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Your New Favorite Hat

These are simply some of the most comfortable hats available today. We will be featuring new amazingly comfortable hats all the time.

  • When Retro Goes Modern

    When does retro style become modern style.

    mini-Retro.jpgWhen Does Retro Become Modern?

    Each decade has had its own unique culture. Whether it was the fashion styles, the music, social trends, or popular entertainment. A movement, that has steadily been growing is retro. Retro can mean many different things to many different people. When it comes to style, retro has slowly become the new modern. Whether it is the clothes we wear or the music we choose to listen to, retro is here, and it is here to stay. We are currently seeing the resurgence of the 70's and 80's. The once overlooked styles like the floppy women's sun hats of the 70's to the classic bucket hats of the 80's are making a comeback in a big way.


    70's Floppy Sun Hat

    Nothing was more 70's than floppy straw sun hats for women. That image was plastered on pictures from that era. Whether they were worn at famous concerts like the infamous Woodstock or for long sunny days at the park. Women had taken to these hats, to the extent to which nobody had ever seen. The hat style slowly began to fizzle out around the dawn of the 1980's. Women had taken to new more compact hat style and that brought on the age of the visor. However, the floppy sun hat has quickly been making its way back into the mainstream. With skin protection and sun care becoming more important, seemingly everyday, women have looked to these hats for both style and sun protection. What does the future hold for the iconic floppy sun hat?


    80's Visor

    As we progressed out of the 70's and the demise of the floppy sun hat was almost complete, there was an emergence of a new style. That hat style would turn out to be the compact sun visor. These visors offered most of the protection that the floppy sun hats provided yet were compact, customizable, and inexpensive. You would have a hard time finding a company not using this new style for marketing campaign, promotions, or as part of a uniform. The popularity of the visor was catalyzed even further by tennis players, golfers, and women featured in music videos on the emerging MTV Music Television channel. But the trend that took off like a rocket, would slowly fizzle out once more. Just like the 70's the 80's has seen a resurgence in recent culture and the visor is slowly becoming as popular as it once was. The loud vibrant colors of the 80's have made their way back into the mainstream once again, thanks in part to the visor. The most popular materials these days include straw, terry cloth, cotton, and clip on PVC plastic.


    Super Retro

    The world of fashion has even seen a trend that I am going to call "Super Retro". This Super Retro style that was expedited by the "hipster" movement. Super Retro is moving to slowly bring back all of the popular styles of the 1920's-1950's. These classic styles like ivy caps, newsboy hats, top hats, and berets are becoming more prevalent in this "Super Retro" movement and in popular culture as well. The clothes are also reflecting this change in that classic vests, sweaters, even eyeglass styles have evolved and adapted to this new style. You could call this fashion style retro, but to the individuals that are a part of this movement it is not a just a style, but a way of life. The members of this movement have been shaping the styles of the last decade and it is showing no signs of stopping.

    Boy-George-362x495 3947422508_9787c72cfd_o c5a5818131879a26_1986-Pretty-in-Pin_1458310iGangster mugshot 1920s80's

    Retro Modern

    At what point does retro become modern? You have only to walk into your nearest IKEA store to see this retro style spilling in modern styling. Even the music of today has subtle hints of the 70's and 80's prevalent in their infectious beats. It is time to finally embrace that retro is no long retro anymore. The styles of yesterday have become the styles of today. If these styles have become the basis of popular fashion or they really retro anymore? Regardless of what you call it, this style is one of my favorite styles of the last century and I for one, am happy that they are back.

  • Your New Favorite Hat: The Fedora

    The most comfortable hat in the world.

    Gangster mugshot 1920sI don’t always wear hats, but when I do, I wear a fedora. If you have never experienced the joy that a fedora brings, do yourself a favor and give one a try. A fedora is a versatile hat that can be worn casually but can also be added to your dressier wardrobe. The fedora hat is making comeback in a big way in the world of modern fashion. This style is popular now more than ever. Celebrities like Bruno Mars have brought the fedora back into the public eye. Boasting a naturally upturned brim and a hat band around the crown of the hat, it offers you the vintage yet modern look that fedora wearers love.

    There are not too many hats out there that have such a long and storied history than the fedora. The hat early on became synonymous with the image of a 1930’s gangster. While the gangsters did a great deal to influence the public image of the fedora they were not its inventor. That distinction belongs to Sarah Bernhardt. She was the star of an aptly named play entitled “Fedora” in which she wore the hat in 1889. Bernhardt’s popularity helped make the hat and integral part of the female wardrobe during the 19th century all the way up to today. The fedora’s flexible nature the allowed it to be shaped and dented to the wearer’s liking helped symbolized the wearer’s aversion to the conformity of society. A fedora is one of many styles of hats that are enjoyed by both men and women in any season.






    Mug Shots 1920sThe number one aspect of a hat that dictates how comfortable a hat is going to be is the material. Fedoras are found in a wide variety of materials including acrylic, cotton, nylon, linen, polyester, straw, wool and more. Certain people are adversely affected by certain materials so be sure to check your allergies before choosing a hat type. Each material offers the wearer a different style and comfort level. If you were on the fence about being a hat person, a fedora might just push you over the edge. The materials, the styles, and the form and function truly make the fedora hat, the most comfortable hat in the world.

    fedora 1fedora hatfedora 3








  • Never Ride Alone

    With a Great Head Wrap or Biker Wrap You Never Ride Alone.

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    With a Great Head Wrap or Biker Wrap You Never Ride Alone

    The biker culture has been engrained in our culture for decades now. The biker community is as tight knit of a community as any community in the world. When bikers are together they always have each others backs. Your boys might have your back but who is protecting your head?  With a skull cap or head wrap from you never ride alone. Head wraps like bandanas or skull caps are an essential part of your biker gear. A head wrap not only looks great but it protects your head from the head, from the rain, and from chafing due to your helmet. These wraps are a great way to protect your most important body part while at the same time maintaining that tough biker look. There are so many different types of head wraps out there featuring a wide variety of colors, logos, styles and materials. Keep your head protected comfortable and cool.

    2185-1268624743mWmrBeing Tough Doesn’t Mean Not Being Protected
    A head wrap is known as a “gele” and “icafu” in West Africa. They are known worn for the same function but has been adapted to biker community. Africa is one of the hottest countries in the world and they have learned a thing or two about keeping their head cool. There are two things that a biker should never leave home without, their helmet, and their protective head wrap. Proper head protection can make all the difference when it comes to life or death. You treat your Harley Davidson like it was your own child. Take care of yourself the same way. Being tough doesn’t mean not being protected. Ride smart, and never ride alone with one of the best selections of biker head wear on the internet.

    Biker Wraps to fit your Life
    What a head wrap or cap is made of makes all the difference. High quality cotton and other soft durable materials are crucial in offering your head the comfort and protection that it needs. These caps are lightweight and can be worn with or without your helmet. We have wraps and caps that are as tough as you. The best part of these wraps and caps is that they have two side tails and a knot which helps ensure that the fit is just right. There are so many different wraps available including biker, embroidered, printed, wildlife, military, flame, skull and more. We even have leather and fleece head wraps offering you maximum style and comfort. No biker should ride alone just like no biker should go without a potentially lifesaving wrap or cap.

  • Strawsome Summer Straw Hats

    It is finally time for the sun to show its smiling face again.

    cowboy 1While much of the East coast is still living under the white cloud of one of the harshest winters we have ever seen, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The summer is approaching and the sun’s smiling face will show itself once again. Being in California, we do not necessarily experience seasons. Every day it is usually 60-70 degrees and even if it rains, you just have to wait a couple minutes and it will probably stop. Regardless of where you live, many people still wait all year for the summertime.  The temperature heats up and people love spending time outdoors. It is finally time to grab that beach towel that has been gathering dust, lather up the sunscreen, and head to the beach. Your summertime arsenal including these items is so important. What a better addition to your summertime arsenal than a strawsome straw hat?


    cowboy 3The summer will be here before you know it. The warm, inviting summer sun can be great, but you need to protect your skin. There are so many killer summer hats in this world, and finding the right one is paramount to providing yourself complete UV protection. A killer straw hat can keep you enjoying the incredible weather while at the same time keeping your skin healthy and cancer free. If you carry a preconceived notion that a straw hat is a gaudy, uncomfortable hat, you need to take a second look. Two of the most important factors to consider when buying a hat are sun protection, and the breathable nature and comfort of the hat. Whether you try out a straw cowboy hat, a straw visor or any other straw hat, you are not going to believe how comfortable a straw hat can actually be. Straw is one of the lightest yet durable materials available and has been used for decades to provide complete sun protection.


    visor 4You will be surprised at how many straw hats are available. There are so many fantastic summer hat styles to choose from this season including wide brim, sombreros, gambler, bucket and many other summer straw hat styles. For all the women looking for a fashionable head turning, eye catching straw hat we have Toyo braid, sun block visors, raffia, and cowboy hats. Any one of these hats would help you experience the summer the way it was intended. Enjoy the outdoors, without worrying about sun protection. These strawsome straw hats make you look good, keep you feeling good, and are unbelievably easy on the old wallet. Look cool while keeping your head cool. So on your next incredible outdoor adventure whether you are traversing the rainforest, or maybe just watering your lawn do not forget your hat.



  • Your New Favorite Hat: The Felt Hat

    If you are always on the hunt for your new favorite hat, we are happy to tell you that the search may be over. There are a lot of very important factors that go into a "favorite hat," the material, the size, or the style. But there is also an intangible factor, and that is how the hat makes you feel. Some hats just make you feel like they belong atop your head. You wear them everywhere and you never take them off. There are times in a man’s life where they need to get a little dressed up. Most men scoff at the errant affair of getting dressed up but have grown accustomed to doing so for their loved ones, particularly, their wives and mothers. What if I told you that you might actually like getting dressed!

    The outfit can really make a man and no outfit is complete without a great hat. You are going to love the way you look and enjoy the feeling of being dressed up. Nothing fits the bill better than a felt hat. These dressy hats are the perfect accessory for both formal and casual occasions. What and a hat is made of is one of the most important factors in determining what hat is right for you. These felt hats feature a crushed top as well as a down-turned brim. They are made of durable, smooth, high quality material, that will make your hat last well beyond its years. The hard stiff material of these hats ensures that it will always maintain its shape. If you are hesitant about giving one of these classy pieces of head wear a try, take one out for a test drive. A felt hat offers a classic and stylish look that will be catching eyes and turning heads in no time. These hats might be on their way to becoming your new favorite hat.

    bowler 1  top 1 gambler 1  _1239009953_11

    When many people think about hat styles for men they think of a baseball cap and nothing more. There are more hat types out there if you only expand your idea of fashion. There are so many different styles of felt hats out there including upturned brim hats, rabbit fur, Indiana Jones, cowboy hats, fedoras, Aussie hats and many more. If you are looking for a more casual style then you want to look into a bowler, derby, or top hats. These hats are also interchangeable and can be worn in conjunction with both casual and formal attires. Men usually aren’t too open when it comes to love, but you might just fall in love with a great looking elegant felt hat. These hats are not as stiff, uncomfortable, and formal than you might think. Your fall and winter wardrobe is not complete without a fantastic felt hat. Men are turning into gentleman again, and the once popular hat style is making its triumphant return to the hat world. Whether you wear your hat for a dressy event or a more casual affair, we are confident that this will become your new favorite hat or at the very least top 3. Stay classy internet!


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