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Introducing our fall hats and accessories. These are simply some of the most comfortable hats available today. We will be featuring new amazingly comfortable hats all the time.

  • Coolest Casual Hats to Wear

    Casual Hats

    Sometimes it’s fun to dress up. You put on your finest clothing and accessories and parade around town, basking in the admiration of onlookers and just generally feeling good about being you. However, for the other 99% of times, casual styles seem to be the most popular, at least in American culture. Whereas 50 years ago, you would find that a great number of people on the street kept themselves dapper with fine clothing, we now have a tendency to value comfort over eloquence when it comes to fashion. With that in mind e4Hats.com has created a selection to help you look cool without all the hassle of getting dressed up. Check out our line of casual accessories, just in time for the warm weather that is sure to be right around the corner!

    Ball Caps

    ball caps

    Blitz Cap - Red White Men's Hawaiian Cotton Snapback Cap - Pink Green Animal Pattern Flat Bill Snapback Cap - Leopard

    If Americans are famous for their casual style then no hat better embodies the relaxed, outdoorsy nature of our national culture than the baseball cap. Whether flat billed or snap back we have a ball cap to suit every noggin. Sift through every style, fit, design, and color imaginable in one of the largest selection of baseball caps to be found anywhere on earth.

    Jeep Style Caps

    Enzyme Regular Army Caps-Digital Camo Cotton Herringbone Army Cap-Olive

    Women's Bow Accent Military Cap - Khaki Spike Jeep Style Adjustable Cap - Black

    The military walks a fine line between formal and informal with their rough and ready fashion sense. Jeep style caps are similar to the traditional baseball caps, yet have a slightly higher crown and tend to be a bit more durable and long lasting (for those long days on campaign, we guess).  While we have an assortment of camo and military themed jeep style caps, they also come in a more civil flavor.

    Plain Short Beanies

    Plain short beanies

    Hand Crocheted Beanie (02)-Grey  Marled Short Beanie - Red  Woman's Knit Acrylic Flower Beanie - Mocha

    There is nothing better in wintertime than a short beanie. Simple, elegantly knit together, a good beanie fits in anywhere you do. Toasty warm, stylishly uncouth, and made for those days when you just don’t have time to devote to your hair, beanies are all around favorite of the casual winter dresser. e4Hats.com just happens to have one of the broadest catalogs of beanies around – check them out today!

    Bucket Hats and Cloches

    Bucket hats and cloches

    Bucket hats and cloches

    While some fishermen and other outdoor types love to take every excuse to get into full gear, making the style part of the experience, there are others who prefer to go after their quarry in understated, casual garb. For those types, the bucket hat was created. With all its fishing associations, the bucket is really just about protecting an outdoors man from the elements (there is no hook baiting required).

    On the other hand we have the somewhat feminine cloche, a hat traditionally associated with formal wear. These days however, the classic cloche is seeing a resurgence of popularity, and is often combined with casual dress.

    Hats and Caps

    So why not lose the tie, take off the sports coat, and get into a comfortable pair of blue jeans. Combine with a T-shirt and a casual hat from e4Hats.com and you are good to go! There is no need to be uncomfortable this spring – casual sheik is sure to blossom just in time for spring!

  • Big Sized Hats and Caps

    123115 bigsize

    The human form comes in all shapes and sizes. As we tend to standardize so many of the objects in our factory-made world, it can be hard for those of with larger frames (and heads) to find clothing and accessories that truly suit our needs. For those people, e4Hats.com is heralding a selection of large-sized hats that’s every bit as big and bold as our customers. If you’ve been searching for something with just a little extra wiggle room for that noggin of yours, our selection is sure to give you all the space you need to stretch out and be snug at the same time. From XL to 3XL, we have just what you need to protect yourself from the elements and look like a boss while doing so!

    Big Sized Ball Caps

    Oversized Twill Cap - Black Big Size Garment Washed Cotton Twill Mesh Cap - Brown Beige

    XXL Size Flexfit Camo Cap - Break Up Brushed Cotton Twill High Profile Extra Size Cap - Khaki

    At last the “full-headed” among us can enjoy this American classic without constantly snapping the plastic bands in the back (we’ve been there). You can find nearly any size or color that comes in a regular size expanded just for you in our catalog of large caps. If you are struggling to get something reasonable for that barbecue or sports outing, e4Hats.com big cap section is where you should be looking first.

    Over Sized Beanies

    Big Size Beanies

    Over Sized Beanies

    Big people need to stay warm too! And with that in mind, we have our wide selection of over sized beanies for you to peruse.  Made from the finest quality cotton, you don’t have to worry about stretching out these cozy winter accessories through normal wear and tear. Customized to fit your cabeza, our selection simply can’t be beat.

    Outdoor and Sportsman Hats

    Outdoor and Western Hats


    Extra Big Size Fishing Hat-Beige  Big Size Washed Hunting Hats -Digital Camo  Big Size Talson UV Mesh Bucket Hat - Grey

    Having a large frame shouldn’t deter one from living life to the fullest, and engaging in all of the enjoyment and activities that the world has to offer. For those of you with an active, outdoor lifestyle, e4Hats.com has created a collection of sportsman (and woman) accessories just for you. Check out our cool fishermen hats for a plus size accessory you can put to work on your next trip out on the water for a bit of angling.

    Over Sized Fedoras

    Big Size Pinstripe Fedora Hat-White Black Big Size Toyo Straw Fedora with Band - Natural

    Big Size Classic Black Fedora - Black Big Size Braided Straw Fedora with Grosgrain Ribbon - Natural

    Knowing that you look good is 99% percent of feeling confident, so why let your large frame and poorly fitting garments deprive you of that bold self-assurance needed to be successful in so many disparate walks of life? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered yet again with our charming and classy selection of over sized fedoras. Head on down to see the refined hats we have on offer, and knock them dead at your next formal occasion courtesy of e4Hats.com.

    Big Size

    Whether you are Andre the Giant or just a little wide in the shoulders, it can be a challenge making your way in a world designed for smaller human forms. Don’t spend even more time searching far and wide for something as simple as a well-fitting hat. Life is hard enough already. Just log in to the world’s leading internet provider of hats and accessories. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

  • Introducing our Fall Hats and Accessories


    After a sweltering summer, filled with humid days and buzzing mosquitoes, the relief of autumn finally seems to be upon us. As the days and nights cool, so too do tempers and dispositions, giving way to a relaxing and meditative mood in the community. With this collective sigh of relief, the sexy and in-your-face fads of summer are replaced by a set of more contemplative and sheik fall fashion. Before the transition comes into full swing, make sure you are well prepared and stocked up with trending autumnal style hats and accessories from e4Hats.com!


    Fall Colors

    _1235668408_4 _1241712798_4 jo003fp-pecan-1

    cf004fw-1 os001nc-burgundy-1_3 wr002sc-2

    Before we get into a discussion of particular hats, let’s review an over-arching theme in the fashion associated with this time of year. The colors we wear in fall strongly reflect the transforming world around us. Like the leaves taking on their final shade of brilliance before they shed for winter, deep reds, oranges and browns are the hues of this season’s fabulous fashion. Consider these colors when choosing the perfect hat for the coming months.



    2N0P0283 2N0P0411

    The classic style that never quits is seriously back in fashion this fall. Whether the resurgence of this business headpiece is a result of recent television and media we will leave you to speculate on. What is for certain is that they are perfect for fall, and furthermore that we have an absolutely dazzling selection of fedoras to choose from. You’ll fit right in strolling through Central Park, having cocktails in a swank pub, or picking up the kids from school with a choice fedora from e4Hats.com


    Outdoor and Western

    fe001cf-black-1 mc001cw-copper-1


    Fall is an absolutely spectacular time to get outdoors. Few things are more gorgeous than a stroll through the falling multicolored leaves. And yet, you can make this autumn tradition even better with a rugged headpiece which nods towards your independent spirit. Check out cowboy hats, gambler hats, and an assortment of other outdoor fashions for both men and women.


    Fall Berets

    _1242738274_4 tb001be-beige-1_2


    Autumn is a time of year when the inner artist may come out of us all. Inspired perhaps by the loveliness of the landscape, we may find ourselves full of creativity. Unleash your inner impressionist with our huge selection of berets at e4Hats.com. Although they are traditionally associated with either art or else a very particular branch of the military, berets are just an all-around cool fashion statement. We even have knitted wool varieties to choose from in case the fall happens to be particularly chilly where you live. Don’t forget the puffball, or as we call it, “the cherry on top!”



    As the leaves begin their bright display and the winter winds take their first foray among the leaning grasses of summer, take some time to consider the passing of the seasons. Time is just flying by, so don’t forget to stop a moment and consider all the good and bad things that have happened over the past year. Most importantly, be sure not to waste any more time being left behind by the world of fashion—invest in a new fall hat from e4Hats.com today!

  • An Ode to the Timeless Cowboy Hat

    Summer's Hottest Trend: The Cowboy Hat.


    The cowboy hat is itself more of a symbol than a headpiece. Heavy with the lore of the old west, these classic tough guy accessories evoke rugged independence, hardened outdoorsmanship, and epitomize the Western style that is well in vogue this summer season. Whether you prefer a flamboyant “ten gallon” look, or the understated sheik of a gambler hat, we have everything you need to look the part- but make sure you leave your six-shooter at home cowboy, this here is a peaceful hat shop!

    _1239644889_8      bc002cw-1


    pt001cw-natural-1      tc001cb-black-1

    Vented Straw Cowboy Hats

    Check out the coolest cowboy in town, coming in off of the dusty trail in his blue jeans and thick leather boots. But what’s this? He hasn’t even broken a sweat!

    Thanks to ultralight-weight material and modern weaving techniques, you can have the rustic look of a cattle wrangler without getting the dreaded dampness of “hat hair” and all the sweat that results. Check out our selection of wide brimmed western straw hats and enjoy the perpetual shade as only a cowboy can.

    robert-horton-396031_640 wd001cw-1

    Wool Felt Cowboy Hats

    Not all of us can be “trail cowboys”, and some may appreciate the lifestyle of independence and freedom without wanting to actually get our hands dirty. For these sorts there are hats of a more gentlemanly style- soft and colorful. Before you step into that posh saloon in the fashionable quarter, make sure you’ve checked out some of the fancier selections we have to offer.

    cowboy-769465_640 _1271430592_4

    The Gambler Hat

    With a more formed, cylindrical crown and a shorter, sharper brim, the gambler hat is the international symbol of, you guessed it: the Wild West poker player. The good news is you don’t have to keep aces up your sleeve to take advantage of this hip Western look. Perfect for drinks at the watering hole, a stroll down the dusty streets of Laredo, or a game of Texas Hold’em. Hope you know when to fold’em!

    cowgirl-767002_640 mc001cw-copper-1

    Cowgirl Hats

    Not to worry ladies, though the West was surely a place of raw machismo, today we offer a wide selection of cowgirl apparel with a feminine allure. Women may appreciate the more understated Acrylic Yarn Cowboy Safari Hat. For those bolder souls with an Annie Oakley spirit, check out the Woman’s Raffia Cowboy Hat with Leatherette Band. Whatever your particular style, we have a hat to suit it!
    singer-250933_640  _1322666059_4


    Mexican culture (and the Mexican people themselves) played a huge influence on Old-West Lore. Among many other things, Mexicans brought their own unique style of hat to the table (the same table has a bottle of tequila on it, so be careful). Whether it Is a Cinco De Mayo celebration, or just a costume party, the sombrero is a very cool novelty hat which fits right in with other (South)Western wear.


    The upswing in the popularity of cowboy and Western wear this summer should come as no surprise. As the saying goes, “a classic never dies.” It doesn’t matter if you are a real old time waddy, or a high powered New York executive who has never mounted a horse, the old west is alive and well in this summer’s fashion trends. Get along to the e4hats shop and rustle up some style!

  • Tips on the Perfect Outdoor Hat


    July— a month that conjures up images of slow moving creeks dotted with sunlight coming through the trees, the juicy smell of fresh chopped grass, and fields of wheat growing brown in the baking heat of summer. It is a time when nature calls to us. There is no better month to hang up your work hat and change into something a bit more outdoorsy, load up your SUV with a tent and a couple coolers and leave the steamy pavement of city life behind. Time to go camping! And as every boy scout knows, the more you prepare the better your experience will be. So get ready for your “walkabout” with an outdoor hat from e4hats.com.


    man-182906_640 ac001cw-black-1_1


    Western style hats

    The image of the cowboy is thoroughly evocative of the freedom of the wilderness. Harness your own inner waddy with one of our old timey cowboy hats— the headpiece that won the West. Practical, rugged, stylish: the cowboy hat is an American symbol of independence and masculine outdoorsmanship. Conjure up the spirit of pioneer toughness on your next woodland excursion with one from our slick selection. Hopefully there won’t be any gunfights!


    mountains-691547_640 _1242141293_19


    UV Blocking Hats

    Camping is not without its own unique set of perils. Ants, wild animals, sudden storms, and the occasional unfriendly chawbacon are all things to look out for. But perhaps the most perilous element of all is the elements themselves— the sun in particular. Spending your time in the great outdoors often means a not so great sunburn, so prevent such a painful experience with one of our UV blocking hats, complete with a neck flap to keep you perpetually in the summer shade. If you are going somewhere hot, choose one with a soft, thin and cool material to maximize your comfort.


    adventure-21486_640 _1241006034_4


    Sporting Hats

    Not that you need a reason to drop everything and head out for the brush, but there are actually some great activities to occupy your time once away from the glow of the internet. What could be more outdoorsy than actually supplying your own vittles to bake over the simmering coals of a campfire built with your own two hands? Fishing hats are available for e4hats.com, to help you wrestle up some slabs of salmon to bed down over the hot coals. These classic symbols of the pier lounging fisherman are made of rugged material, and provide 360 degree shade from the elements (not to mention a place to stick some of your fish hooks for a really cool look). Or, if you are after some four-legged fare, check out our selection of Camouflaged hunting hats. Sitting in your deer stand or duck blind, the top of your head can be seen by some wary game animals, so hide more effectively with our forest patterns.



    Don’t loaf about on the couch this summer. While Netflix and air condition are certainly nice, there are more memorable experiences to be had in the mountains, deserts, and forests of our lush and wonderful world. Strike out on your own or with friends and make some memories you will cherish for years to come.

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