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Your New Favorite Hat

These are simply some of the most comfortable hats available today. We will be featuring new amazingly comfortable hats all the time.

  • An Ode to the Timeless Cowboy Hat

    Summer's Hottest Trend: The Cowboy Hat.


    The cowboy hat is itself more of a symbol than a headpiece. Heavy with the lore of the old west, these classic tough guy accessories evoke rugged independence, hardened outdoorsmanship, and epitomize the Western style that is well in vogue this summer season. Whether you prefer a flamboyant “ten gallon” look, or the understated sheik of a gambler hat, we have everything you need to look the part- but make sure you leave your six-shooter at home cowboy, this here is a peaceful hat shop!

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    Vented Straw Cowboy Hats

    Check out the coolest cowboy in town, coming in off of the dusty trail in his blue jeans and thick leather boots. But what’s this? He hasn’t even broken a sweat!

    Thanks to ultralight-weight material and modern weaving techniques, you can have the rustic look of a cattle wrangler without getting the dreaded dampness of “hat hair” and all the sweat that results. Check out our selection of wide brimmed western straw hats and enjoy the perpetual shade as only a cowboy can.

    robert-horton-396031_640 wd001cw-1

    Wool Felt Cowboy Hats

    Not all of us can be “trail cowboys”, and some may appreciate the lifestyle of independence and freedom without wanting to actually get our hands dirty. For these sorts there are hats of a more gentlemanly style- soft and colorful. Before you step into that posh saloon in the fashionable quarter, make sure you’ve checked out some of the fancier selections we have to offer.

    cowboy-769465_640 _1271430592_4

    The Gambler Hat

    With a more formed, cylindrical crown and a shorter, sharper brim, the gambler hat is the international symbol of, you guessed it: the Wild West poker player. The good news is you don’t have to keep aces up your sleeve to take advantage of this hip Western look. Perfect for drinks at the watering hole, a stroll down the dusty streets of Laredo, or a game of Texas Hold’em. Hope you know when to fold’em!

    cowgirl-767002_640 mc001cw-copper-1

    Cowgirl Hats

    Not to worry ladies, though the West was surely a place of raw machismo, today we offer a wide selection of cowgirl apparel with a feminine allure. Women may appreciate the more understated Acrylic Yarn Cowboy Safari Hat. For those bolder souls with an Annie Oakley spirit, check out the Woman’s Raffia Cowboy Hat with Leatherette Band. Whatever your particular style, we have a hat to suit it!
    singer-250933_640  _1322666059_4


    Mexican culture (and the Mexican people themselves) played a huge influence on Old-West Lore. Among many other things, Mexicans brought their own unique style of hat to the table (the same table has a bottle of tequila on it, so be careful). Whether it Is a Cinco De Mayo celebration, or just a costume party, the sombrero is a very cool novelty hat which fits right in with other (South)Western wear.


    The upswing in the popularity of cowboy and Western wear this summer should come as no surprise. As the saying goes, “a classic never dies.” It doesn’t matter if you are a real old time waddy, or a high powered New York executive who has never mounted a horse, the old west is alive and well in this summer’s fashion trends. Get along to the e4hats shop and rustle up some style!

  • Tips on the Perfect Outdoor Hat


    July— a month that conjures up images of slow moving creeks dotted with sunlight coming through the trees, the juicy smell of fresh chopped grass, and fields of wheat growing brown in the baking heat of summer. It is a time when nature calls to us. There is no better month to hang up your work hat and change into something a bit more outdoorsy, load up your SUV with a tent and a couple coolers and leave the steamy pavement of city life behind. Time to go camping! And as every boy scout knows, the more you prepare the better your experience will be. So get ready for your “walkabout” with an outdoor hat from e4hats.com.


    man-182906_640 ac001cw-black-1_1


    Western style hats

    The image of the cowboy is thoroughly evocative of the freedom of the wilderness. Harness your own inner waddy with one of our old timey cowboy hats— the headpiece that won the West. Practical, rugged, stylish: the cowboy hat is an American symbol of independence and masculine outdoorsmanship. Conjure up the spirit of pioneer toughness on your next woodland excursion with one from our slick selection. Hopefully there won’t be any gunfights!


    mountains-691547_640 _1242141293_19


    UV Blocking Hats

    Camping is not without its own unique set of perils. Ants, wild animals, sudden storms, and the occasional unfriendly chawbacon are all things to look out for. But perhaps the most perilous element of all is the elements themselves— the sun in particular. Spending your time in the great outdoors often means a not so great sunburn, so prevent such a painful experience with one of our UV blocking hats, complete with a neck flap to keep you perpetually in the summer shade. If you are going somewhere hot, choose one with a soft, thin and cool material to maximize your comfort.


    adventure-21486_640 _1241006034_4


    Sporting Hats

    Not that you need a reason to drop everything and head out for the brush, but there are actually some great activities to occupy your time once away from the glow of the internet. What could be more outdoorsy than actually supplying your own vittles to bake over the simmering coals of a campfire built with your own two hands? Fishing hats are available for e4hats.com, to help you wrestle up some slabs of salmon to bed down over the hot coals. These classic symbols of the pier lounging fisherman are made of rugged material, and provide 360 degree shade from the elements (not to mention a place to stick some of your fish hooks for a really cool look). Or, if you are after some four-legged fare, check out our selection of Camouflaged hunting hats. Sitting in your deer stand or duck blind, the top of your head can be seen by some wary game animals, so hide more effectively with our forest patterns.



    Don’t loaf about on the couch this summer. While Netflix and air condition are certainly nice, there are more memorable experiences to be had in the mountains, deserts, and forests of our lush and wonderful world. Strike out on your own or with friends and make some memories you will cherish for years to come.

  • A Simple Guide to Wedding Fashion

    Wedding Bells are Ringing.


    Who doesn’t love a good wedding? The food, the dancing, the romance in the air- weddings are not only a profound declaration of love and loyalty, but also fantastic venues for you to sport your best formal wear. No fashionable nuptial ceremony can be complete without cake, a few tears, and of course, charming wedding hats! Whether you are a groomsman, a bridesmaid, or just hanging out in the back and trying to avoid that timeless question: “so when are YOU going to get married?”, it pays to know which accessories are trending this wedding season.

    Let’s take a look at what’s trending in wedding fashion:



    Don’t be put off by the futuristic name, as these hats are a time-honored classic. Sometimes called a ‘cocktail hat’, fascinators are typically worn at fancy events like the Kentucky Derby. The fascinator is the perfect formal accessory for ladies attending a wedding, and there is a dizzying selection to choose from. Because of the wide variety of shapes, colors and arrangements, fascinators can really illuminate one’s personal style with originality and flair.


    Fashion Sinamay Hats

    These petit women’s hats originally hail from the Far East, where ladies used traditional weaving methods to transform the strong fibers of the abaca plant into an elegant fashion accessory. Now that the style has reached the states, these hats are popularly worn in church, at high-status affairs, and are often seen in the pews at eloquent wedding ceremonies.

                hat-315347_640      IMG_1261


    We all want to be at our most dashing at a wedding, and there is no better way for men to draw attention than with that classic fedora- symbolizing cool characters from prohibition gangsters to Indiana Jones himself. Make sure to tip your brim towards the happy couple!

    _1312562906_11          _1271420052_18

    Bowler Hats

    Sheik, elegant, and properly English, the bowler hat is the perfect thing to finish off your gentlemanly wedding attire. For many, this debonair headpiece is a subtle nod to class and dignity. For others, there are always feathers to stick in the band for a little added flair and pizzazz.


    Trilby Hats

    The trilby is a narrow brimmed hat similar to the fedora, also popularized by the English (they seem to have this hat thing down to a science). With a sort of rough-around-the-edges type of hipness, these hats capture a retro look that will fit right in at any classy wedding party.


    Pork Pie Hats

    Some things never really go out of style- flat-crowned pork pie hats are as fresh and delicious as their name implies. These classically sheik headpieces will give you that old-school cool look that suits any nuptial celebration.


    There is nothing that will gather people together quite as well as the time-honored wedding ceremony. It is a thing as traditional as it is modern, evolving along with our changing society, and yet many of its staples remain the same- the cake, the dancing, the vows, and the gracefully elegant formal wear. Hope you catch that bouquet!

  • Our Top Trending Spring Hats

    The sun is beaming. Spring Hats to the rescue.


    Spring is simply the best time of the year. No more cold days bundled inside, now that the birds are chirping and at last the world has grown lush and vivid. In this wondrous season it’s not just the flowers that are in bloom- all of those lovely spring outfits that have been tucked away in musty wardrobes for half the year can finally come out and be seen! Whatever your style, there is no better way to top off your vernal fashion statement than with a hat perfectly suited to the glorious beauties of springtime.

    Let’s take a look at what is in this year.

            IMG_1180   IMG_0496


    Wide brim floppy hats

    The sun grows hotter every day as summer approaches, and wide brim hats are the practical and stylish alternative to unfashionable sunburn. For all the ladies headed to the beach, the wide-brim floppy hat is the ideal accessory. Providing 360 degrees of shade, these hats droop slightly like the petals of a great flower—tasteful yet attention-grabbing.


    Pork pie hats

    Just because something is old doesn't mean it is old-fashioned! Pork Pies are a classic men’s hat from the nineteen twenties that are experiencing a roaring renaissance this spring. This look gives men a certain urbanity, a man-about-town swagger that speaks of refinement and gentlemanly taste- a perfect fit for your next spring cocktail party.


    Bowler hats

    Popularized by English nobility, bowler hats are the ultimate symbol of the cosmopolitan gentleman out for a dignified nightcap. Another classic in men’s headwear, these rounded crowns are perfect for costume parties, or for those confidently strutting the ‘retro’ look this spring. A nice felt bowler could be worn at the bar, a wedding, or shopping, and is sure to draw attention from ladies for its soft felt feel and dashing, romantic connotations.


    Panama Hats

    The name has it wrong, as these suave hats are actually of Ecuadorian origin. No matter, these svelte symbols of refinement are truly cool on an international scale, and make the wearer appear like a confident man of the world preparing for a globe-trotting safari to warm climates. Because they are often made of straw, the Panama hat is very lightweight and breathes well, making it ideal for outdoor activities like a stroll through the park. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, a nice panama hat can make a five mile hike seem like a trek to Machu Picchu.


    Spring hat fashion is designed to be light in both weight and color, and serves the important purpose of keeping you cool. First and foremost, a good light material is necessary for daytime, outdoor hats, as that will be where the new spring sun is at its most fearsome. After dark, the heavier material hats are great for enjoying cocktails or dancing as the day winds down. Whatever your particular flair or style, we have a hat to suit it, so take the plunge and make this spring a trendy one!

  • A Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Hat Gift Ideas for Mom.


    Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If the holiday has snuck up on you this year, don’t worry. You still have time to get your mom something really special. Women’s hats make great gifts for anyone because they allow the wearer to create stylish and unique looks easily. Keep reading to find hat gift ideas for mom that are trendy and hot this spring and summer season.



    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #1: Floppy Hats

    The nice thing about floppy hats as a Mother’s Day gift idea is that they are very versatile. These hats can go from errand running to the beach with no second thought. Floppy hats add an air of femininity no matter what color they may be. Go ahead and find out what your mother’s favorite color is and get her a floppy hat in that shade. She’ll love it!



    Mother's Day Gift Ideas #2: Wide Brim Sun Hats

    Similar to the floppy hat in the fact that it has a wide brim, the wide brim on this hat is stiffer to help protect delicate skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. If your mother loves spending time outdoors gardening or lying by the pool, the wide brim sun hat is a great choice.

                 IMG_1276       IMG_0635


    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #3: Rain Hats

    Contrary to what their name implies, rain hats aren't just for wearing in the rain, although they do a great job of keeping you dry. The droopy, girly look of this style of hat lends a casual feel to any outfit. If your mother is the fun-loving type who doesn't mind splashing in the puddles on occasion, the droopy rain hat makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

    IMG_0874 IMG_0988


    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #4: Knitted Hats & Beanies

    While knitted hats and beanies are also a great style for winter, lighter-weight, more lacy type versions work well with springtime attire. Beanies create a more youthful appearance that’s comfortable and easy to wear. Of course, this style of hat comes in every color of the rainbow and then some, and they are relatively cheaper in price than many other types of hats, so you may want to get your mom a couple to let her pick and choose.

         bs007tb-mustard-1   wr008tb-olive-1   wd008tb-ivory-silver-1   ht001sk-1

    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #5: Headscarves and Turbans

    Ranging in stylish inclination from ethnic-inspired to retro to neo-modern, turbans, headscarves and bandannas are a hot trend this spring and summer season. These types of hats have the ability to change the entire look of an outfit and can be matched or contrasted with the ensemble to really make a bold statement. If your mother is a bold personality that enjoys making an impact on others, a turban or wrap is definitely a Mother’s Day hat idea to consider.


    Even if your mother has never worn head wear before, choosing a hat that fits her personality and lifestyle can transform her into a fan of hats. The list above is a great starting place, but use your own judgment, as anything goes as far as hats are concerned. You know your mom best, so choose a hat that you know she’ll love.

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