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Seasonal Hats

Here you will find hats perfect for the upcoming season. Check back often for relevant updated content.

  • Coachella & Stagecoach Outfit Guide

    Coachella & Stagecoach

    Spring is a time for music. With the weather warming in earnest the merrymaking season is definitely in full bloom, and concerts and music festivals are ready to rock us into the coming months. Two music festivals in particular strike our fancy here at the internet’s leading provider of all things hat-related: Coachella and Stagecoach. Both are held at the same venue in lovely Indio California, where date palms and desert dunes belie the two-hour distance from sprawling, urban LA. While Coachella focuses on the hard and fast rhythms of rock and hip-hop, Stagecoach (as its name suggests) is all about that boot-scooting country music and folk of the American South and West.

    One of our favorite aspects of these festivals is the opportunity they provide for dressing up in your wildest or most stylish outfit and really expressing your own unique style. Whether a practical straw hat to keep the desert sun at bay, or something wild and eccentric to help you find the right kind of friends, e4Hats.com has a festival line up of hats just in time for both April jamborees!

    Straw Fedoras

    Models Wearing Fedora Hats

    Ladies Toyo Fedora Hat - White Men's Diagonal Pattern Straw Fedora - Natural Braided Paper Straw Fedora Hat - Natural Black

     That south California desert sun does not play around, and neither should you when it comes to protecting yourself. With all the art and music flying around, one might choose to go with a bit of sophistication when it comes time to pick an accessory that is both cool and lightweight. The straw fedora fills all these requirements, and is currently available in a wide selection of styles on our page— check it out!

     Floral Hair Accessories

    Felt Daisy Chain Tie Back Hair Band - Red Women's Rose Headband - Red Pink

    Women's Flower Wreath Headband - Coral 6 Inch Flower Satin Covered Headband - Bronze

    Ah, the flower girls! It just wouldn’t be a real music festival without the loveliness of free spirits with petals in their hair. Thankfully, we’ve got loads of floral arrangements worked into hair bands to make your look complete with as little effort and mess as possible (try finding fresh flowers in the desert!). Pick out your favorite look from our awesome cornucopia.

    Cowboy and Outback Hats

    Outdoor & Western Hat

    Flower Print Raffia Cowboy Hat - Tan Outback Tea Stained Straw Hat-Shade Off Tea Stain Cowboy Raffia Straw Hat - Natural

    Stagecoach is one of the largest and most influential country music festivals in the entire world, and when it comes to playing dress up, fans are known to go all out with the old time waddy getups. You’ll see cowboy boots and spurs, big belt buckles and ten gallon hats (hopefully not any six-shooters). Why not rustle up something similar for yourself in the form of some authentic cowboy accessories from e4Hats.com?

    Safari and Gambler Hats


    Safari Straw Hats - White Green Band UPF 50+ Gambler Raffia Natural Straw Hat - Natural Buckle Band Safari Outdoor Hat - Grey

    If you are looking for the ultimate in protection in a rugged, practical form, either a Safari or Gambler will likely be your perfect fit. Designed with wide brims to keep you cool in the shade, you’ll blend right in with the the festival’s kooky outdoor style.

    Hats, Hats, Hats

    Do you love sunshine, great music, and an eclectic group of people from all over the world grooving together in one of planet Earth’s best parties? If your answer is yes, then get yourself to SoCal this April for good times and awesome memories. Don’t forget to pick something out from our special line of music festival accessories while you are booking your ticket. We will see you there!

  • Accessories from e4Hats.com

    Hats & Caps

    When we meet someone with multiple jobs and responsibilities, we often say that this person “wears many hats”. Now that Halloween celebrations are coming to an end and the colder, more somber months of the year are right around the corner, we thought we’d take a minute to tell you about all the many “hats” we wear here at our site. Did you know that, despite our name, e4Hats.com is also a purveyor of many other items? Hats are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the world of accessories we have on offer, so let’s take a look at what’s popular here at e4Hats.com.

    Mittens and Gloves


    Glove Mitten

    mittenGreen Glove

    It is just about that time of year: the time when fingers go numb, when going to parties means removing a ton of excess clothing, when the scatterbrained of us lose our left glove, our favorite beanie, our scarf as we go from warm place to warm place shedding our layers. Thankfully, e4Hats.com has you covered (quite literally). Check out all of our warm and cozy hand-wear, and keep those knuckles toasty!



    U.S. Army Patch USA patch Texas patch

    Top Gun Patch Private Security Officer Patch canada patch

    What could be better than buying a brand new set of clothing or accessories? Why, personalizing the things you already have, of course. Take some time to peruse our wide assortment of patches and showcase your passions. Snag a national flag for your traveling backpack, a sports team emblem for your favorite jacket, or your own Country or US State on any of your ball caps and beanie. Also, there are variety styles of patches with logo and names of different US military services.



    Rasta Tote Bag Khaki Tote Bag Cute Blue Tote bag

    Just like a stylish hat, a bag is one of those things that comes in handy in almost every situation. But we bet you weren’t aware that e4Hats.com has an amazing selection of totes, backpacks, and sports duffle bags to match. From a far out Rastafarian tote to a down home all American flag carry-on, we’ve got a way to carry your stuff in whatever style suits your fancy.


    Those of us who live in colder climates have no doubt learned to appreciate a good scarf and all it can do for your winter comfort. But did you know that you can match your scarf to your eye color to get them both to really pop? When it comes to neck warmers, we’ll get you sorted out it no time, so come bundle up over in our scarf selection.


    Navy Rain Jacket Royal Shirt

    Would you believe us if we told you that on top of being the internet’s finest purveyor of quality hats and accessories, we here at e4Hats.com also provide a striking selection of T-shirts, jackets, and polo style shirts? The fashion fun never ends in this corner of the web, and we are proud to be a one-stop-shop kind of place when it comes to apparel for all the seasons of the year.


    Hats & Caps

    The holiday rush is coming up soon, and the malls and shops are going to be full to the brim with shoppers over zealously elbowing their way through tight spaces. Expect long lines at the cashier, inflated prices, and of course that annoying department store music. Or, you could simply get all your clothes shopping done from your home, sitting with a nice cup of tea at e4Hats.com! We hope you’ll choose us this wintry season. Remember, we’ve got you covered!

  • Introducing our Fall Hats and Accessories


    After a sweltering summer, filled with humid days and buzzing mosquitoes, the relief of autumn finally seems to be upon us. As the days and nights cool, so too do tempers and dispositions, giving way to a relaxing and meditative mood in the community. With this collective sigh of relief, the sexy and in-your-face fads of summer are replaced by a set of more contemplative and sheik fall fashion. Before the transition comes into full swing, make sure you are well prepared and stocked up with trending autumnal style hats and accessories from e4Hats.com!


    Fall Colors

    _1235668408_4 _1241712798_4 jo003fp-pecan-1

    cf004fw-1 os001nc-burgundy-1_3 wr002sc-2

    Before we get into a discussion of particular hats, let’s review an over-arching theme in the fashion associated with this time of year. The colors we wear in fall strongly reflect the transforming world around us. Like the leaves taking on their final shade of brilliance before they shed for winter, deep reds, oranges and browns are the hues of this season’s fabulous fashion. Consider these colors when choosing the perfect hat for the coming months.



    2N0P0283 2N0P0411

    The classic style that never quits is seriously back in fashion this fall. Whether the resurgence of this business headpiece is a result of recent television and media we will leave you to speculate on. What is for certain is that they are perfect for fall, and furthermore that we have an absolutely dazzling selection of fedoras to choose from. You’ll fit right in strolling through Central Park, having cocktails in a swank pub, or picking up the kids from school with a choice fedora from e4Hats.com


    Outdoor and Western

    fe001cf-black-1 mc001cw-copper-1


    Fall is an absolutely spectacular time to get outdoors. Few things are more gorgeous than a stroll through the falling multicolored leaves. And yet, you can make this autumn tradition even better with a rugged headpiece which nods towards your independent spirit. Check out cowboy hats, gambler hats, and an assortment of other outdoor fashions for both men and women.


    Fall Berets

    _1242738274_4 tb001be-beige-1_2


    Autumn is a time of year when the inner artist may come out of us all. Inspired perhaps by the loveliness of the landscape, we may find ourselves full of creativity. Unleash your inner impressionist with our huge selection of berets at e4Hats.com. Although they are traditionally associated with either art or else a very particular branch of the military, berets are just an all-around cool fashion statement. We even have knitted wool varieties to choose from in case the fall happens to be particularly chilly where you live. Don’t forget the puffball, or as we call it, “the cherry on top!”



    As the leaves begin their bright display and the winter winds take their first foray among the leaning grasses of summer, take some time to consider the passing of the seasons. Time is just flying by, so don’t forget to stop a moment and consider all the good and bad things that have happened over the past year. Most importantly, be sure not to waste any more time being left behind by the world of fashion—invest in a new fall hat from e4Hats.com today!

  • Choose from our Custom Embroidered Hats

    Embroidered Cap

    Being unique and original is more than just a fashion statement. Independence sets you apart from the crowd and lets you bravely go your own way. As summer winds down, we have seen many a stylish fad come and go, and while they have all had their own unique sense of charm, there is nothing quite so hip as having your own individualized fashion sense. Now you can have just that and more with a customized accessory to show off what is truly important in your life. E4hats.com is offering a dizzying array of custom crests and embroidered symbols, messages, and designs so that you can showcase what moves you!

    For Family

    Few things define us as succinctly and completely as our position within our family unit. Are you a brother? A father? A son? Or perhaps all three? There are plenty of family-oriented embroidered caps to choose from. So go ahead and show off the fact that you are a caring “big brother”, parade the “world’s best dad” or proclaim yourself to be a “#1 Soccer Mom” with a custom hat from e4hats!

    hot pink white embroidered foam mesh back cap number 1 mom embroidered washed cap

    For Holidays

    There are plenty of seasonal hats, but none peg the time of year quite so specifically as those with holiday themed embroidery or patches. Choose the perfect holiday themed cap and beanie for Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween and other celebrations. Collect a whole set, and never be without appropriate headwear for any festive season all the year round!

    hn305bf-maroon-5_1 li306he-dk-green-1
    hs304di-orange-1_2 si303he-white-1

    For Veterans

    For those warriors who served in massive conflicts, the memories of the life changing ordeal they went through can be both powerful and lasting. So deep and profound are the bonds made in combat that being a veteran is often how old soldiers identify first and foremost. For that reason, hats embroidered with an affirmation of past duty are popular. Check out our selection of patches specific to the difference periods of recent American history, and get one as a thank you to someone in your life who has served his country.

    military embroidered cap
    vl301di-black-5 ve301mo-sky-1

    For Patriots

    Proud of where you are from? No matter the place, there is a person out there who is ready to sing its praises. Save your voice, and instead check out a patriotic hat to showcase your love for your mother country. No matter how far-flung your origins, E4hats.com can hook you up!

    IMG_1042n IMG_1598
    dw304ca-purple-gold-1_1 ef505cy-england-5


    Whatever your passion, your pride, or your identity happens to be, we’ve got a perfect embroidered hat that will proclaim it to those around you. While sporting some of these symbols may seem a bit brash, remember that a hat that signifies what kind of a person you are, or what you hold as important, can be a great way to make unexpected friends and have interesting experiences that you wouldn’t have otherwise had. Wearing a hat with an Irish flag will have Irishmen coming up to engage you in any city in the world. A veteran of the Korean War may be surprised to find brothers in arms coming out of the woodwork when he wears his Korean War hat.

    These hats will connect you to others, so don’t waste any time. Find your symbol today!

  • A Guide to the Perfect Summer Sun Hat

    The Perfect Summer Sun Hat

    If you’ve made it this far into the dog days of summer, you probably already know a thing or two about staying cool. As the thermometer climbs, the joyful freedom of the season can turn into lethargy and a tendency to stick to one’s leather couch (in more ways than one).

    If you’ve been suffering from the summer blues, we’ve got just the thing to help you out: hats from e4hats.com!

    As we enter the hottest time of the year, it is little wonder that the recent craze for sun hats has swept fashion circles all over the world over. These wide brimmed, ultra-lightweight hats are just the ticket for getting out and about without turning into a piece of overdone beef jerky in the sizzling heat of the day.


    fe003fw-1   bi003fw-tea-1_2


    Straw Sun Hats

    Get in touch with your inner country girl with our wide selection of straw sun hats, perfect for those summer days spent gazing up at the clouds. There are a wide variety of colors and styles available, and we recommend checking out our array of “fringed edge” sun hat for that “rough around the edges” look that is trending this summer.


    summer-cute-hipster-beauty-large   woman-862514_640


    Floppy Brim Sun Hats

    Wider is better when it comes to sun hats, and no brims are quite as wide and versatile as the ones on our floppy brim sun hats. Made from lightweight material, these brims are perfectly poised to protect you from the worst UV rays the sun has to offer. Often associated with luxury tourism, these classic symbols of leisure are perfect for a day on an exotic beach..




    Lady’s Toyo Sun Hats

    Toyo is a special kind of paper material original used by the Japanese to make hats which were renowned for being ultra-lightweight and breathable. These hats are perfect for the garden, or places where you know you are bound to break a heavy sweat, as the porous material really helps to keep the scalp cool and fresh.




    Bow Trim Sun Hats

    Much like the floppy brimmed variety, these accessories have a crimped brim, which gives them a more feminine elegance, a bit of a girlish allure that can be further highlighted by pastels and other bright colors suited to the greens and blues of a summer day.


    tn002ru-mauve-1  ux001ru-gold-1




    Roll up Brim Sun Hat

    A proper English ladies hat, the rolled up brim makes this classic headpiece seem high-brow and respectable. Stick a flower in the hatband for a bit of added panache and class, and you are all set for the derby, opera, or fancy cocktail hour.

    Whatever your style, a hat is an absolute necessity in hot climates once the month of August rolls around. If you are anywhere near the equator, even in the subtropic zones, the sun is a serious health concern. Why not look super hip, while at the same time responsibly protecting your skin from harmful UV rays? With hats from e4hat.com, you can be stylish and safe all at the same time. Enjoy your summer, and roll on breezy days of fall!

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