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  • The Family of Baseball Ball Caps

    Ball Caps

    The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the delicious cold beer and the hot dogs slathered in ketchup and mustard: one of the major joys of spring is the return of America’s national pastime. That’s right— baseball is back, and not a second too soon. There is something very stylish about our favorite sport. The pinstripe uniforms are sleek until covered in the dust of a home run slide, the swagger of the players can be just as important as their batting average. And of course, the iconic American baseball hat is always in abundance. Just in time for the first pitch of the new season, we here at e4Hats.com are offering an impressive array of embroidered baseball caps for your trip out to the ballpark.

    Flexible, Fitted Baseball Caps

    Flexible Baseball Caps

    Light Brush Twill Fitted Cap - Light Blue Flat Bill Fitted Flex Cap - Royal Two Tone Flexfit Performance Cap - Red White Red

    A bit of a snug fit on a baseball cap can be extremely comfortable over the course of nine innings (even if you spend them eating corn dogs and doing the wave). Elastic, stretchable, and fully customizable with any team logo or icon under the sun, the flexible baseball caps in our collection are sure to be the perfect fit for you and your friends.

    Adjustable Baseball Caps

    Ball Caps

    Chicago Illinois State Embroidered Cotton Cap - Royal USA State Colorado Columbine Embroidered Low Profile Cotton Cap - Navy Texas Longhorn Embroidered Cotton Twill Cap - Royal

    Some people prefer a bit more control over their cap, and for them we have any and all possible color of adjustable baseball caps available. With a snap and a pop, you can alter the fit to suit your mood and noggin size. Head on over today and select your blank color and let us hook it up with the precise logo or icon you want embroidered this season.

    Mesh or Trucker Caps

    Foam Mesh Cap-Royal White Fairway Trucker Cap - Taupe White

    Mid State Texas Big Embroidered Mesh Cap - Brown BeigeWestern States Alaska Embroidered Mesh Back Cap - Red

    Popularized by truckers who wanted a bit more breath-ability out of their baseball caps, the back of these accessories allow you to feel the cool breeze on the nape of your neck and above. We've got the whole rainbow of team colors covered, so let us know what you'd like on it. Your wish is our command buddy!

     Long Bill Caps

    Sunbuster Long Bill Caps-Navy UV 45+ Extreme Performance Hat - Red Side Mesh Microfiber Water Repellent Long Bill Cap - Khaki

    Nothing ruins a baseball game faster than the lengthening rays of the sun blinding players and spectators, distracting from the game and the fun. This obstacle to the game was one of the original reasons why the humble American baseball cap was invented in the first place, and while it generally does the job, sometimes we need to reach for a bit of extra protection from the spring sun’s powerful UV rays. We here at the internet’s premier hat distribution center have a whole roster of long billed baseball caps just waiting for your personalized insignia or crest. Your eyes will thank you!

    Design Hat, Cap and Patch

    Spring is filled with so many new beginnings, fresh starts, and second chances. Whichever team you support, make it a point this season to take someone special in your life out to the ball game for a bit of fun. Don’t be a fair-weather fan, go ahead and get your team’s logo permanently attached to your ball cap and support them through the whole year. We’ll see you out there in the stands wearing your brand new custom embroidered hat from e4Hats.com!

  • Coachella & Stagecoach Outfit Guide

    Coachella & Stagecoach

    Spring is a time for music. With the weather warming in earnest the merrymaking season is definitely in full bloom, and concerts and music festivals are ready to rock us into the coming months. Two music festivals in particular strike our fancy here at the internet’s leading provider of all things hat-related: Coachella and Stagecoach. Both are held at the same venue in lovely Indio California, where date palms and desert dunes belie the two-hour distance from sprawling, urban LA. While Coachella focuses on the hard and fast rhythms of rock and hip-hop, Stagecoach (as its name suggests) is all about that boot-scooting country music and folk of the American South and West.

    One of our favorite aspects of these festivals is the opportunity they provide for dressing up in your wildest or most stylish outfit and really expressing your own unique style. Whether a practical straw hat to keep the desert sun at bay, or something wild and eccentric to help you find the right kind of friends, e4Hats.com has a festival line up of hats just in time for both April jamborees!

    Straw Fedoras

    Models Wearing Fedora Hats

    Ladies Toyo Fedora Hat - White Men's Diagonal Pattern Straw Fedora - Natural Braided Paper Straw Fedora Hat - Natural Black

     That south California desert sun does not play around, and neither should you when it comes to protecting yourself. With all the art and music flying around, one might choose to go with a bit of sophistication when it comes time to pick an accessory that is both cool and lightweight. The straw fedora fills all these requirements, and is currently available in a wide selection of styles on our page— check it out!

     Floral Hair Accessories

    Felt Daisy Chain Tie Back Hair Band - Red Women's Rose Headband - Red Pink

    Women's Flower Wreath Headband - Coral 6 Inch Flower Satin Covered Headband - Bronze

    Ah, the flower girls! It just wouldn’t be a real music festival without the loveliness of free spirits with petals in their hair. Thankfully, we’ve got loads of floral arrangements worked into hair bands to make your look complete with as little effort and mess as possible (try finding fresh flowers in the desert!). Pick out your favorite look from our awesome cornucopia.

    Cowboy and Outback Hats

    Outdoor & Western Hat

    Flower Print Raffia Cowboy Hat - Tan Outback Tea Stained Straw Hat-Shade Off Tea Stain Cowboy Raffia Straw Hat - Natural

    Stagecoach is one of the largest and most influential country music festivals in the entire world, and when it comes to playing dress up, fans are known to go all out with the old time waddy getups. You’ll see cowboy boots and spurs, big belt buckles and ten gallon hats (hopefully not any six-shooters). Why not rustle up something similar for yourself in the form of some authentic cowboy accessories from e4Hats.com?

    Safari and Gambler Hats


    Safari Straw Hats - White Green Band UPF 50+ Gambler Raffia Natural Straw Hat - Natural Buckle Band Safari Outdoor Hat - Grey

    If you are looking for the ultimate in protection in a rugged, practical form, either a Safari or Gambler will likely be your perfect fit. Designed with wide brims to keep you cool in the shade, you’ll blend right in with the the festival’s kooky outdoor style.

    Hats, Hats, Hats

    Do you love sunshine, great music, and an eclectic group of people from all over the world grooving together in one of planet Earth’s best parties? If your answer is yes, then get yourself to SoCal this April for good times and awesome memories. Don’t forget to pick something out from our special line of music festival accessories while you are booking your ticket. We will see you there!

  • Spring Fashion Accessories For Men and Women


    The brief and wondrous interlude of Spring is at last upon us. Outdoors the thrushes and magpies are launching into symphonies as the cherry blossoms bloom grand and nebulous and the world turns luscious and green. What this means for us humans is a lot more time spent outdoors, the beginning of barbecues and jogs in the park, and of course, a complete change in wardrobe. That’s right, it is time to put away those bulky winter garments and accessories and bring out that light, bright spring wear. Let us here at e4Hats.com give you a hand with some spring shopping as you clear out those old closets and make way for everything new and fresh!

    Cabbies Hats

    Women's Cotton Viscose Military Cabbie Cap with Button Detail - Blue Muffy 6 Panel Round Buckle Cabbie Cap - Orange

    Polly 4 Panel Viscose Linen Cabbie Cap - Beige Engineer Stripe Cabbie Cap - Navy White

    Two things which are definitely trending this spring are comfort and retro styles. The cabbie hat has got both in spades. Meant to be a comfortable headpiece for a busy working man, this classic has reemerged in a big way in recent years. Loved by everyone from Sherlock Holmes to the modern day hipster, e4Hats.com has got one of the widest selections of this particular form to be found anywhere on the internet. We even have cabbie hats designed especially for women. Elementary!

    Crushable Sun Hats


    Girl's Polka Dot Bucket Hat - Pink Brown bl001cr-1_1 Floral Design Bow Crushable Hat - Blue

    In most places in the northern hemisphere, the arrival of spring brings longer days filled with luscious blooms and floods of bright, warm sunshine. If you’ve been hibernating all winter, blue perhaps and lacking in vitamin D, there is no better time to do a bit of your own blossoming and revel in the new spring sun. What better way to get ready for an early day at the beach than with a crushable sun hat from e4Hats.com! Flexible enough to stuff in your duffle bag, and yet durable and practical enough to last you all through spring and well into summer vacations.

    Straw Hats

    Straw Fedora Hats

    Vented Raffia Straw Fedora Hat-Natural with Black Band Herringbone Paper Straw Braid Fedora - Tan Women's Bow Accent Toyo Braid Fedora - Tan

    Straw is the perfect material for spring. Lightweight, stylish and fun, a tasteful straw fedora is perfect for keeping you cool now that the sun is returning to full strength. Gentlemanly and fun— a variety of colors and styles are ready for your selection at e4Hats.com just in time for that day out on the green grass.

    Panama Hats

    Fedora Panama Hats

    Black Band Straw Panama Hat - Ivory Denim Band Straw Panama Hat - White  Striped Band Paper Panama Hat - Natural

     Evocative of warm, balmy days in the tropics, the panama hat is a classic for spring adventurers the world over. Don’t let the exotic flavor of this macho accessory fool you, its popularity in America has steadily increased over the past few years, and the carefree style is sure to be majorly in this spring. Check out our wide selection!

    Spring, Summer Hat and Cap

    However you decide to reconfigure your wardrobe this spring, make sure you stop by and see all the ways we are keeping it fresh here at e4Hats.com. Surprise your loved one with an awesome straw panama hat just in time for the outdoor season, or grab a crushable sun hat in expectation of long days spent reading by the seaside. Whatever your plans may be, make sure to seize the day! Spring comes but once a year, after all. Enjoy it to the fullest.


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  • Easter Sunday Hat Guide


    Easter is just an all around fantastic time of year. All over the northern hemisphere, the blankets of ice are melting in the new spring sun. In place of frost, the tiny buds of flowers can be seen showing their faces and the world returns to the green and lively temper that suits it best. The children come out to play, wearing those pastel spring colors of youth, and at the height of it all we celebrate a profound holiday honoring the rebirth and rekindling of all things. Bunnies, eggs, Jesus rising from his tomb, baskets of chocolate and the cherry blossoms in bloom: the list of splendid things associated with Easter is a long one. And while you are making a list of the wonders of the season, why not add e4Hats.com’s great selection of Easter hats and accessories?

    Bunny Ears and Costumes

    ML Animal Costume Hat with Mittens - Pink Rabbit Kids Fluffy Animal Hat - Rabbit

    Adult Animal Wool Ski Beanie - Rabbit Easter Bunny Ears Hat - White Pink

    A bit of novel levity is a great way to get into the spring spirit. What more beloved character is there to emulate this season than the Easter bunny and all his vernal connotations? If just a pair of ears aren’t enough, we have a complete fleece headpiece that will have the little children doing a double take and wondering if you really are that enigmatic chocolate giving creature. If you are particularly in the mood to go all out, we even have bunny costumes available, complete with mittens and the whole getup.

    Children’s Easter Hats

     Easter Hats

    Girl's Bucket Hat with Embroidered Flowers and Butterflies - Orange Pink Girl's Flower Pattern Bucket Hat - White Youth Pigment Dyed Bucket Hat-Yellow

    A pastel colored bucket hat is just the thing to make your adorable little one shine during the Easter Holiday. Durable (for those plunges into the hedgerow in search of elusive eggs), stylish, affordable, and all around as cute as a button, dress your kids up in some great Easter fashion this year. They grow up so fast, and soon no amount of pleading on your part will allow you to dress them so eloquently!

    Women’s hats for Easter


    Women's Wool Felt Bucket Shape Hat - Coral 4 Flower Decoration Women's Wool Felt Cloche Women's Wool Felt Stitched Cloche - Beige

    If you are one of the millions of Christian/Catholic women in the world, then your Easter is likely accompanied by at least one trip to your local church or cathedral for a bit of worship. After all, Easter marks the celebration of Christ rising from his tomb after His crucifixion. For those of you who will congregate in the name of the Lord, e4Hats.com has a wide selection of elegant and formal women’s hats in an assortment of Easter colors and styles.

    Men’s Hats for Easter

    Mohair Buffalo Checker Duckbill Ivy - Black Wool Blend Patchwork Men's Newsboy - Multi

    Big Size Elastic Plaid Fashion Ivy Cap - Beige Ascot Wool Felt Ivy Cap - Tan

    While men aren’t generally allowed to wear hats during church services, a cool newsboy or ivy hat will definitely lend an air of distinguished machismo to the festive proceedings. Check out our wide selection and be the most debonair man at the egg hunt this spring.

    Easter Hats

    Whatever you fancy trying on this Easter, we here at e4Hats.com want to wish you a blessed and safe holiday. Don’t forget to place a few of our fine accessories in the baskets of those loved ones alongside the mounds of candy. Happy spring time – be sure to stop and smell all the lovely flowers coming into bloom!

  • Make Your Own Special Custom Designed Hat

    Designed Caps

    There is nothing better than having things the exact way that you want them – customized to suit your tastes and entirely personalized to your unique sense of flair. At the end of the day, after all, our clothing says a lot about who we are and what we represent, and cultivating your own individual “swag” takes quite a bit of time and effort. In order to save you some of both, we here at e4Hats.com, the internet’s premier source for hats and accessories, have kept our embroidering needles sharp. Our crack design team is constantly designing and creating new and gloriously personal hats to fit whatever odd or profound vision you might have in mind. Be sure to check us out for a 1001 great and customizable gift ideas, such as:

    Numbered Baseball Caps


    fn301ca-neon-orange-1 Holstein Number Embroidered Youth Brushed Cap - 8 Athletic Number 00 Embroidered Classic Two Tone Cap - Natural Black

    Have a favorite athlete? A lucky number? Or maybe it’s that you yourself are involved in a sports team and wish to carry your number with you wherever you go. Don’t pull out that jersey just yet. No matter what the reason – we’ve got your digits! Swing on down to the custom baseball cap selection and grab your lucky number today.

    Worded Caps and Beanies

    Wording Caps

    College Embroidered Snapback Cap - Black Red Girl Embroidered Cuff Long Beanie - White Queen Embroidered Two Tone Snapback Cap - Navy Red

    Everyone needs a motto, a power-word, an important expression that carries a deep and personal meaning. With e4Hats.com’s amazing selection of embroidered caps and beanies, you’ll be able to wear that expression proudly day in and day out. Whether it is a particular bible verse (John 3:16 hat anyone?), or even a heartwarming reminder that you are indeed the “world’s greatest dad”, we’ve got your words down, ready to ship anywhere at your convenience. Come browse the selection for a bit of new inspiration.

    Phrase Embroidered Caps and Beanies

    I Love Dad Heart Embroidered Foam Mesh Back Cap - Brown Tan I'd Rather Be Sleeping Embroidered Flat Bill Cap - Navy

    Will You Marry Me Embroidered Mesh Cap - Red White Red I Love You Logo Embroidered Cap - Stone

    What’s your catch phrase? At e4Hats.com, we have tons of sayings, maxims, and little bits of wisdom and humor stitched right into your cap for the whole world to see. Would you “rather be fishing”? Are you all about some “rock and roll”? Is your greatest wish to find “peace on Earth?” Let people know about it with a customized and expressive headpiece from our immense and impressive catalogue of choices. A bit of novelty and personality goes a long way towards helping you get noticed, even if it is a bit silly.

    Customizable Patches

    Asia Flag Embroidered Patches - Australia Star Security Stock Chest And Cap Emblems - Gold Security

    Navy Top Gun Embroidered Military Patch - Top Gun Patriotic Patches with Velcro - Flag GRN CAMO

    Got your hat game covered? Well why stop there? There are plenty more customizable options to be had on nearly any sort of accessory you can imagine. How about a “Vietnam Veteran” embroidered jacket for that beloved uncle who served his country? A navy patch for your gym bag? Any special group or organization that you belong to likely has its own insignia or emblem, so let us stitch it on your favorite garment so that you can show it off. This is a great way to meet new people who are involved in similar groups.

    Designed Hats

    Whatever your wish, we can fulfill it here at the internet’s most down to earth place for fashion and accessories. Check us out today.

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