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  • Halloween Theme Costume Hats 2017

    Halloween is definitely one of the best nights of the year when it comes to style and creative fashion. This makes it far and ahead our favorite holiday here at e4Hats.com, and we’ve been hard at work coming up with costume ideas and novelty hats to make your October a spooky success. Besides a whole lot of monstrous novelty hats, custom accessories, and awesome costume toppers, we are also planning one of our biggest blowout sales of the entire year. That’s right, the Halloween sale will be here in two shakes of a witch’s broom. We’ve got our cauldron boiling and we are about to conjure up some major savings for the kiddies and adults alike!
    From 10/21 to 10/25 we are getting downright looney, and are offering a whopping 30% off site-wide. That means there is no better time to make all your Halloween theme costume hats dreams (or nightmares) come true! Just use coupon code e4hats30 to hack and slash nearly a third off of your total during our exclusive Halloween sale this year!

    Halloween theme costume hats

    Here are Our Selected Halloween Theme Costume Hats

    Mushroom Kingdom Hats

    When it comes to cosplay, our Halloween sale aims to take things back to the beloved basics. Mario and Luigi, those fireball spitting super brothers, are a classic couple’s Halloween theme costume hats. We can help sort you out with everything you need to rescue princess Peach this year. Too bad she will probably make up some lame excuse about being in another castle. Better luck next time Mario!

    Fun Mustaches

    e4Hats.com is not just about awesome Halloween theme costume hats, we also have plenty of accessories featured in this month’s blowout Halloween sale. Ever wanted to go as a “hipster” for Halloween? You are sure to blend right in with your fake handlebar mustache and theme hats from e4Hats.com!

    Witch and Wizard Hats

    Magicians, enchanters, druids and those with the gift of prestidigitation all come to the foreground on Halloween night. Our smashing Halloween sale aims to give plenty of attention to these spell weavers with some witch and wizard hats straight out of central casting. Both are symbolic of all things occult and make for great costume toppers at your spooky party this year. Just make sure not to drink too much of the witches brew (there is no Uber for broomsticks, we checked).

    Viking Hats

    The cool thing about Halloween theme costume hats, the Viking hats is how instantly recognizable they are. Thanks to the progress of modern technology, however (and our awesome Halloween sale) you can get a Viking hat without the heavy, rusty metal riding on top of your noggin. Grab a red beard to go along with it and boom, you are ready to board a long ship and raid some coastal settlements in style. Our savings will send you straight to Valhalla!

    Whatever awesome Halloween costume you envision this year, let our humongous Halloween sale help make it a reality. Remember that coupon folk: e4hats30, and snag yourself some huge savings before the monster mash begins. We can’t do anything about that toilet paper in your yard, but in the hat department, we’ve got you covered!

  • Popular Halloween Hats

    The month of October is finally upon us, and changes are popping up everywhere. Jack Frost is hardening the ground and nature’s fall colors are in full splendor. But despite the lovely autumn around us, October also brings one of the most frightening and fun days of the year. That’s right kiddos, Halloween is on its way! If you are finding yourself searching around for a good Halloween idea this year (and who isn’t), then let us help you take some of the guesswork out of the spooky equation. We’ve got just about every Halloween hat under the sun (or moon, rather) to help you put together a killer costume for your upcoming monster mash. Feel free to haunt our Halloween hats to your heart’s content! You are sure to dig up great Halloween hats this year.

    Halloween Hats

    Here are Our Selected Halloween Hats

    Hero Hats

    Who doesn’t harbor secret fantasies of dressing up and masquerading around as their favorite hero? We’ve got a Halloween idea or two that calls for legendary head wear. Check out our Robin Hood hat, and become the world’s most famous outlaw for a night. Or, if you prefer to play the anti-hero, we’ve got all sorts of Halloween ideas featuring that scourge of the seven seas: Pirate hats are in!

    Uniform Hats

    Fancy yourself worthy of some martial Halloween ideas this year? Well look no further: for whatever militant costume you might be planning, we certainly have the hat to top it off. Check out our hats ranging across the epochs of human conflict, and pick yourself out something a general would envy.

    Character Hats

    Original Halloween ideas may be hard to come by, but thankfully cosplay is now in, and in a major way. Dressing up as your favorite character from the world of movies, games, cartoons etc. is now pretty much a year-round practice. Waldo your thing? Mario? A fantasy princess? Just browsing through our Halloween hats section is sure to give you some great costume ideas for the coming big day. Don’t forget, it’s never too early to start arranging your getup. The more you prepare the better your Halloween idea is sure to be!

    Halloween Accessories

    e4Hats.com may focus on hats, but that isn’t all we are! We’ve also got a bevy of spooky accessories to round out this year’s Halloween idea, and to give your costume that extra kick that will get people talking over the punch bowl. After all, what kind of a pirate doesn’t come with an eye patch? Life on the open seas is rough after all. And how are you going to go as Penny wise the clown without a big, bulbous, red nose to tie everything together? Whatever your Halloween idea, we’ve got an accessory to bring it up to the next level. Check out our wide selection!

    All Hallow’s Eve is a wonderful time of year and a great time for dressing up and getting a bit silly. An ounce of preparation now will make the holiday that much more special.

  • Best Golf hats for Golfers

    Golf has got to be one of the most popular sports in existence. Spend an hour on google earth and you will likely see verdant courses dotting the landscape, and any Sunday drive through the American countryside might lead you to find people out golfing even in the most remote of places. With the cooler weather coming in, there is no better time to get out there and practice your swing. In furtherance of your 18 holes, we here at e4Hats.com have a pro-tip: check out our awesome golf hats selection! Let’s head on over to the clubhouse and see what’s cooking.

    Golf Hats

    Here are Our Selected Golf Hats

    Visor Caps

    The visor is a popular choice when it comes to a golf hat, and the reasons are fairly obvious. Not only does the form of a visor allow your head to breathe during the long 18, but it also keeps the sun out of your eyes so you can focus your attention on the golf ball. Whether you are putting or taking a drive, keeping your eyes shaded is an important part of the game!

    Bucket Hats

    The bucket hat is a classic of outdoor, active fashion, and they make excellent golf hats for this very reason. Made from thick, durable material, this headpiece is perfect for a long day out on the fairway. It might not help improve your swing, but it will definitely keep you slicing in comfort, and that is worth its weight in gold.

    Ivy Hats / Flat Caps

    These are the quintessential golf hats, straight out of central casting. When we think of a gentlemanly golfer, it is these stylish ivy hat that most immediately come to mind. There is something very European about the look, and perhaps this harkens back to golf’s origins as a Scottish game. Whatever the reason, they look very cool out on the St. Augustine grass.

    Baseball Hats

    If the other golf hats seem overly complicated, you can always reach for the good old American baseball cap. We’ve got every color and style imaginable, so head on over to our cap selection and grab yourself something for the course near you. Don’t forget that we also custom embroider baseball caps to order, so feel free to go a little crazy with the customization options.

    Whatever style you decide to go with, to know a bit about the great golfing fashion tradition is to have a deeper appreciation for the game. Golf has its own unique sense of swag, and you can get a bit of your own with a trip to e4Hats.com selection of golf hats. We’ll see you out there— just watch out for the sand trap!

  • Business Hats for Women

    September 22nd marks “Women in Business” day, a time to celebrate female accomplishment in the world of entrepreneurship and business. In light of this lesser known and lesser appreciated occasion, we here at e4Hats.com are spotlighting our women’s business hats and accessories. As career ladies know, looking sharp on the job can be challenging, but those who “dress for success” definitely have a leg up when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. In furtherance of your driving ambition, stop by our hat shop and see what kind of formal and dressy wear for women we have in store this September!

    business hats

    Here are Our Selected Business Hats for Women

    Faux Fur Hats

    The look of a fur hat is timeless, and is considered to be quite formal. This makes fur perfect for women’s business hats. However, one’s conscience can’t abide the use of animals as a fashion statement. Therefore, faux fur has been created that is as realistic and stylish as anything a fur trapper might bring in! Check out our wide selection today.

    Women’s Gloves

    As the cold weather approaches, your women’s business hats will need to come with a matching set of formal accessories. Let us give you a “hand” with this in the form of our awesome glove and accessories selection. Scarves, gloves, and all the rest are waiting for you with one click!

    Women’s Dressy Hats

    Women’s business hats are better off a bit on the formal or dressy side. Now you can order your dressy hats or accessories with a bit of class this year. These formal pieces are great for business or special occasions and can serve you through weddings, fancy balls, and a variety of other events. Ready to look fabulous? Just head on over and join the fashion revolution!

    Women’s Fedoras

    While the fedora has traditionally been considered a masculine hat, they have recently found footing in women’s business fashion as well. We’re not trapped in the 1950’s anymore, so why not see what all the fuss is about? Head on over to our fedora section, and get a little “Mad Men” inspired style for your next business meeting or fancy event.

    Baseball Caps

    Not every business involves a cozy air-conditioned office. There are tons of hands-on businesses out there making a killing! Women’s business hats should be suited to her particular work, and with that in mind, we here at e4Hats.com have a ton of casual caps and accessories for the plumbers, mechanics, and repair women out there.

    As the saying goes, “You’ve come a long way baby!” We here at e4Hats.com are proud to serve entrepreneurial men and women across the world. Whether you work in a formal office, a casual car wash, or running deliveries in a mobile office, we’ve got just the hat for your needs.
    We know you work hard for your money as well, so keep an eye out for all our upcoming sales where we frequently slash prices across the board. We look forward to seeing you then, and keep on taking care of business!

  • Start of Fall SALE

    There is a certain crispness to the air, and the days begin to shorten. The leaves erupt into red and yellow bouquets of splendor. That’s right, it’s the fall that you’ve been smelling on the wind, and it is just about to officially drop. September 22nd, in fact, marks the Autumnal Equinox, and now that the kids are back in school it is time to start raking leaves, sipping cocoa, and getting ready for all the holiday fun that is just right around the corner.
    We here at e4Hats.com are excited by the changing of the seasons, and in order to help you out with all your autumn needs, we are throwing a grand Start of Fall Sale this year! Between 9/16 and 9/22 you can get 20% off site-wide by using the coupon code “e4hats20”, and really rake in the savings! Let’s take a look at our wide selection.

    Fall Sale Hats Selection

    Start of Fall SALE - Here are the hats we pick for you!

    Wool Hats

    Fall means cooler weather is on its way, so you may want to step up your hat game and find yourself a warm weather piece during our start of fall sale this year. Wool is a great material for keeping that noggin of yours toasty warm as we race away from the sun! Find the best wool hats at e4Hats.com!

    Floppy Brim Hats

    Fall is a time for fashionable events, and you’ll never look quite as stylish as in a floppy brimmed hat. During our start of fall sale, you can get these wide accessories for a shockingly low price, and keep fashionable through every autumnal soiree you can imagine!


    The cloche is a classic symbol of feminine fall fashion, and our huge collection boasts more styles and colors than you can shake a stick at. So take full advantage of our start of fall sale, and pick yourself out something nice. The beach weather may be on its way out the door, but now is the time for long, reflective walks through the park. The cloche is the perfect little number for these extended outdoor sessions, so check out what we’ve got in our collection!

    Baseball Caps

    Fall is a time of great sporting events as well, and what all-American piece says “sports” quite as well as the humble baseball cap? When it comes to caps, we’ve got just about any conceivable shape, style and material, and more customized embroidery than you could ever count. If you have a motif, symbol, emblem, or patch that suits your fancy, we will sew it on for you at a heavy discount during our start of fall sale. So grab your cap and get ready for some bone-crunching football this Thanksgiving!

    The lovely fall is nearly here, and if you aren’t getting in on the ground floor of our start of fall sale, you are missing out. We’d love to be your one-stop shop for hats and accessories all through the autumn, so keep us in mind as the leaves begin to change. We’ll be waiting to hear from you!

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