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  • Military Hat Guide for Memorial Day

    Military Hat

    The last Monday in May is a day that we as a nation set aside to honor the men and women who served and died while wearing the uniforms of our armed services. One need only see the white tombstones of Arlington National cemetery to realize the gravity and importance of this national holiday.

    In order to allow the nation time to reflect, a three day weekend lets the rest of us enjoy the freedom and leisure that exists thanks to those who died to protect it. To get into the Memorial Day mood, we here at e4Hats.com are showcasing our wide selection of military hats. Why not grab a military hat today and be ready to enjoy that barbeque or day at the lake in a way that reminds you of why you’re there?

    Trucker Military Hat

    Military Hat

    Military Hat

    The trucker cap is an icon of American fashion sensibility; what better accessory to transform into a military hat just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend. Made from mesh in the back in order to be more breathable, these caps can be custom embroidered with a military design or symbol, creating the perfect military hat to honor our troops.

    Bucket Military Hat

    Military HatMilitary HatMilitary HatMilitary Hat

    Versatile and rugged, the bucket hat has become a sort of military hat in its own right. It is manufactured to be durable, protective against the elements, and easy to store and carry when space is limited. If you are looking for a military hat that will have you fitting right in with a group of armed servicemen, a bucket hat from e4Hats.com should be your first choice.

    Military Caps

    Military Hat

    Military Hat Military Hat Military Hat

    Military hats come in all sorts of different shapes and styles, and we’ve got them all in formation, ready for your inspection. We’ve got designs the Navy, Air Force, Army, and Special Forces to suit whatever branch of military hat you find most suitable.

    Outdoor Military Hat

    Military Hat

    Military Hat Military Hat Military Hat

    A good military hat will stand you in good stead no matter how hostile the environment. Whether at sea, in the desert, or patrolling through deep jungle, a resistant, protective military hat can add that little extra bit of comfort and security. Check out our wide selection of outdoor military hats – from camo outback hats to custom-embroidered ten-gallon cowboy hats- we’ve got you covered soldier!

    Military Hat

    While the three day weekend is best used for getting together with friends and family and perhaps tossing back a few cold beers on the deck, let us not forget the much deeper significance of this day of rest and reflection. The freedom and ease we enjoy so much have been hard won by generations of men who fought gallantly to protect it.

    So many lives have been lost in the pursuit of something better, of some pure ideal that we should continue to uphold. These men gave their lives so that we might have a better tomorrow. Join us here at e4Hats.com in honoring the fallen. Let’s pray for peace and make the future even brighter— just make sure to temper that brightness with a military hat from the internet’s leading provider of hats and accessories!

  • Cool Summer Visor Hats

    Summer is right around the bend, bringing with it balmy temperatures and long, sunshiny days. The kids are going to be out of school soon, and it is time for both young and old to get outdoors and enjoy the blue skies. Whether you are planning 18 holes, a few tennis matches, a day at the beach or water park, or even getting an early start on barbeque season, you are going to want to make sure you take steps to protect your skin from the intensifying UV rays that are one of the few downsides to this wonderful season of outdoor visor hats.


    That is where we here at e4Hats.com can help out. With our amazing visor hat selection, you can stay shaded through all those camping trips and days at the amusement park. Whatever your pleasure, we have the particular visor hat you need, so come check us out: summer is calling!

    Clip on visor hats

    clip on visor hatsclip on visor hatsclip on visor hatsclip on visor hats

    A visor hat is best when it is kept simple – and the clip on visor hat is just that. Straightforward, elegant, designed to fit snugly on your head all throughout a vigorous tennis match, the clip on visor hat is perfect for the active summer citizen. Check out all the shapes and patterns before you grab something for the beach, the hiking trail, or the court.

    Wrap up and roll up visor hats

    roll up visor hatsroll up visor hatsroll up visor hatsroll up visor hats

    One of the best parts of having a nice visor hat for summer is how easy it makes staying protected from the sun. Stick it in your bag, stuff it in your purse, fold it up into your back pocket – a wrap up visor hat will pop back into shape when you need it most. If only all of life was so simple and convenient.

    Gardening and wide brimmed visor hats


    If you are like us here at e4Hats.com, summer is all about planting tomatoes and watermelon. Whether you are just dabbling or are a truly legendary green thumb, you’ll want a trusty visor hat to keep you from becoming a “redneck” in the literal sense of the word. Thankfully, our gardening and wide brimmed visor hat selection has been growing like wildfire just in time for all of that annoying weeding that needs to be done. The sweet rewards of fall are not far behind, fellow gardeners!

    Plain and patterned strap back visor hats

    strap back visor hats

    A strap back visor hat is truly a minimalist’s dream when it comes to fashionable accessories. The simplest design, however, can also be the most effective, and this visor hat may be the best for keeping you cool during outdoor events. Here at e4Hats.com, we have a wide selection of both plain strap backs for your customization pleasure, and visor hats that have been designed to make use of a rainbow of lovely patterns.

    clip on visor hats

    Embrace the blazing days ahead. Find your joy in the warming world – the opportunities for outdoor fun are endless. Make sure you are well prepared for the merrymaking with an awesome visor cap from the internet’s leading provider of hats and accessories – e4Hats.com!

  • Best Last Minute Ideas for Mother's Day Gift

    Mother's Day Gift

    Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s day, and there isn’t much time left to get in those last minute Mother's Day Gift orders or to snag those eleventh hour brunch reservations at Mom’s favorite spot. But don’t start to panic just yet, we here at e4Hats.com have got you and Mother Dearest covered! Just peruse our wide selection of sincere gift ideas, all of which are designed to show Mom your love and gratitude this May 8th. We’ve got it all, so click that browse button and let the inspiration flow forth from our pages.

    Clip on Visors for Mother's Day Gift

    Wrap, Roll Up Visor

    Mother's Day Gift Mother's Day Gift Mother's Day Gift

    May 8th falls on what, for most places in the world, is considerably warm weather. Most moms are careful about their skin when it comes to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Whether she is a gardener, a lover of long days spent reading at the beach, or a backyard barbeque enthusiast, many a mother would be happy to have something to protect themselves from the skin damage that results from such activities. For this reason, clip on visors tend to be very popular with active, outdoorsy women. Check out our broad selection and pick out something nice for Mom today. There is still time!

    Crushable Sun Hats for Mother's Day Gift

    Mother's Day Gift

    Mother's Day Gift Mother's Day Gift Mother's Day Gift

    Sometimes it pays to travel light. When adventure calls, Mom wants to be ready to grab what she needs and head out the door. Such is the reason that crushable sun hats make a fantastic Mother’s Day idea. Made with circular, wide brims, these hats are elegant and stylish, and the “crushable” part in the name means they can be safely stuffed in a purse or beach bag, only to return to their original shape when you take them out, ready to keep you cool and shaded. Pick out one for Mommy before the big day arrives!

    UV Sun Block Outdoor Hats for Mother's Day Gift

    Outdoor Hats

    Wide Flat Brim Black Trim Hat Gardening Hat Straw Sun Hat

    Not all mom’s go for elegance and style: many need something a bit more rugged for their hiking, camping, and adventure. While long days spent on the beach are lovely, some moms would rather be climbing a mountain or pushing their way through a dense forest. For these vigorous women we have a selection of hats made of sturdier stuff, built to protect at the expense of style and constructed for more practical than fashionable purposes. Show Mom the respect she deserves by heading over to our Outdoor hat selection and picking her out something as tough and lovely as she is for the coming May 8th holiday. She’ll absolutely love it!

    Fashion Sinamay Hats

    Being a mom is a tough job. Not only do they bring us into the world, but a proper mother supports and loves us as we grow into the people we will eventually become. While you should show your appreciation to this special lady all year round, it is nice that we as a culture set aside a special day to honor motherhood and all of the women who make the human race possible. Make sure you keep the date special with a thoughtful gift and a phone call. This tiny bit of effort can make Mother’s day something special.

  • Fashion Hat Guide for Kentucky Derby

    Kentucky Derby Hats

    Kentucky Derby Hats

    Held annually on the first Sunday of May (which happens to fall on the first of the month this year), the famed Kentucky Derby of Louisville is an event as fashionable as it is entertaining. Sometimes called “the most exciting 20 seconds in sports”, the derby is a horse race in which elegantly dressed ladies and gentlemen cheer for their particular pony. While there are many traditions associated with the race, some of the most interesting ones involve the particular hats which are appropriate for the occasion. Whether you plan on being in attendance this May first or not, the headwear associated with this storied piece of American culture is simply fabulous. Let us here at the internet’s grandest provider of Kentucky Derby hats take you on a bit of a walking tour!

    Sinamay Hats

    Kentucky Derby HatsKentucky Derby HatsKentucky Derby HatsKentucky Derby Hats

    Of all the various hats and headpieces commonly worn on Derby day, there is one that is by far the most iconic: the ladies sinamay hat. Sinamay is a material made from the abaca tree, a cousin of the banana palm native to the Philippines. This material is incredibly durable and can be stiffened and formed into all kinds of complex and glorious shapes that will stay in place for decades if well cared for.

    We here at e4Hats.com take a lot of pride in the Kentucky Derby sinimay hats and arrangements we offer. Even if you have no plans for a trip to Louisville, these tasteful pieces are perfect for formal occasions like weddings or fancy balls. Check them out!

    Organza Hats

    Kentucky Derby Hats

    Kentucky Derby HatsKentucky Derby HatsKentucky Derby Hats

    Slightly less formal that the sinamay, organza hats with their floral displays and light material are made to be worn at semi-formal occasions all year round. These pieces are delicate, feminine, and perfect for times when you want to look your best. Head on over and get inspired!

    Fascinator Hats

    Kentucky Derby Hats

    Kentucky Derby HatsKentucky Derby HatsKentucky Derby Hats

    If you are looking for something elegant and yet a bit more on the simple and easy side, look no further than our fascinator and fancy headband selection. Within, you can find an assortment of delicate, decorative headbands perfect for any formal occasion. Made to accentuate a fancy outfit simply and with minimal fuss, these flowery accessories come in a universe of shapes and sizes to fit all tastes.

    Bowler, Derby, and Top Hats

    Kentucky Derby Hats

    Kentucky Derby HatsKentucky Derby HatsKentucky Derby Hats

    We haven’t forgotten about all the gentleman who will be in attendance for this grandest of horse races either. While men’s dress for the special occasion tends to be a bit more subtle than the women’s, there is still plenty of opportunity for swagger. For all the men out there we have an awesome choice of bowler, derby, and top hats to keep you looking chic and smooth through the festivities.

    Kentucky Derby Hats

    So pick up a ticket to the derby! If that isn’t possible, pull up a bar stool and have a drink while you watch on the TV. You don’t need much of an excuse to don your finest clothes and watch one of the most famous horse races in the world. Enjoy! We here at e4Hats.com will be right there cheering with you!

  • Mother's Day Hats Gift Ideas

    Mother's day gift ideas

    Mother’s Day is less than a month away, and it is time for all the sons and daughters out there to start thinking about how to make this year special for the woman who brought you into this world. Being a mother, if done right, is a tough job, so make sure to show your appreciation for yours by selecting a thoughtful gift and voicing your profound gratitude this May 8th. If you are fresh out of ideas about what to get Mama, we here at e4Hats.com are prepped and ready to give you some unique inspiration and gift ideas for the big day.

    Roll-up Brim Sun Hats

    Roll Up Brim Hats

    Tape Braid Raffia Straw Hat - White Multi Color Fashion Hat - Blue Paper Matte Fashion Roll Up Hat - Purple Floral

    Spring is the perfect time to get outside with Mom. Whether it is a day at the beach, a vacation to some sunny spot in the tropics, or even just a bit of gardening in the back yard, dear old Mom will need a bit of protection from that May sunshine. A roll-up brim hat works perfectly for all these situations, and is casual and practical enough to suit activities from the elegant outdoor wedding to the hands-in-the-earth ruggedness of planting gardenias.

    Sun Visors

    Floral Edge Roll Up Sun Visor - Natural Roll Sun Strap Visor Cap - Red

    Paper Braid Ribbon Closure Roll Up Visor - Natural Khaki Scarf Gardening Roll Up Visor - Flower

    Wide-brimmed roll up sun visors are sort of a requirement for any middle-aged woman’s wardrobe. Easy to tuck into a basket, flexible and wide to keep that fair skin protected from the weathering elements, and insanely popular – a sun visor makes a beautiful Mother’s Day option.

    Summer Scarves

    Summer scarves

    Sea Star Design Summer Scarf - Green Tree Deer Summer Scarf - Beige Watercolor Butterflies Summer Scarf - Peach

    When you hear the word “scarf” you probably don’t imagine warm weather fashion, but even through the summer months you can see women sporting small shawls and wraps for both style and comfort. Head on over to our wide selection and pick out something light with hot colors to keep Mama looking good all through spring and beyond.

    “#1” Mom Washed Cap

    Number 1 Mom Embroidered Washed Cap - White Number 1 Mom Embroidered Washed Cap - Navy Women's Proud Army Military Cap - Mom

    If you are still coming up empty for gift ideas, let us take all of the guesswork out of the process for you. To your mother, you are the best, brightest, most good-looking person on earth, so why not return this benevolent bias with a #1 Mom cap. Bright red and washed to give it a bit of character, these caps are both a message of love and a fashion statement. Grab one while supplies last!

    #1 Grandma! Cotton Caps

    Number 1 Grandma Embroidered Cotton Cap - Khaki Grandma Embroidered Cap - Navy

    Mom is a hero to be sure, but she wouldn’t have ever gotten started if it wasn’t for having a mother of her own. The grandest mother of them all (great grandmother’s excepted) needs a gift to celebrate this commemorative day as well! For dear old Granny we have created a rocking custom hat that shows her she is top notch in your book.

    Mother's Day Gifts

    A piece of helpful advice- don’t forget Mother’s Day! Make sure to mark your calendar ahead of time for May 8th, and remember that a thoughtful gift goes a long way in showing that you love and respect your mother in all the ways she surely deserves. If you are struggling for gift ideas, remember that we here at the internet’s grandest hat emporium have got you covered as always!

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