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  • NASA Designed Hats & Beanies

    NASA Baseball Cap

    It often happens that films are important arbiters of fashion and style for a particular generation or subculture. In that vein, the popular Disney film Tomorrowland has helped inspire a whole new generation of science and space fashion enthusiasts. In this interstellar romp featuring George Clooney and Britt Robertson, the latter plays a young woman who wears a NASA baseball cap that has become somewhat iconic to fans of the movie and the space program alike.

    We here at e4Hats.com are space enthusiasts as well, and to show our support for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration we’ve decided to embroider just about everything with their logo.

    With a deep blue background, stars and red arrow, the NASA logo is way too classic and cool looking not to use as a fashion accessory, so check out our wide selection and join us in shooting for the stars!

    NASA Insignia Embroidered Ball Caps

    NASA Insignia Embroidered Washed Two Tone Cap - Navy Khaki NASA Insignia Embroidered Washed Cap - Red

    NASA Insignia Embroidered Cotton Twill Cap - Royal NASA Insignia Embroidered Foam Mesh Cap - Black White

    There is a galaxy of signs and symbols related to NASA and the US Airforce. Not only do these emblems look great slapped on to the front of any good old-fashioned baseball cap, they also function as a weighty show of support for our service men and women who both protect the country, and risk life and limb exploring the reaches of space for all mankind. This practical piece of Americana is available now and much cheaper than a spaceflight.

    NASA Insignia Embroidered Beanies

    NASA Insignia Embroidered Beanies

    NASA Logo Embroidered Short Beanie - Grey NASA Insignia Embroidered Long Beanie - Red White NASA Logo Embroidered Long Beanie - Royal

    Although warm passions are often ignited with talk of rockets and far flung moonwalks, down here on Earth we are still in the season where our little rock turns away from its sun, meaning chilled bodies for we humble humans. And yet, hearty space travelers need not fear the frosty climbs of our tiny planet. Check out our wide selection of embroidered beanies with all sorts of insignia's honoring NASA in its many facets.

    NASA Patches

    NASA and Apollo Military Patch - Black Yellow NASA and Apollo Military Patch - Black Blue

    NASA and Apollo Military Patch - Black Navy tx003pm

    What could possibly be cooler for the space enthusiast than having their favorite jacket, purse, gym bag or other accessory emblazoned with the NASA related insignia of their choice? Nothing, that’s what! We here at e4Hats.com pride ourselves on being one of the internet’s leading outlets for custom embroidery featuring a wide and eclectic assortment of anything and everything you could possibly want stitched on to a hat (or anything else for that matter). Swing by and see all of the cool spacey stuff we can put on your accouterments.  You won’t be disappointed!

    NASA Embroidered Beanies

    Man’s thirst for the stars has always been insatiable. Even cavemen must have lay around the fire, looking up into the heavens and dreaming with awed breath. What else may we find in the depths of the sky? How far will the human species go? Whatever the answer might be to that question, supporting the individuals and organizations who make space exploration a reality is never misguided hype. These institutes need popular support to function, and by showcasing your support on a custom hat or otherwise, you are figuratively putting rocket fuel in their rockets!

  • Winter Fashion Hat Guide 2016

    Hat Fashion Blog

    Sometimes fashion can be a bit of a conformist, telling us that there is but one particular way we should look. Otherwise we risk the dreaded criticism of being “uncool”. And yet, following the greater crowd, while often the safest and most comfortable option, deprives us of so much of life’s “spice”. It often requires a bit of gusto and boldness to reinvigorate an old classic or even to sport a completely new style and make it all your own. In honor of this brave individualistic spirit, we are going to be taking a look at some styles that are being brought back to popularity by a small handful of trendsetters this winter. While some may seem quite retro, we here at e4Hats.com believe that these classics will never die! Check out our wide selection.


    Fedora Hats Blog

    Woman Fedora Hats Blog

    The fedora has taken a lot of criticism in the last couple of years. However, we have always had a soft spot in our hearts for this classic piece of gentlemanly Americana. With the rise of “casual culture” people have lost appreciation for garments and accessories as classy and refined as the winter fedora, but we know better. Check out the multi fedora striped patterns for a bit of pizzazz, or go with a stately solid color for that urbanity often absent from modern life.


    Cloche Hats Blog

    Cloche with Big Sequin Bow - Purple  Cloche Wool Felt Grograin Ribbon Hat - Dark Red  Women's Slanted Brim Cloche Hat - Black

    The beginning of the year is a special time for so many reasons. Whether it is the religious ceremonies associated with Lent (and Mardi Gras, of course), early weddings, or even just a reinvention of one’s self for the future. Whatever it is, the cloche fits a niche for lady-like formal wear during the frosty months of winter. These bell shaped hats are often evocative of the prohibition era speakeasies and all the flair of that long ago “gilded” age.

    Wool Newsboy / Ivy Hats

    Wool / Ivy Caps Fashion Blog

    Flower Short Brim Newsboy Hat - Grey Lady's Wool Blend Tweed Newsboy Cap - Black White

    Men's Wool Blend Patchwork Ivy Cap - Brown Black Wool Blend Ivy Cap Men's Hat - Camel

    Speaking of the roaring twenties, there is no better way to keep the classic ivy cap formal look of the era alive this winter than with a brand new ivy hat fresh off the presses. While these hats are often tied to young, male, streetwise individuals, there is no reason why people of all types can’t enjoy this awesome headpiece. Read all about it over in our Newsboy hat section and pick up a copy today!

    Wool Panama Hats

    Wool Felt Band Panama Hat - Grey Suede Panama PU Buckle Band Hat - Black

    Wool Felt Panama Chain Band Hat - Blue Feather Band Wool Panama Hat - Black

    While it may be somewhat emblematic of warm Caribbean climates and Mai Tais by the beach, the cool international look of the Panama Hats can now be enjoyed all winter long. Wool may seem a bit of a strange fit for a hat traditionally associated with tropical jungles, but it makes a bold fashion statement that keeps you toasty and comfortable as well all through the frigid weeks. These are also known as Fedora Hats.

    New Year New Look!

    Getting a fresh start to the New Year means different thing to different people. A change of habits, location, or wardrobe may all add to the feeling of starting over, of new beginnings and personal growth or development.

    However you decide to get cracking on this brand new year, we here at the internet’s premier hat dealership want to wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. You rock!

  • Winter Trendy Hats

    Happy New Year 2016

    If you’re reading this then congratulations, you’ve made it to the start of yet another year. 2016 is the year of the “red monkey” according to Chinese astrology, and signs are good that it may be the year for many of us who have been struggling with problems to turn it all around and find success. Let us be among the first to wish you a happy New Year- may it be a blessed, healthy, and auspicious one indeed.

    And what better way to kick off our red monkey year than with a new accessory from the internet’s leading provider of fashionable hats and caps? You may be asking yourself, “So what is going to be the in style for 2016?” While it may be impossible to tell with absolute certainty, we here at e4Hats.com fancy ourselves quite the predictors of fashionable trends when it comes to the world of hats. Let’s take a look at our style forecast!

    Pom Beanies

    Pom Beanies Pom Beanies

    Checkered Long Cuff Pom Pom Beanie - Red  USA Flag Cuffed Pom Beanie - Red Blue

    It is still frigid out there, with many parts of the country facing heavy snow. That means beanies are definitely in style, and for our pick we like the “pom” beanie – so called because of the fluff ball that rides atop the crown. This style is considered to be cute and cuddly, and we have plenty of colors to offset the drab hues of winter – take a look!

    Deep Shell Beanies

    Rasta Long Beanies-Black RGY  4 Holes New Vintage Beanie - Charcoal

    Studded Knit Deep Beanie - Taupe  Two Tone Knit Deep Beanie - Red Black

    While the Pom beanie conjures up wholesome images of the Peanuts gang and their all-American childhood antics, those of us with a more post-modern or “grunge” aura about us will be happy to note e4Hats.com’s wide selection of deep shell beanies. So called because of a loose crown that tends to slump over the side of one’s head, this style has often been embraced by the young, hip crowd at ski resorts across the United states, and shows no signs of slowing down in 2016.

    Custom Designed Beanies

    Custom Designed Beanies

    Custom Designed Beanies

    Got a special symbol, message, or icon that holds some cherished meaning for you in the year 2016? Look no further than our custom hat section, where we put pretty much anything and everything on a beanie for the satisfaction of hundreds of unique individuals. Head over to the custom section to get a bit of inspiration.

    Wool Bowler / Derby Hats

    Wool Bowler / Derby Hats Wool Bowler / Derby Hats

    Do you find yourself a bit too urbane, mature, and discriminating to walk around town wearing something referred to as a “beanie”? Have no fear good sir or madam, for we have just the thing to suit your refined tastes. Enter the wool bowler: warm, classic, perfect for strutting about town in good old Flâneur style. You’ll be the toast of the boulevard with these retro styles that are still very much relevant here in 2016.

    Happy New Year 2016

    However you may choose to redefine yourself and your stylish sensibilities in the New Year, make sure to give it your best effort. May 2016, the year of the red monkey, be your year. But remember, only you can get out there and make it happen. Good luck from all of us here at e4Hats.com!

  • New Year's Hats Shop Guide

    New Years Toast

    It feels like it was only yesterday when the fireworks announcing 2015’s arrival were bursting in the inky midnight sky. And yet, here we are already on the cusp of 2016. As the world makes its way towards the end of its yearly revolution, we here at e4Hats.com are reflecting on all the success we’ve had this year: a massive thanks to all of you for making it possible!

    Once the quiet reflection is over, it is time to party like it is 2016! Pop the bubbly, find that special person for your New Year’s kiss, and grab a couple special New Year’s accessories from the internet’s leading hat retailer.

    Customized New Year’s Hats

    Happy New Year Embroidered Flat Bill Cap Happy New Year Embroidered Beanie

    New Years Glass Embroidered Beanie New Year Champagne Bottle Embroidered Beanie

    Let the celebrations begin with a customized hat or beanie from e4Hats.com. Whether it is a “peace on earth” baseball hat or a beanie emblazoned with the words “kiss me” (it may work better than mistletoe), we’ve got you covered on whatever message it is you wish to spread at this New Year’s party. A beanie with two clinking glasses of champagne embroidered on the front is particularly popular this month. We’ve even got special costume hats should you have plans to go to Times Square with that classic Statue of Liberty costume.

    Party Hats

    Party Hats

    Uncle Sam Top Hat - Rainbow Multi Color Sequined Jester Hat - Red

    Sequin Feather Mask - Pink Velvet Clown Hat with Flower and Hair - Black

    The time for resolution and sobriety has not yet come to pass! That can only mean one thing: it is time to have a massive party and ring in the New Year with a bang. We’ve got a wide selection of novelty hats at e4Hats.com, great for adding a bit of flair and wackiness to your end of the year shindig. Check out the sequined patriot hat, clown hat, or even try on Uncle Sam’s famous headpiece for size.

    Kids Party Hats

    Youth Propeller Cotton Cap - Multi Color Toddler Animal Wool Ski Hat - Mohawk Punk Monkey

    Birthday Cake Hat with Boa - Pink Kids Fluffy Animal Hat - Panda

    Don’t forget that the kiddies will be wanting to celebrate as well (minus the champagne).  Check out all the warm, fluffy and adorable hats we have just in time for the tots to join in any festive New Year’s get together. Cat in the hat, Green Beret, and even the crown jewelsHalloween is not the only time of year when a bit of dress up is fun for the kids.

    Winter Wear

    Men Winter Beanie Women Winter Beanie

    Don’t forget that when the empty bottles and confetti have been swept away, there are still months of winter left to come. The party may have been hot, but what comes after is more wind and snow before the onset of spring. Why not treat yourself with a New Year’s gift on top of all those Spartan and austere resolutions? We have loads of fashionable winter wear for you to recover in.

    Winter Wear

    Time often feels like it speeds up as the years go past, so people all over the world make a special ritual of marking the passing of each New Year. How will you celebrate the occasion? Who will you be with? And of course, what on Earth will you wear? While we may not be able to help with the first two, we definitely have the latter problem well sorted for you.


    Happy New Years to our friends all over the world! Let’s make 2016 even better.

  • Christmas Shopping Gift Guide

    Christmas Sale

    Tis the season of Sales! If you missed out on all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, don’t be blue. Our day-after-Christmas sale is sure to put some fashionable new headwear in your closet just in time for the New Year. Check back on December 26th for a special discount code that will save you money and make up for all those ugly sweaters you got for Christmas. Now for the blog!

    Christmas Hats

    Gather round the fire, boys and girls, and see what kind of goodies e4Hats.com has in store for you on this jolliest of holidays. With Christmas hats of all makes and shapes, we plan to give old St. Nick a run for his money this year. It would take a lot of elves working overtime to do better than the internet’s most festive of haberdasheries. Come see what we’ve got in our bag of goodies.

    Red Hats and Beanies

    Red Hats & Beanies

    Lined Studs Solid Beanie and Scarf Set - Red Hematite Stud Knit Beanie Hat - Red Knit Tam Beanie with Sequin - Red

    Love Embellished Military Cap - Red Melton Fedora with Rosette - Red Wool Felt Studded Brim Hat - Red

    The color red has long been associated with the Christmas season, whether in relation to Santa’s getup or the glowing embers of the fire. Why not ease yourself into a festive mood with some of our crimson colored accessories this year? Grab some cute red ear muffs or even a solid red fedora for a more urbane yule-tide style.

    Santa Hats

    Santa Hats

    Plush Santa Hat - Beard Flashing Lite up Merry Christmas Santa Hat - Red

    Red Sequin Santa Hat - Red White Santa Beard Face Mask Costume Set - White

    Sometimes, a subtle nod is not enough. Sometimes, you want to actually be Santa. In that case, e4Hats.com can help you get your costume capped off right. Check out our wide selection of St. Nick headwear, along with some other festive costume pieces like elf hats and the like. With our help, you’ll have no problem recreating Santa’s workshop to the delight of your youngest family members, who will likely hold on to such a memory for years to come.

    Christmas Party Hats

    Dr. Seuss Regular Hat - Red White Felt Rudolph Mask and Antlers Set - Brown

    Merry Christmas Santa Hat Headband - Red Green Light Up Nose and Antler Headband - Green Red

    What could be better than a little random costume craziness at your office holiday or secret Santa party? Instead of being that person who drinks too much or makes a pass at the boss, you can instead be the mature and yet still eccentric person sporting a jester’s hat or a hamburger head! Why not? Holiday parties tend to be silly affairs in the first place – perfect for some clean costume fun. Check out our selection, you will most likely find something that suits you.

    Christmas Embroidered Baseball Caps and Beanies

    Merry Christmas Embroidered Long Beanie - Green Christmas Hat Ho Ho Ho Embroidered Washed Dyed Cap - Black

    Santa's Face with Ho Ho Ho Embroidered Beanie - Red Santa Claus Embroidered Snapback Cap - Black Red

    Some people like to do their celebrations a little more low key. For these straight-laced individuals, we have a wide selection of traditional American baseball caps with a custom Christmas twist. Consider a snowman cap or just a fancy “Noel” with snowflakes in the background. If you are the type to wear a cap often, why not switch out your football team or company insignia for a few days with one of our Christmassy items? Our selection is wide and varied enough for any taste or situation. If you are more of a beanie type, we have an equally grandiose catalog of embroidered beanies for you to select from as well!

    xmas banner

    At last, let us here at e4Hats.com wish a very warm and heartfelt happy holidays to you and your loved ones. We are thankful for all of customers who help us run one of the internet’s largest hat suppliers. We couldn’t do it without you. A toast of eggnog to all of you out there across the globe!

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