch.

    Driver and Ivy Caps for Grandparents

    Grandpa Hat

     Grandpa HatGrandpa HatGrandpa HatGrandpa Hat

    The “Greatest Generation” of the 1940s and 50s brought into popular consciousness much of the classic fashion that we now cherish as part of the American style. As they say, a classic never dies, and a grandpa hat with a bit of that old-fashioned retro look will never go unappreciated by those raised in the era. So check out our flat, driver, and Ivy caps for your dear old grandfather, and help him put that swagger back into his step this Grandparent’s day.

    Bucket Hats and Cloches for Grandparents

     Grandpa Hat

    Grandpa HatGrandpa HatGrandpa HatGrandpa Hat

    It isn’t all about style when it comes to Grandpa hats. After all, living through the decades as Grandparents have tends to make people more attracted to the practical than the flashy. Bucket hats are ideally suited to the Grandpa who likes nothing more than a day spent reeling in trout. It helps to protect his aged skin from the elements and allows him to really enjoy a worry-free experience. For Grandma, the cloche is an elegant piece of outdoor wear that is both graceful and defensive against harmful UV rays. Check out our selection for those outdoorsy Grandparents of yours.

    Grandpa Hat

    Whatever you decide to go with, make it a point to spend some time with the old folks on September 11th. If they are like most Grandparents, they probably think the world of you, and a visit from you is likely the best Grandparent’s Day present they can imagine. With the help of us here at e4Hats.com, you can make the occasion a special, and fashionable, one.

  • Our Big Size Hats and Caps

    big size hats

    Human beings truly come in all shapes and sizes, and the old idea that “one size fits all” when it comes to hats and accessories has thankfully fallen by the wayside. We here at e4Hats.com are firm believers in fashion that fits you perfectly, both stylistically and in snugness. For these reasons, we've put together an awesome selection of XL 2XL and 3XL big sized hats just in time for all of your big outdoor summer plans. Let us find you a hat as grand as your larger-than-life personality, and say goodbye to a pinched noggin for good. After all, summertime fun is all about freedom, and what better place to start than by giving your noodle a little breathing room. Let's take a look at what's on the docket today, shall we?

    Western Big Size Hats

    big size hats

    big size hatsbig size hatsbig size hats

    The American West is known for big things: big sky, big men, and big wide-open plains. Now we've got a big sized hat that will fit right in with the oversized legend of the West. Check out a truly ten gallon cowboy hat from e4Hats.com and prove the old adage that 'everything is bigger in Texas'. We’ll see you on the trail cowboy!

    Big Fedora Hats

    big size hats

    big size hatsbig size hatsbig size hats

    The fedora is a classic symbol of masculine coolness and urbanity. So why should such a hip little item have to be little? As far as big size hats go, the fedora is in this summer, and definitely ads a bit of swagger to the larger framed gentleman’s fashionable ensemble. Embrace your inner “mad man” with a bit of big-city 1940’s swag for the full-bodied retro hat enthusiast. Here’s looking at you, kid.

    Big Bucket Hats

    big size hats

    big size hatsbig size hatsBig Size Frayed Cotton Washed Bucket Hat

    For the grand-sized fishermen and women out there, we here at the internet’s leading source for big sized hats have created a special variation of the long revered sportsman’s bucket hat just in time for that summer angling trip. Varied in size and style, these sportsmen’s hats are the very thing you need to keep you cool and protected while you wrestle those bass. Let’s hope your fish are as large as these big size hats on sale at e4Hats.com.

    Big Sized Jeep and military Hats

    big size hats

    big size hatsbig size hatsbig size hats

    The American military hold a big and bold reputation, so why not pick out an awesome big size hat with a martial flavor for the soldier or warrior in your life? We have any kind of military hat you can think of, most of which come fully equipped with a large sized version. Check out our division of Jeep hats, and grab yourself something nice. You deserve it soldier!

    big size hats

    It may be time to bid farewell to tight fitting and restrictive headwear forever. With our larger-than-life collection of big sized hats and accessories, we here at the internet’s hugest supplier of all things hat related are primed to help you enjoy your summer fun to the fullest possible degree. Remember to stay cool and drink plenty of water, as the temperature shows no signs of lowering. Have no fear, fall is on the way and e4Hats.com will be with you every step of the way!

  • Top 4 Summer Vacation Destinations

    Our Favorite Summer Vacation Spots for 2015.



    Summer vacation is a time of highs and lows. The sun above brings bright days, but it is often oppressive in its heat. While many people may have extra free time during this season of freedom and leisure, those fair-skinned types may find themselves restricted to small doses of the outdoors, lest they burn and blister. A day at the beach conjures images of joyful relaxation in the sand, but the reality of the wrathful sun above often leaves beachgoers sore and peeling.

    But don’t let the brilliant rays of the sun keep you at your computer all summer long, there is still plenty of time to make a temporary escape. What’s more, if you bring along proper headwear those bothersome UV rays will become quite manageable.

    Without further ado, here are our picks for some top vacation spots this summer, along with the perfect hat for the trip from e4hats.com!


    clearwater-beach-467983_640           fz001bh-navy-1


    Mosey down to Pensacola Beach, Florida with a stylish bucket hat or visor

    Originally settled by the Spanish, this pristine barrier island on the “Redneck Rivera” has some of the nicest beaches in the nation. White sands, a calm bay on one side, and an ancient fort that once held Geronimo are just some of the island’s attractions. But be warned, the Deep South is deeply hot and humid come summer time, and visitors would do well to come prepared with the 360 degrees of shade that our mesh bucket hat can provide. Visors are also a great way to provide shade without feeling confined.



    Jet over to Lanai, Hawaii with a colorful roll up sun visor

    This is the smallest publicly accessible island in the Hawaiian island chain, but that only adds to the seclusion and mystery of this Polynesian paradise. Once a giant pineapple plantation, the island is now a great spot for a quiet day at an empty beach. Don’t be deterred by the proximity to the equator’s scorching rays, one of our colorful roll up hats can fit handily in a purse and provide shade as you bask in the glory that is Hawaii.


    sea-418742_640         fc001fw-tan-black-1


    Sail away to Zakynthos Island, Greece with our wide brim beach hat

    The nation of Greece has been hard up lately, but that is no reason not to appreciate its warm culture and ancient insular beaches. Nicknamed “the flower of the East” by Venetians, this gorgeous Ionian island is a great place to get away from it all if you can afford the airfare (and if you are already in Europe, it will be cheap). But take care traveler, the Greek sun God Helios is alive and well in these isles, so come prepared with our classy beach hat.



    Fly out to Fiji with our tweed floppy sun hat

    Just a jaunt away from New Zealand’s North Island (and in that part of the world, a jaunt is a mere 1000 miles), the islands of Fiji are a tourist’s paradise. With a rich native culture and beautiful landscape, there is plenty to do and see on this historic island chain. But the sun is no joke, so come stylish with our tweed floppy sun hat, and spend the week in a hammock listening to the waves crash in.

    Wherever you go this summer, remember that too much sun is a serious health concern. With our wide selection at e4hats.com, you can protect yourself and look cool in the process.

  • Memorial Day Hat Celebration

    Choosing the Right Memorial Day Hat.


    As simple as a hat may seem – after all, it’s just a crown and a brim – choosing the right one for the occasion takes some thought. People wear hats for one of three reasons: protection, decoration and communication. In most cases, it’s easy to see why people choose the hats they wear, especially when they are seasonal or holiday related.

    Memorial Day Hats for Sale


    Memorial Day is fast approaching and it’s a good time to show off some cool head covers if you got ‘em. If you don’t, you can find cool Memorial Day hats for sale in our online store.  Memorial Day is the perfect opportunity to show off your pride in your country with a great hat. Here are a few we’ve come up with that are just right for this special holiday.

       rw001ct-1_1   la001fn-red-1   _1314033242_7

    Patriotic Hats

    If you love your country and want to tell everyone you see, there’s no better way than with a fun, patriotic hat. Our patriotic hats come in a wide array of stars and stripes to fit every prideful personality. Take for instance, the Uncle Sam Top Hat. What’s more traditional or patriotic than that?


    Or maybe that big hat isn’t your style. Maybe something a little more subdued is a better choice. In that case, the USA Flag Visor fits the bill nicely.

        fv001ds-black-1      fp501cy-royal-2_2

    USA Ball Caps

    The traditional style ball cap is something that never goes out of style. It’s comfortable and can be decorative, communicative and protective all at the same time. This Memorial Day calls for something a little more USA than your typical ball cap, so be sure to check out our selection of star-studded, red, white and blue USA ball caps.




    UV Sun Block Hats

    With any luck, this Memorial Day will be a warm and sunny one. While this makes for some great outdoor fun, the sun can be brutal on delicate skin. That’s why we carry a large selection of UV sun block hats in styles and colors to fit every occasion. Choose from several wide-brimmed styles designed to protect your face, neck and shoulders from the sun. In addition to protection, these stylish hats look great, too.

          vh001bh-1      uv002cr-baby-blue-1     _1241005958_4

    Flap Hats


    Another great way to enhance your outfit and protect your skin at the same time is by wearing flap hats. These hats feature wide brims and neck flaps to protect as much skin as possible from the sun. If you have short hair, or tend to wear your hair up when outdoors, this is the type of hat you need this Memorial Day. There’s nothing more painful than a burnt neck, so be sure you have a flap hat or two as part of your wardrobe this summer.

    Whether you want a Memorial Day hat for protection, communication or decoration, be sure to check out e4Hats.com. You’ll never find anywhere else with a bigger selection of the hats you want most. We’re dedicated to making sure you have a hat for every occasion.

  • Big Size Hats For Big Heads

    Being blessed with an above average sized head can be a curse more than a blessing.

    sad-child-portraitIt is a sad day in the world when those who were born with above average heads cannot find a great hat that fits. Many use the term "blessed" when it comes to their head size but for many people it has become more of a curse than a blessing. Finding big size hats that fits you just right can be a most difficult endeavor. Even when you find a hat that fits you, your options have been so limited that you have maybe 5 or 10 hats to choose from.


    As an individual with an above average size head I have know what you might be going through and have personally been going through for the majority of my life. I was surprised at how many big size hat styles are actually available. I have found that e4Hats.com is one of the biggest suppliers of big size hats, and they have even had many hat styles custom made to include sizes up to 3XL. Turn that frown upside down because you shouldn’t have to make style sacrifices just because you were born with a bigger head than most. It might seem like such a simple thing but finding a hat that I can finally wear is incredible.

    Happy_child_finds_joyYou can rejoice, your search for a great hat might just be over. There are so many different hat types available in size up to 3XL. If baseball caps are something that you love you will find hundreds, if you are looking for a winter hat like a beanie or trooper hat you’ll find that too. Outdoor hats like bucket hats and flap caps can also be found in sizes up to 3XL. There truly is a hat for any occasion. You can find newsboy caps, cadet caps, a fedora, ivy cap, or even a top hat. We have been denied great hats for so long, I am happy that a store finally decided to do something about. You know what they say about guys with a big head? They wear big size hats.

    about_us_img1_1I never thought I would ever find the perfect hat but now I think that I just might have.
    Often times, bigger sizes mean poor quality elastic bands or super-sized floppy hats that look horrible and fit even worse. I have not found that at e4Hats.com, these are the same high quality hats as the “regular” sizes. I am a big fan of baseball caps especially the fitted ones. The adjustable hats are great but nothing feels quite like a fitted cap. The second I put the cap on my head I knew I have finally found a reprieve from my hat conundrum. Never again will I be denied a killer hat due to the massive cranium that I was blessed with. No longer is it a curse but it has finally become a blessing again.




    newsboy 2_1316524564_4outback 18 quarter 1fedora 2

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