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  • Easter Sunday Hat Guide


    Easter is just an all around fantastic time of year. All over the northern hemisphere, the blankets of ice are melting in the new spring sun. In place of frost, the tiny buds of flowers can be seen showing their faces and the world returns to the green and lively temper that suits it best. The children come out to play, wearing those pastel spring colors of youth, and at the height of it all we celebrate a profound holiday honoring the rebirth and rekindling of all things. Bunnies, eggs, Jesus rising from his tomb, baskets of chocolate and the cherry blossoms in bloom: the list of splendid things associated with Easter is a long one. And while you are making a list of the wonders of the season, why not add e4Hats.com’s great selection of Easter hats and accessories?

    Bunny Ears and Costumes

    ML Animal Costume Hat with Mittens - Pink Rabbit Kids Fluffy Animal Hat - Rabbit

    Adult Animal Wool Ski Beanie - Rabbit Easter Bunny Ears Hat - White Pink

    A bit of novel levity is a great way to get into the spring spirit. What more beloved character is there to emulate this season than the Easter bunny and all his vernal connotations? If just a pair of ears aren’t enough, we have a complete fleece headpiece that will have the little children doing a double take and wondering if you really are that enigmatic chocolate giving creature. If you are particularly in the mood to go all out, we even have bunny costumes available, complete with mittens and the whole getup.

    Children’s Easter Hats

     Easter Hats

    Girl's Bucket Hat with Embroidered Flowers and Butterflies - Orange Pink Girl's Flower Pattern Bucket Hat - White Youth Pigment Dyed Bucket Hat-Yellow

    A pastel colored bucket hat is just the thing to make your adorable little one shine during the Easter Holiday. Durable (for those plunges into the hedgerow in search of elusive eggs), stylish, affordable, and all around as cute as a button, dress your kids up in some great Easter fashion this year. They grow up so fast, and soon no amount of pleading on your part will allow you to dress them so eloquently!

    Women’s hats for Easter


    Women's Wool Felt Bucket Shape Hat - Coral 4 Flower Decoration Women's Wool Felt Cloche Women's Wool Felt Stitched Cloche - Beige

    If you are one of the millions of Christian/Catholic women in the world, then your Easter is likely accompanied by at least one trip to your local church or cathedral for a bit of worship. After all, Easter marks the celebration of Christ rising from his tomb after His crucifixion. For those of you who will congregate in the name of the Lord, e4Hats.com has a wide selection of elegant and formal women’s hats in an assortment of Easter colors and styles.

    Men’s Hats for Easter

    Mohair Buffalo Checker Duckbill Ivy - Black Wool Blend Patchwork Men's Newsboy - Multi

    Big Size Elastic Plaid Fashion Ivy Cap - Beige Ascot Wool Felt Ivy Cap - Tan

    While men aren’t generally allowed to wear hats during church services, a cool newsboy or ivy hat will definitely lend an air of distinguished machismo to the festive proceedings. Check out our wide selection and be the most debonair man at the egg hunt this spring.

    Easter Hats

    Whatever you fancy trying on this Easter, we here at e4Hats.com want to wish you a blessed and safe holiday. Don’t forget to place a few of our fine accessories in the baskets of those loved ones alongside the mounds of candy. Happy spring time – be sure to stop and smell all the lovely flowers coming into bloom!

  • Make Your Own Special Custom Designed Hat

    Designed Caps

    There is nothing better than having things the exact way that you want them – customized to suit your tastes and entirely personalized to your unique sense of flair. At the end of the day, after all, our clothing says a lot about who we are and what we represent, and cultivating your own individual “swag” takes quite a bit of time and effort. In order to save you some of both, we here at e4Hats.com, the internet’s premier source for hats and accessories, have kept our embroidering needles sharp. Our crack design team is constantly designing and creating new and gloriously personal hats to fit whatever odd or profound vision you might have in mind. Be sure to check us out for a 1001 great and customizable gift ideas, such as:

    Numbered Baseball Caps


    fn301ca-neon-orange-1 Holstein Number Embroidered Youth Brushed Cap - 8 Athletic Number 00 Embroidered Classic Two Tone Cap - Natural Black

    Have a favorite athlete? A lucky number? Or maybe it’s that you yourself are involved in a sports team and wish to carry your number with you wherever you go. Don’t pull out that jersey just yet. No matter what the reason – we’ve got your digits! Swing on down to the custom baseball cap selection and grab your lucky number today.

    Worded Caps and Beanies

    Wording Caps

    College Embroidered Snapback Cap - Black Red Girl Embroidered Cuff Long Beanie - White Queen Embroidered Two Tone Snapback Cap - Navy Red

    Everyone needs a motto, a power-word, an important expression that carries a deep and personal meaning. With e4Hats.com’s amazing selection of embroidered caps and beanies, you’ll be able to wear that expression proudly day in and day out. Whether it is a particular bible verse (John 3:16 hat anyone?), or even a heartwarming reminder that you are indeed the “world’s greatest dad”, we’ve got your words down, ready to ship anywhere at your convenience. Come browse the selection for a bit of new inspiration.

    Phrase Embroidered Caps and Beanies

    I Love Dad Heart Embroidered Foam Mesh Back Cap - Brown Tan I'd Rather Be Sleeping Embroidered Flat Bill Cap - Navy

    Will You Marry Me Embroidered Mesh Cap - Red White Red I Love You Logo Embroidered Cap - Stone

    What’s your catch phrase? At e4Hats.com, we have tons of sayings, maxims, and little bits of wisdom and humor stitched right into your cap for the whole world to see. Would you “rather be fishing”? Are you all about some “rock and roll”? Is your greatest wish to find “peace on Earth?” Let people know about it with a customized and expressive headpiece from our immense and impressive catalogue of choices. A bit of novelty and personality goes a long way towards helping you get noticed, even if it is a bit silly.

    Customizable Patches

    Asia Flag Embroidered Patches - Australia Star Security Stock Chest And Cap Emblems - Gold Security

    Navy Top Gun Embroidered Military Patch - Top Gun Patriotic Patches with Velcro - Flag GRN CAMO

    Got your hat game covered? Well why stop there? There are plenty more customizable options to be had on nearly any sort of accessory you can imagine. How about a “Vietnam Veteran” embroidered jacket for that beloved uncle who served his country? A navy patch for your gym bag? Any special group or organization that you belong to likely has its own insignia or emblem, so let us stitch it on your favorite garment so that you can show it off. This is a great way to meet new people who are involved in similar groups.

    Designed Hats

    Whatever your wish, we can fulfill it here at the internet’s most down to earth place for fashion and accessories. Check us out today.

  • Everything You Need to Know About St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick was a missionary who helped convert the Irish to Christianity in the fifth century AD. In the time since his death, the legends and traditions associated with the man have grown large and all-encompassing, such that the date of his death is now considered a celebration of Irish culture and heritage the world over. Whether you are part of the great Irish diaspora or not doesn’t matter one fig, everyone loves a green beer and a bit of carousing on March 17th. After all, it is the one day during Lent when the Catholic Church lifts its ban on such things. So raise a glass, propose a toast to a long gone Anglo-Roman priest whose mythos and allegory have stood the tests of time, and check out a novelty St. Paddy’s day hat from e4Hats.com

    Irish Hats

    St Patrick's Hat - Top Green Green Velvet Top Hat - Beard

    Shamrock Tall Hat - Green Velvet Irish Tall with Flashing Light Tube - Green

    It is well known that every lad and lassie in the world is at least part Irish come March 17th. It really doesn’t matter where you hail from – anyone can take part in this grand celebration of all things associated with the Emerald Isle. What a better way to prepare than with something green and Celtic from e4Hats.com. We have all the colors of the rainbow to suit any taste when it comes time for the parades. Whether you want to go all out with a green beard and green, buckled leprechaun hat, or prefer a tasteful nod towards your heritage with a beanie that reads simply “Irish”, we’ve got something that will make your day memorable (no guarantees after that third drink!).

    Custom Embroidered Hats and Beanies

    Designed Caps

    3D Clover Embroidered Two Tone Snapback Cap - Navy Red St Patrick's Day Crest Embroidered Washed Cap - Dk Green Irish Clover Embroidered Big Size Long Beanie - Kelly

    We love to do a bit of embroidering here at e4Hats.com, and each and every holiday inspires us to come up with new designs that properly celebrate the special season. Why should St. Paddy’s be any different? Check out a shamrock embroidered baseball cap or even crests from ancient Hibernian houses. Whatever flavor you are looking to show off this March, you can bet we’ve got it in green. Which leads us to our next selection.

    Green Colored Hats and Accessories

    Disel Beanie Visor-Bright Green Women's 2 Tone Wool Poly Blend Newsboy Cap - Green Olive

    Saint Patrick's Glitter Cowboy Hat - Green Saint Patrick's Four Leaf Clover Embroidered Bucket Hat - Apple Green

    All of us have been there. Perhaps you didn’t have a thing both green and laundered to wear that spring day to school. You made it until recess before the onslaught— the tsunami of friendly pinches left you laughing and somewhat in pain. While a bit of a pinch is part of the fun, no one enjoys being on the receiving end of this holiday tradition. To help you out, we’ve got a special collection of anything and everything you could possibly want in the color green. Check it out, and be no one’s pincushion this March!

    Hats for Lucky You

    St. Patrick’s Day, despite its reputation for hard drinking and debauchery, is really a time when we should all take a moment and consider our heritage. Whether you are Irish, Malaysian, Peruvian or South African: it is important to take the time to consider the places we all come from, and of course, where we are going next! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! Shop here!

  • Coolest Casual Hats to Wear

    Casual Hats

    Sometimes it’s fun to dress up. You put on your finest clothing and accessories and parade around town, basking in the admiration of onlookers and just generally feeling good about being you. However, for the other 99% of times, casual styles seem to be the most popular, at least in American culture. Whereas 50 years ago, you would find that a great number of people on the street kept themselves dapper with fine clothing, we now have a tendency to value comfort over eloquence when it comes to fashion. With that in mind e4Hats.com has created a selection to help you look cool without all the hassle of getting dressed up. Check out our line of casual accessories, just in time for the warm weather that is sure to be right around the corner!

    Ball Caps

    ball caps

    Blitz Cap - Red White Men's Hawaiian Cotton Snapback Cap - Pink Green Animal Pattern Flat Bill Snapback Cap - Leopard

    If Americans are famous for their casual style then no hat better embodies the relaxed, outdoorsy nature of our national culture than the baseball cap. Whether flat billed or snap back we have a ball cap to suit every noggin. Sift through every style, fit, design, and color imaginable in one of the largest selection of baseball caps to be found anywhere on earth.

    Jeep Style Caps

    Enzyme Regular Army Caps-Digital Camo Cotton Herringbone Army Cap-Olive

    Women's Bow Accent Military Cap - Khaki Spike Jeep Style Adjustable Cap - Black

    The military walks a fine line between formal and informal with their rough and ready fashion sense. Jeep style caps are similar to the traditional baseball caps, yet have a slightly higher crown and tend to be a bit more durable and long lasting (for those long days on campaign, we guess).  While we have an assortment of camo and military themed jeep style caps, they also come in a more civil flavor.

    Plain Short Beanies

    Plain short beanies

    Hand Crocheted Beanie (02)-Grey  Marled Short Beanie - Red  Woman's Knit Acrylic Flower Beanie - Mocha

    There is nothing better in wintertime than a short beanie. Simple, elegantly knit together, a good beanie fits in anywhere you do. Toasty warm, stylishly uncouth, and made for those days when you just don’t have time to devote to your hair, beanies are all around favorite of the casual winter dresser. e4Hats.com just happens to have one of the broadest catalogs of beanies around – check them out today!

    Bucket Hats and Cloches

    Bucket hats and cloches

    Bucket hats and cloches

    While some fishermen and other outdoor types love to take every excuse to get into full gear, making the style part of the experience, there are others who prefer to go after their quarry in understated, casual garb. For those types, the bucket hat was created. With all its fishing associations, the bucket is really just about protecting an outdoors man from the elements (there is no hook baiting required).

    On the other hand we have the somewhat feminine cloche, a hat traditionally associated with formal wear. These days however, the classic cloche is seeing a resurgence of popularity, and is often combined with casual dress.

    Hats and Caps

    So why not lose the tie, take off the sports coat, and get into a comfortable pair of blue jeans. Combine with a T-shirt and a casual hat from e4Hats.com and you are good to go! There is no need to be uncomfortable this spring – casual sheik is sure to blossom just in time for spring!

  • Hot Trending Designed Caps

    Designed Hats

    Often times it can seem like we live in a mass-produced world. Style and fashion being what they are, it isn’t surprising to pass hundreds of people in a given day dressed nearly the same, as if there wore some sort of mandatory uniform. While fitting in certainly is important, we here at e4Hats.com like to give our customers a chance to break away from this cookie-cutter sensibility and try something a little more personal and unique. With that in mind, we’d like to present for your inspection our wide range of custom embroidered hats and accessories. Just about anything with significance and meaning for you personally can be found within. Check out what we’ve got and get yourself a one of a kind item meant especially for you.

    Symbol Designed Custom Caps and Beanies

    Symbol Design Caps

    Symbol Design Caps

    Whatever movement, idea, philosophy, or feeling you are trying to capture, chances are there is an emblem or symbol that conveys it in a quick, unmistakable impression, transcending linguistic barriers in a brilliant stroke of design. Whether it is something as deeply meaningful as a Celtic icon or even as mundane and flirtatious as a pair of bright red lips, we’ve got what it takes to help you communicate your values without saying a single word— now available in a wide selection of hats and beanies.

    Mascot, Character Embroidered Ball Caps

    Blue Eagles Embroidered Washed Cap - Khaki Bantam Mascot Embroidered Cap - Red

    Bear with Blue Flag Mascot Embroidery Cap - Brown Cardinals with Bird Head Embroidered Cap - White

    Everyone should have a mascot, even if it is something as simple as an icon or an emblem that carries a special weight or meaning. Just like any sports team worth its salt will invoke some vicious beast or famous warrior (Vikings anyone?) to promote themselves as a powerful force, a mascot can make us feel incredibly strong through the ideas and feelings it calls to mind. Need help choosing your power animal? Head down and take a look at the menagerie of hats we have on offer.

    Alphabet Letter, Number Hats and Beanies

    Alphabet Letter Caps

    Greek Alphabet PI Embroidered Flat Bill Cap - Red Greek Alphabet Eta Embroidered Cap - Silver Large A Embroidered Snapback Cap - Black Teal

    Perhaps you just aren’t a symbol person, and prefer to represent yourself through an alphabetic character or Greek letter. For you, we have custom tailored the whole alphabet onto the front of our caps and beanies with a variety of fonts and styles to choose from. Whatever it is you are trying to represent, why not start by spelling it out? Or, get together with your friends and form the name of your favorite sports team for the jumbo-tron!

    Animal Themed Hats

    Gold Lion Embroidered Wool Snapback Cap - NavyBlack Cat Embroidered Long Beanie - Orange

    Heraldic Lion Embroidered Long Beanie - Royal American Moose Embroidered Washed Cap - Pink

    Do you find yourself more inspired by the local fauna than by anything else? Have no fear. For the animal lovers out there we have a whole circus of nature inspired, custom embroidered hats for you to tour. A ferocious lion, a delicate butterfly, an awe-inspiring whale: they are all here at e4Hats.com, where the spirit of the jungle is alive and well!


    designed caps

    So why not make your fashion statement a more personal one as we barrel into spring this year? Set yourself apart with something customized, unique, and meaningful from our galaxy of hats and accessories. You’ll be glad you decided to break away from the ordinary crowd. It might even be time for that “lone wolf” hat you’ve had your eye on!

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