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  • Snowboarding & Skiing Shop Guide

    Winter Hats

    Winter is a great time to step out of your comfort zone and take a trip up to the mountains. Whether it is a ski outing up to some powdery crag or just eggnog by the fireside in a cozy alpine village, there is no better time for a bit of awesome mountain scenery. Snow-capped peaks not only look majestic in the distance, but also provide some great winter sports for the more adventurous types who will can get their kicks skiing, snowboarding, or even in a snowball fight. Just make sure you are adequately bundled from the cold with special ski and winter trip hats from e4Hats.com!

    Ski Beanies

    Adult Heavy Weight Knit Helmet - Black Solid Checker Design Knit Hat - Ivory

    Snow Jacquard Beanie-Sky Pink Neon Ear Cover Deer Knit Hat - Fuchsia

    Ski beanies are where it’s at for those of you who plan on flying down the powder. With earflaps to give you a wide range of protection from the bitter wind, our wide selection of ski hats have assorted themes from the sober to the kooky. Check out a cow chullo or a lucky charm beanie in the shape of an aviator hat. There is no sense in looking boring as you rocket down the slopes.

    Trooper Hats


    Winter Faux Fur Trooper Hat - Black New Pattern Knit Trooper Hat - Blue Black Cotton Twill Trooper Hat - Navy

    If you’re like us here at e4Hats.com, you’ve probably been binge watching the latest season of the Fargo TV show. If you haven’t seen it yet, then let us strongly recommend it (spoiler alert, nearly everyone is wearing a trooper hat). Due to the popularity of this Minnesota set drama, the trooper hat is back in fashion this winter in a big way don’t you know.

    Ski Masks

    Neoprene Half Face Mask - Digital Green Neoprene Full Face Mask - Chrome Skull

    Cuff One Hole Ski Mask - Grey Heavy Weight Reversible Ski Mask - Olive

    Don’t let the criminal connotations of the ski mask disguise its true purpose: human comfort. Those of us with experience in cold and windy situations (such as skiing) will know that the lips are often the first part of the human body to succumb to the bitterness of winter, becoming chapped and blue. We have all sorts of ski masks here at e4Hats.com, ranging from the devilish to the adorable— just don’t get any crazy ideas!

    Neck Warmers

    2 in 1 Neck Warmer with String - Camel Convertible Fleece Neck Gaiter - Navy

    Nordic Neck Warmer with Faux Fur - Brown Khaki Wear it 6 Ways Combo Motley Tube - Crossbones

    And let us not forget the bit below the face, another place where so much human warmth is known to dissipate out into the wintry air. Scarves can be a serious fashion accessory as well as a nice way to bundle up against Jack Frost’s nip. Pick out a fashionable one today and get your wrap on as temperatures plummet.

    Ear Muffs and Ski Gloves

    Band & Warmer

    Ear Muff Headband-Red Ear Muffs - Light Grey

    Water Repellent Polar Ski Glove-Grey Men's Thinsulate Sport Ski Gloves - Black

    Sticking out from the head as they do, the ears are particularly susceptible to the numbing influence of the chill winter wind. How about a cool set of camo earmuffs from e4Hats.com to keep these crucial flaps of cartilage warm and toasty? No set of winter accessories is complete without a pair, so check out what is on offer. You will also find the best winter ski gloves here. Whether you are looking for ski gloves, fingerless glove styles or even mittens you will find the right choice for everyone’s hands.

    Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Season Winter hats

    Whatever you finally pick out, make sure that you invest in plenty of warm headwear for the coming winter cold. There is nothing worse than being poorly prepared when a freeze hits, so make sure to keep yourself nice and comfortable with the stylish accessories we have here in the store. And don’t forget a Christmas present for that special someone either!

  • Winter Fashion Gift Guide

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hat Deals

    A quick reminder to all of our e4Hats.com blog readers: we are having a monster “Cyber Monday” sale coming up on 11/30 (the Monday after Thanksgiving). Don’t miss this chance to knock out some of your holiday shopping at some of the lowest prices of the year. If you’ve been thinking about picking out a nice hat for yourself or someone special, there is no better time! You’re are sure to find a spectacular deal, so don’t hesitate.

    Now, on to this week’s post about winter fashion.

    Winter Fashion Hats

    It is getting seriously cold out there, and bundling yourself up with enough layers to keep cozy is an important practical concern as the holiday season gets under way. Thankfully, with a little help from e4Hats.com, you can keep toasty without sacrificing your unique sense of style. Let’s take a look at some of the fashion that is heating up as temperatures drop around the northern hemisphere.

    Made in USA

    Brown Wool Cap Short Beanie with Heart

    Black, Red, & White Beanie Charcoal Beanie

    So much of the clothing we wear is produced in far-flung foreign countries. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is nice to take a little pride once and a while and support the home team. Our wide selection of beanies made right here at home will help you do just that while looking like a fashionable patriot in the process.


    Cloche Hats

    Dark Red Ribbon Wool Cloche  Magenta Wool Cloche  Beige Wool Cloche

    From the French word for “bell” these women’s hats emblematic of the roaring twenties are once again all the rage this winter season. If you are going for that “Gatsby” era look this winter, these items are the perfect ‘gilded’ topping for your retro outfit— and plenty warm as well.

    Winter Fedoras

    Winter Fedoras for Men

    Winter Fedoras for Women

    Another hot item this winter is the classic fedora – an old-school look that has never truly gone out of style. Keep the Mad Men fashion alive with our selection of felt fedoras, perfectly suited for the chilly weather and a glass of scotch on the rocks. Don’t forget the Bing Crosby LP records.

    Trapper Hats

    Trapper Cap

    Winter Flap Cap Khaki  Royal Plaid Trapper Hat  Trapper Cap Brown

    We’ve looked at some fine and practical winter hats thus far, but if you genuinely live in a cold place it may be time that we got a bit more serious. Those of you from the great white north will need something hardier and more insulating against the biting cold. Look no further than the “trapper” hat, a traditional headpiece worn by pioneers and outdoors men for centuries past and still appreciated by anyone who has ever felt a chill north wind while shoveling their driveway out on a heavy day of snow.

    Youth Winter Hats

    White Beanie Ear Flaps White Winnie the Pooh Beanies

    Kids Ski Beanie Black & BlueGirls Flowers Ski Beanie Blue

    Of course, we can’t forget about the youth. The very young have an even tougher time during winter as they may not be as well insulated as we adults for the coming cold. Keep the tots toasty with our wide selection of winter wear for young’uns.

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hat Deals

    Why fight the crowds this Black Friday when you can sit by the hearth with your laptop, drink and football flowing, and order wintery accessories from the internet’s one-stop hat shop? Check out all of the warmth radiating out of e4Hats.com, we’ll keep the fire going for you!

  • Introducing our Winter Beanies

    Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Unless you have the means to spend the winter abroad sipping Mai Tais on a tropical beach some place, there is no escaping the frosty season that is just around the corner. With the cooling of temperatures comes a yearly change in fashion that we here at e4Hats.com are always looking forward to. Just as your mother likely warned you, most of the heat generated by the human body is lost out of the head. While this may be an unconfirmed wives tale, who wouldn’t want to keep their heads toasty and look fabulous while doing so? We here at the internet’s grandest hat store can get you sorted out just in time for the first fall of snow.

    Short Beanies

    Short Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Short Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale  Short Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale  Short Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    The short beanie is without a doubt the most minimalist of wintertime fashion, and amounts to nothing more than a fluffy skull cap. However, don’t let this simplicity deter you, as short beanies are definitely trending this winter. Try darker colors for a refined and urbane look, or brighter hues for that peppy and youthful vibe. Whatever you are going for, we have most definitely got you covered when it comes to this simple yet effective headpiece.

    Hot Beanies

    Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale Short Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale  Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale  Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    As the name suggests, hot beanies tend to be warmer, thicker and longer than short beanies. This extra insulation makes them perfect for days spent building snowmen and generally enjoying the wintry outdoors on a day out of school or work. They also come in a larger variety, and we have tones of custom embroidery done to the front folds of our hot beanie selection. So why not get a cozy hat for the “world’s greatest Dad”, or a Canadian maple leaf hat for that neighbor of the North living in your neck of the woods? The customization possibilities are endless, so make sure to peruse the choices.

    Slouchy Beanies

    Slouchy Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale Slouchy Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Slouchy Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale Slouchy Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Popular in grunge circles and certain other music scenes, the slouchy beanie is noted for having a particularly long crown which tapers off at the end. If you are having trouble picturing it, imagine the hats that the Smurfs wear and you will have a pretty good image of the basic shape. Fortunately, our selection has much more diversity than the Smurfs do, and you can find all types of slouch hats at e4Hats.com. From the reggae Rasta style to an understated gray, you’ll have no trouble finding a slouchy style to fit your particular fashion sense.

    Ski Beanies

    Ski Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | SaleSki Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale
    Ski Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    It is almost time to hit the slopes, and ski lovers out there will be on the hunt for something warm and stylish to protect them from the harsh elements to be found on mountainsides. With ear flaps and a low fold to keep you 360 degrees of cozy as you conquer those black diamonds, our ski beanies are an absolute necessity on that next trip out looking for fresh powder.

    Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Don’t put off getting your winter wardrobe in order, as the chilly weather is already well on its way and many places are already a bit on the frigid side. Therefore, take a moment to get prepared with a slick beanie from the internet’s best hat depot. Have a great Thanksgiving and stay warm!

  • Thanksgiving Hats

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals e4Hats.com

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

    This week we have a special heads-up for all of our readers out there. e4Hats.com is going to be having a huge sale! The blowout discounts will take place on so called “Black Friday” (the Friday after Thanksgiving) and the following Monday, or “Cyber Monday.” Now that you’ve been warned, make sure to stash a little something away so that you can pick out your holiday gifts from e4Hats.com and save big for the coming Christmas season. The dates should be easy to remember because they come right after Turkey day, which is just right around the corner.


    Thanksgiving Hat

    Thanksgiving is a time of year that conjures up warm and homey images. Family get-togethers, sweet potato pie, and watching a game of football while you nod off by the fire are all part of the American tradition. By late November, most of the places where Thanksgiving is celebrated have at least experienced a cold snap, so it is generally a good moment to take stock of what warm clothing you need for the coming winter, always nipping at the heels of that lovely turkey dinner and fireside slumber. Check out what we have to offer here at e4Hats.com and keep your head toasty while you make ready for the biggest feast of the entire year!

    Costume Hat

    Plush Turkey Hat Velvet Turkey Hat - Multi Thanksgiving Hat

    Thanksgiving Hat Thanksgiving Hat Thanksgiving Hat

    What could be better than a festive and novel headpiece to get a giggle from the family, or turn a few heads at the parade? While a bit silly, walking around town on Thanksgiving wearing your finest gobbler from e4Hats.com will definitely turn a few heads. Also check out the theme selections we have going, complete with pilgrim bonnets and other pieces which harken back to this glorious holiday’s mythology.

    Ivy Hats

    Ivy Caps

    Ivy Caps

    Ivy Caps Ivy Caps

    Sometimes called “flat hats”, these warm headpieces originally hail from northern England where they were all the rage in the 14th century. There is something about these urbane and old-fashioned accessories that remind us of cozy days by the fire, sitting with a good book and a cup of gin, or meeting your extended family as they arrive at the train station to spend a few days with you. Of course, there are no hats allowed at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply your own sense of fashion both before and after.

    Newsboy Hats

    Newsboy Hat Newsboy Hat

    Newsboy Hat Newsboy Hat

    Another remnant of our country’s stylish past that is making a resurgence this Thanksgiving is the classic newsboy hat. Evocative of a different time and place, exotic and yet distinctly American, we have a large selection of these cool hats for you and yours. See you in the funny papers!


    Whatever your tastes or particular method of celebrating Thanksgiving, Turkey day has its roots in a very well-meaning idea: the thought that we should pause each year around the time the earth shares its bounty and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for in our lives. While it is easy to get discouraged when things don’t go your way, a healthy dose of gratitude often makes our lives deeper, richer experiences. Happy thanksgiving to all our e4Hats.com customers – we are certainly thankful for you all!


  • Veterans Day Caps

    Veteran's Day Hats & Caps

    November is a special time of year for those who’ve served our country in the armed services. Each November 11th we as a people set aside a day to give thanks to the men and women who have fought and served our nation. No matter what your political affiliation, soldiers are a group of people who undergo extreme hardship and stress, and are deserving of respect for putting their lives on the line. As we get ready to mark the occasion, e4Hats.com has a special selection to honor the troops past and present.

    Veterans Embroidered Caps

    Vietnam Veteran Hat Cap

    U.S. Air Force Veteran Hat Cap Korea Veteran Hat Cap

    Vietnam Veteran Hat Cap WW2 Veteran Hat Cap

    One of the benefits of having been a soldier is a sense of brotherhood and comradely that few civilians will ever be able to fully comprehend. For this reason, veterans often showcase their theatre of service by sporting caps embroidered with the war or company that they were a part of. In such a way, veterans can find each other, create new bonds, and share a sense of pride and grief in the harrowing situations of their youths. We here at e4Hats.com can well understand the purpose of such hats, and have created a wide selection including nearly every theatre of war in which the US has been involved in modern times. Check out the selection, and see if you can find the appropriate piece for the veteran in your life on this somber and special occasion.

    Embroidered Custom Beanies

    Vietnam Veteran Beanie

    U.S Army Retired Beanie Vietnam Veteran Beanie OEF Afghanistan Beanie

    By mid-November, many places in the world are cold enough to warrant a change in headwear. As mothers often say, a great deal of the heat generated by the human body tends to escape through the head. While we’ve never checked the science on this (or any of the other things Mom said), one doesn’t need proof that a cozy beanie is a real comfort on a frosty day. But no worries, there is certainly no need to sacrifice a Veterans Day patch just to satisfy the cold weather clothing requirements. Now there are beanies custom embroidered with the symbols veterans typically wear, allowing them to stay toasty and showcase their service all at once.

    Veteran’s Embroidered Patches

    Vietnam Veteran Patch Vietnam Veteran Patch

    Gulf War Veteran U.S. Marines Patch Operation Iraqi Freedom Patch

    But what happens if you can’t find the exact embroidering done on the precise item of clothing you are looking for? Again, e4Hats.com has you totally covered just in time for this year’s Veterans Day. If you know how to sew, there is no end to the combinations you can make with our wonderful veteran patches. Make a special gym bag, sweater, or tea cozy that proudly proclaims a soldier’s service in times of need. Your imagination is the only limit to what kind of present you can create for that special war hero in your life.

    Veteran's Day Hats & Caps

    Whatever you ultimately decide to do for Veterans Day, remember that it is more than just a bit of time off of work. Those that have given their service, their youths, and their blood to honor the wishes of our country’s government deserve to be respected and remembered this November. Make sure to salute a soldier near you this Veterans Day, and give them thanks for all they’ve done.

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