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  • Summer Embroidered Caps for all

    Embroidered Caps

    Originality is often cited as the essence of what it means to be “cool”. While it is important to stay up on trends and the cycles of fashion, spicing things up with your own unique style puts you miles ahead of the crowd. And there is no better time to showcase your individuality than summertime! With all this in mind e4Hats has created a humongous selection of embroidered cap to help you find just the thing to capture your spirit during these balmy dog-days of summer. Check out what we’ve got in store for you below! You won’t be disappointed by the multitude of ways to put your pride on display! Select your wardrobe today and make sure it features custom embroidered caps from the internet's grandest summer hat provider.




    Embroidered Sports Caps

    Embroidered Caps Embroidered Caps Embroidered Caps Embroidered Caps

    Are you into sports, but don't necessarily support a particular team or franchise? With our fantastic collection of custom embroidered caps you can keep your athletic pride on display. Check out the Taekwondo embroidered cap with real Korean Hangeul lettering, or the emblematic football patch. No matter what sport or activity, we here at e4Hats.com have got something for the sports junkie in you. So head on over and get prepped just in time for baseball season!


    Leisure Themed Embroidered Caps

    Embroidered Caps

    Embroidered Caps Embroidered Caps Embroidered Caps

    We here at e4Hats.com like to take our hobbies seriously, and we’d be willing to bet that most of you feel the same way. Whether it is chess , golfing, or even something lesser known, why not put your enthusiasm on display with a custom embroidered cap from the internet’s most leisurely hat provider? Show the world that you take your passion seriously with something from our awesome selection.


    Embroidered Celebration Themed Hats


    Embroidered Caps

    embroidered caps embroidered caps embroidered caps

    The year is packed with little moments of joy and celebration, whether they be weddings, holidays, or any other kind of special occasion. We humans just love an excuse to celebrate, after all, and it pays to have the kind of wardrobe that keeps you ready for the slightest call to frivolity and jubilation. Thankfully, we here at e4Hats have got our hands on a weird and wonderful collection of custom embroidered cap to fit just about every event you can think of. Come check out what we’ve got in store.




    embroidered caps

    A solid, customized embroidered cap is one of the coolest gift ideas, even if it is only a gift to yourself! After all, summertime is a great opportunity to stop and smell the roses. So spin on over to our awesome selection and pick out something uniquely suited for you or someone you love and appreciate. After all, following the herd isn't always best when it comes to fashion, and there is a lot to be said for striking out on your own with something that showcases your unique style and fashion sense, and we would be pleased as punch to help you out with just that.

  • Introducing Summer Hats for Everyone


    Summer is officially here as of June 20th, and our team at e4Hats.com are busy slathering on the sunscreen, icing down the drinks and preparing to head out for a day filled with volleyball and sandcastles at our favorite beach. But before we do, we are unveiling our huge collection of summer caps to protect you and your loved ones from those lovely but harmful UV rays. With our stylish and summery line, you’ll be able to look and keep cool all through the dog days of every schoolchild’s favorite season. So fire up the grill and get ready for a great party-filled three months, complete with a great selection from everyone’s favorite provider of awesome summertime hats and accessories.



    Straw Fedoras

    Summer Hats

    Summer Hats Summer Hats Summer Hats

    Nothing celebrates the mowed grass smell and unbridled freedom of an American Summer quite like the iconic straw hat. Straw is light enough to be breathable, a very important quality to look for in any summer hat or accessory. We’ve got a tasteful straw fedora that is the perfect mix of urbane style and bucolic ruggedness to keep you debonair at your next cookout or rodeo. Check out the straw summer hat selection today!

    Men’s Panama Hats

    Summer Hats

    Summer Hats Summer Hats Summer Hats

    Even if you can’t afford that summertime trip to a tropical beach, you can at least take your fashion sensibilities for a bit of an international voyage with our awesome Panama hat collection. These swashbuckling summer hats are emblematic of the adventure and freedom of the hot and liberating months, so pick one up today and add a bit of Latin swagger to your summer wardrobe.

    Women’s Wide Brimmed Sun Hats

    Summer Hats

    Summer Hats Summer Hats Summer Hats

    A good summer hat needs to be practical, portable, and light— easy to just grab and go. To fill all of these requirements we here at e4Hats.com have a wide selection of special beach wear for the ladies out there. Stay in the shade all day long with your book and your cocktail, relaxing under 360 degrees of lovely shade. Life’s a beach, after all, and we’ve got your lifestyle covered!

    Kids Summer Hats

    Summer Hats

    _Summer Hats Summer Hats Summer Hats

    Summer means a lot to children. When else are they free to cast aside their history books and get their feet dirty running free and wild out in nature. Childhood is a time when summer seems endless, and the possibilities for mischief and adventure are overwhelming. As a parent, make sure your kids are well outfitted for this formative time with a great grab bag of kid’s summer caps from e4Hats.com. We’ve got everything from tiny bucket hats to smaller youth baseball caps just perfect for the sunny season. So head on over and pickup something for the kiddies today – they’ll be glad you did when they avoid that awful sunburn!



    Summer Hats

    Summer is here, and our wide collection of summer hats is in splendid form. So pull up a chair and start browsing now. Summer, like our awesome offers, doesn’t last forever. So, to take a bit of wisdom from all the farmers out there preparing for the harvest season, be sure to make hay while the sun shines!

  • Patriotic Hat Guide for 4th of July Celebration


    July is a special month for patriots across America. It is during this humid month of sunflowers and bottle rockets that we set aside a day to honor the birth of our country and the ideals that our founding fathers stood for – hoping to incorporate them into our modern lives as citizens of a large and diverse nation. While you are getting the beer cold and the steaks marinating, make sure to swing by our shop here at e4Hats.com and pick yourself up a nice patriotic hat to mark the occasion and bring a little pizazz to the festivities. The good news is that holiday discounts and specials are about to start exploding across our site like fireworks in the night – stay tuned for some great deals on all patriotic hats and accessories!

    Country Patriotic Hat

    Patriotic HatPatriotic Hatwf305cy-red-white-royal-1Patriotic Hat

    The baseball cap is already a well-worn symbol of American fashion sensibilities, but if you want to add even more patriotism to these already patriotic hats, we’ve got you totally covered. These proud custom hats are embroidered with all sorts of national flags, making them perfect for that international sporting event or world festival. Show how proud you are of where you’ve come from with a customizable flag hat from the internet’s most patriotic hat supplier!

    Rhinestone American Flag Hat

    Patriotic HatPatriotic HatPatriotic Hat

    What could be more American than a tasteful bit of bling-bling? Now you can combine your love of country with your swag-tastic fashion sensibilities. The flair and eye catching potential of these patriotic hats is ridiculous, whether it be in the club or out on the streets of America. Don’t worry, this opulent looking hat won’t break the bank. Check out the sweet deals on Rhinestone patriotic hats today and lock down savings as big and bold as America itself.

    Rhinestone USA Hats

    Patriotic HatsPatriotic HatsPatriotic HatPatriotic Hat

    The acronym “USA” is the perfect size to appear in rhinestones on the front of a baseball cap. Start up a lively chant with this patriotic hat and be the toast of your annual neighborhood barbeque. Don’t forget to ask for your steak medium rare like a real American!

    Military Style Rhinestone Patriotic Hat

    Patriotic HatPatriotic HatPatriotic Hat

    The military style cap with its raised crown makes a perfect candidate for a little extra patriotic bling. We’ve come up with a few flag designs that combine the martial look of the military patriotic hat along with the shine of a hundred rhinestones in order to create an accessory that screams American pride. Check it out today and get your marching orders.

    Patriotic Visors

    Patriotic HatPatriotic HatPatriotic Hats

    Nothing says July barbeque like the all-American visor cap. Now you can spice up this old staple into a more patriotic hat. Grab a sweet visor designed just for the Fourth of July. e4Hats.com has summoned up a great selection, so make sure to check it out!

    Patriotic Hat

    However you decide to dress, marking the Birthday of our country with a day of friends, family, and food is a great idea. Grab a beer and a patriotic hat from the internet’s leading source of hats and accessories, and make the day a great one!


  • American Flag Caps for 4th of July

    American Flag Caps

    It’s summer time in America! The watermelons are growing fat on their vines and the kids are running wild and free amongst the mosquitoes and tall grasses. What a great time of year to be part of the grand old traditions of the US of A. The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and to celebrate this majestic and auspicious date we here at e4Hats.com are launching a huge sale. Now you have the FREEDOM to peruse a wide selection of American flag caps and hats soon to be marked down during our summer sale. Stay tuned to see all of the amazing deals and use the money you save to buy some properly impressive fireworks!

    Novelty Patriot Hats

    American Flag CapsAmerican Flag Capsrw001ct-1_1American Flag Caps

    What could possibly be better that an American flag cap, you ask? Why, an America flag cap with glorious sequins or with a unique American flag bow-tie to accessorize it with. Whatever funky or original idea you have for your Fourth of July costume, e4Hats has got just the thing to help you make it a reality. Check out our weird and wonderful Uncle Sam top hats, or drink a few cold beers while sporting Lady Liberty’s lovely crown. The best thing about America is the freedom to express yourself, so why not make full use of this liberty!

    Patriotically Embroidered Custom American Flag Caps

    American Flag Caps

    American Flag CapsAmerican Flag CapsAmerican Flag Caps

    She’s a grand old flag, and now you can keep her flying high all through the sparkler season with an American flag cap straight from our dizzying selection. Check out the wide range of styles and colors, all of which are tied together by that wondrous symbol of our country. Show off your pride with a sweet American flag cap from e4Hats.com and be the toast of your neighborhood barbeque this year!

    Patriot Themed Beanies

    American Flag CapsAmerican Flag Capspa301di-black-1sa007di-grey-1

    American flag caps are great for summer time, but what of those of us so overwhelmed with love of county that we desire to sport the flag through the winter months as well? Now you can do just that with our special line of beanies featuring those lovely stars and stripes. You’ll be the most patriotic skier on the mountain come the winter months, and it is never too early to get started on your cold-weather wardrobe!

    Patriotic Patches

    American Flag CapsAmerican Flag CapsAmerican Flag CapsAmerican Flag Caps

    While ordering a ready to wear American flag cap is the way to go for some, other might desire a bit more in the way of customization options when it comes to exhibiting their all-American flair. The choices are truly diverse, and not limited to the American flag, but rather encompassing the emblems of all sorts of nationalities and allegiances. So why not show your pride off on that gym bag, old denim jacket, or backpack? Now you can do just that, with the help of the internet’s most patriotic source for hats and hat accessories of course.

    American Flag Caps

    Like the bright blast of a firework, this majestic season and the accompanying special offers won’t stick around for very long. Make sure to take full advantage— and as always, God Bless the USA!

  • Our Embroidered Hats Father's Day Guide

    embroidered hats

    With Father’s Day right around the corner, sons and daughters across the county scramble to fulfill their filial duty and come up with an awesome gift for the old man’s big day. If you are one of these 11th hour shoppers, good news! e4Hats.com is launching a huge sale just in time for the all-important day of fatherly honor. From 6/4 to 6/14 you can save twenty percent by using the coupon code “fathers20” while picking out something sweet for the ole’ boy. Our low specialty prices and wide selection of custom embroidered hats means that you will have no problem finding the perfect fit for your dear old Papa. So without further ado let’s check out some great gift ideas from the internet’s leading provider of custom embroidered hats and hat accessories!

    Embroidered hats and caps

    embroidered hatsembroidered hatspw304sh-olive-green-1embroidered hats

    A bit of hyperbole never hurt anyone, and in fact, dear old dad has been known to string a yarn or two about a “fish that was this big” or the like. Why not spoil him with a bit of your own hyperbolic language in the form of a “World’s Greatest Dad” custom embroidered Father’s Day cap from e4Hats.com? After all, letting Dad know that you see him as the superlative father-figure will go a long way towards warming the old boy’s heart. Grab one now for the world’s number one deal on embroidered hats!

    Fedoras and Classic Father’s Day Hats

    embroidered hats

    embroidered hatsembroidered hatsembroidered hatsembroidered hats

    If embroidered hats aren’t Pop’s thing, you can go with something a bit more refined. The fedora is a well-worn symbol of classic masculine coolness, to which dear old dad is certainly no stranger. With a tip of the hat, you can put yourself in Dad’s good graces this Father’s Day, so head on down with your coupon code at the ready. The wide selection is only a click away!

    Safari and Gambler Hats

    embroidered hats

    embroidered hatsembroidered hatsgh001fr-natural-1

    They say Papa was a rolling stone, and wherever he laid his hat was his home. As the song so poetically implies, having a cool hat is step one to being a true rambling man. Whether it is the iconic safari hat so often worn by great hunters in the past, or the roguish gambler hat evocative of riverboat cruises and bluffs in a Wild West saloon. While an embroidered hat is a great father’s day gift, these knavish accessories would go well alongside any baseball cap or customized piece.

    Bucket Hat

    embroidered hats

    embroidered hatsembroidered hatsembroidered hats

    The fisherman’s or “bucket” hat is a fatherly staple the world over, and conjures up images of a pudgy sportsman sipping beers of an evening on and old rotting peer. If that isn’t Dad we don’t know what is. Make sure this Father’ Day sale isn’t the one that got away. Head on over to the shop and drop in “father20” to rope in a killer discount.

    embroidered hats

    June 20th is a great opportunity to let your father know how much you appreciate all the things he has done for you. Don’t let the chance slip by. Show Dad that, in your book at least, he is most certainly the greatest!

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