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  • Complete Guide To St. Patrick's Day

    St Patrick's Day is almost here, let's party.

    St. Patricks Day Celebration-10

    For one day out of the year we are all Irish, or at least we party like we are. To help you make the most of your adopted Irish holiday we have put together a guide to help you decide what to eat, what to drink and what to wear this St. Patrick's Day. This day only comes around once and year so make the most of this rowdy and fun holiday celebration.

    St. Patrick's Day Food


    One of the best parts about St. Patrick's day is the incredible food. Corn beef and cabbage is one of the traditional food items of St. Patrick's day. Many are turned off at the idea of pickled meat, but let me assure you, corned beef and cabbage is the epitome of deliciousness. You can buy ready made corned beef from your local supermarket or buy a kit and cook it in a slow cooker. That way it will be ready just in time for all of those green cocktails and beers to kick in.

    irish-stew  exps10065_SCBZ1115473_D89 a195d2022c68a764759caac667dcfa40 st-patricks-day-personalized-pot-pies

    Other dishes include Irish stew, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and pot pie.

    St. Patrick's Day Sweets


    Once dinner is over there are hundreds of great green sweets for you to make for your friends, your family and coworkers. Check out this list of the Top 35 St. Patrick's Day Sweets to find some great decadent additions to your St. Patrick's Day table. If baking isn't your thing, your local supermarket or bakery will have plenty of ready made sprinkle cookies, and other St. Patrick's Day treats. Shop early because these items usually sell out quickly.

    Novelty St. Patrick's Hats

    St. Patrick's Day Images Irish St. Patrick's Day Celebration



    Another great way to celebrate the holiday is with a fun St. Patrick's Day hat. There are so many great green hats out there. From glittery top hats, fun mohawk beanies, and even leprechaun bowler hats. Combine that with some funny novelty glasses, and maybe an eye catching green shirt and you have yourself the perfect St. Patrick's Day wardrobe. Click the items below to browse a few great St. Patrick's Day hats.

    gg001ct-3 _1266943868_10 _1259074135_10_1316102004_8

    St. Patrick's Day Cocktails


    Finally,  we get to the good stuff, the drinks. You can go to any bar all across the country and find yourself a delicious St. Patrick's day cocktail or celebratory shot. But if you end up staying home, you also want to drink some great cocktails that you can make at home. You will find a few option below but there are so many other great cocktails and shots we could do a whole other blog post about it.

    The Drinks


    Light, refreshing, easy drinking, it makes the perfect starting point for your night's festivities.


    Drinks like the Dirty Leprechaun are an easy, quick, and delicious shot option. It is simply Jagermeister, Baileys, and Midori.


    A little Hypnotic and a touch of Midori and a sugary rim is a simple easy shot idea.


    The most iconic St. Patrick's Day drink is the Irish Car Bomb. Mix Jameson and Baileys and drop it into about 6-8 ounces of Guinness for a fun delicious drink.


    Celebrate the Right Way

    What you eat, what you wear, and what you drink is important, but not as important as safety. No matter how you celebrate your St. Patrick's Day do it responsibly and safely.

    st-patrick-why-green_HD__366187_still_624x352 st-patricks-day megaveg green-piccata-web

  • Floppy Sun Hats: Beautiful Sun Protection

    Spring is almost here and fashion is heating up.

    Floppy Sun Hat

    Don't Let Mother Nature Ruin Your Summer Fun

    Next month marks the time of year when the snow begins to melt, the birds begin to sing, and the sun will show his smiling face once again. This can only mean one thing...sun hats are back! Staying protected from the sun is very important, but looking good while doing so is just as important. Finding the perfect floppy straw sun hat can be tough, so we have put together this guide to help you this upcoming season.

    Floppy Straw Sun Hat

    So Many Styles

    There are so many great sun hats out there each with their own unique personality. Some have wired bendable brims, some made of straw, others made of special UV blocking material. Each designed with a certain individual in mind. The floppy sun hats below are only a small fraction of the beautiful sun hats you can find online. The best sun hats on the market today are made of UPF and UV material that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

    UV protection sun hat

    Protective Material Sun Hats

    These specialized sun hats are made of a laboratory tested UV blocking material that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, not only that they are made in styles that any woman would love. Skin cancer has been growing on the list of the most prevalent types of cancer. Keeping  yourself protected from the sun's harmful rays can add years to your life and keep you looking great into your golden years.

        Sun Hat  Straw Sun Hat Sun Protective Hats Dress Sun Hat

    Celebrities Dictate Style

    Celebrities starting new trends is not a new thing. Over the years many huge trends have started with a star or starlet rocking the newest fashion craze. The sun hat is no different. The floppy sun hat has shown its staying power and has been a hot piece of summer fashion for years now.

    Floppy Women's Hats2015 Spring and Summer Season

    With the 2015 spring and summer approaching you need to be ready with the latest summer head wear. If you wait too long into the season you will not be able to find beautiful sun hats in stores, or online. Straw hats as well as panama style fedora hats are the latest trend and if you want to look great this upcoming season you should stock up before the starlets do.

    Sun Hats for Women

  • 10 Things You Might Not Know About Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras is one of the wildest holidays of the entire year.

    mardi gras mask and beads masquerade ball masquerade mardi gras mask mardi-gras mardi-gras-galveston-tx-2 Mardi-Gras-Masks mardi gras hatsking cake


    It is a day of fun, eating, and overall overindulgence. There are massive parades, masked masquerade balls, elaborate floats and a combination of masks, music and mayhem. Many people think that they know what Mardi Gras is all about but we offer of up things that you might not know about Mardi Gras.
    number one

    1) Mardi Gras has been known by many names including, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, Laissez les bons hemp rouler, Martex de Carnaval, Fastan, J'Douvert, Karenava and many more names.


    2) The day of the holiday always falls upon the last Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.


    3) Louisiana was actually not the first state to hold a Mardi Gras parade. That distinction belongs to Mobile Alabama.



    4) The first parade held in New Orleans was in 1837.



    5) Most parades are coordinated by small clubs call "krewes" that come together to put together elaborate floats.


    6) The tradition of the colorful beads actually started in the early 1900's



    7) Some states require by law that any float riders are required to wear masks.



    8) The man to first add Mardi Gras to the calendar was Pope Gregory XIII.


    9) Purple, Gold, and Green are the offial colors of the holiday each with a symbolic meaning. Purple=Justice Gold=Power Green=Faith



    10)The little toy coins found around the holiday are called "doubloons" and "King Cake" is eaten all throughout the carnival season. King cake has a little surprise hidden within usually a little figurine. Finding this in your cake is supposed to bring you good luck for the next year.

    Mardi Gras Mask venetian mask jester hat jester hat jester hat

  • Youth are the Future: Youth Hats, Technology and Parenting

    The youth are our future.

    youth hatsThe next generation of our country are going to be so much different than the youth that have come before it. These kids have had technology at their fingertips for their entire lives. Many of the younger generation might never have even heard of a land line telephone or even know what a cassette tape is. These young minds are who we will be turning over the country to in a few short years. The children are our future so keeping them happy, healthy and educated is the key to the future success of our country.

    One way to keep your child healthy is by keeping them protected from harmful UV rays. Keeping your children protected from the sun has never been more important than it is today. Youth hats are a great way to keep you children protected. With the degradation of our ozone layer and atmosphere, the sun’s harmful rays are as powerful as ever. We protect everything that we love in this world and nothing is more important than our children. The proper head wear can go a very long way in keeping your child protected. With the proper head wear you can not only keep yourself protected from the sun but your child will look great as well.

    youth hats

     This generation has had the most information and technology available to them. They have all the tools needed to succeed. We have put together a helpful list to help you make sure that technology is not taking over your child's life.

    It is really important to limit the amount of time that your children spend with this emerging technology. There are several reason why you should limit your child's use of smartphones and tablets. Any time a child sits inactive is not good for their development. Secondly, having your children disconnect gives them the chance for their imagination and creativity to  grow. Social skills are also something that cannot be learn while looking at a display. Not to mention obesity, sleep disorders, and other behavior related consequences related to high amounts of screen time.

    youth hats

    1. Many smart phones and tablet have setting where you can limit the usage time your child can have with the device. (Check the settings menu of your respective device for more info)
    2. Children Age 2-8 should be allowed no more than 1-2 hours of screen time per day. Any more can be detrimental to their development.
    3. If the device is able to help the child learn or pick up a useful skill, a little extra screen time is alright.
    4. Holding family meetings might be met with eye rolling, and/or groans, but can be very helpful in teaching your children the importance of social problem solving.
    5. Another great tool is to let your children earn screen time, that way your child understands that being well rounded is an important part of being an adult
    6. Something tough for some parents to do is lead by example. You cannot tell you kids to get off their devices if you are nose deep in yours.
    7. Setting limits is great but don't make them too extreme, kids fight back against extreme limitations. They are hard to enforce and not effective.
    8. Be involved in what your children are doing on their phones. tablets and computers. You might be even to learn a thing or two from your kids.

    hats for kidsThe youth has changed greatly over the last century

      Hats for kids have sure come a long way in the last 50 years or so. The picture above speaks volumes on how hats for kids have evolved. One of the most popular youth styles every year is our youth fedoras.  A fedora offers the best of both worlds allowing you to look cool while you stay protected. A child fedora can be worn with almost any outfit and the myriad of colors and styles will make even the pickiest child happy. You painstakingly look out for your child whether it is their diet, who they hang out with, what they watch on TV, their health and hundreds of other aspects of their lives. What they are wearing is just as important as anything else.



    hats for kids

    Be sure to also check out the great sun visors we have available for children. A visor offers a more minimalist approach to sun protection and gives your child’s head room to breathe while at the very same time offering great sun protection. I believe a cotton visor offers the best level of comfort for children with sensitive heads and can offer you at least a little peace of mind that your child is protected from the sun when they are enjoying the spring and summer months and more importantly, enjoying being a kid. Shop for youth hats with your little one showing them the options we have and you are both sure to find the youth hat that you both can agree on. We need to protect our children to protect our future and youth hats or caps are a great way to do that. The youth is starting to change, are you, starting to change.

    hats for kids

    Dealing with children can sometimes be tough. Check out our Back-To School Shopping Guide to help both you and your children make that part of the year no so difficult. The guide not only tells you great places to find youth hats for less, but how to emotionally prepare both you and your child for the school year.

  • Top Ten 2014 Winter Hats and Trends

    Winter is here, are you ready.

    Fashion can be one of the most polarizing topics among people all over the world. Who truly decides what becomes the next trendy winter hats? Is it celebrities? Could it be fashion designers? Do you just follow what the advertisers tell you? If you are just a regular Joe like myself, wading through the noise to get a simple yet striking style, can be a monumental undertaking. I have scoured the internet to put together a simple layman's guide for busy men and women so you can stay ahead of the fashion trends that matter to you.


    winter hats

    Number One: Slouchy Beanie

    One of the best winter hats you can wear is a beanie and there is a style of beanie out there that has been around for a very long time but is still somehow relatively unknown. That is the slouchy beanie. A slouchy beanie is is not worn like a traditional beanie but has more space in the crown and is also worn more towards the back of your head. This beanie is great to wear in more temperate climates like California where "cold", really isn't that cold. This is a great new take on the traditional beanie. Check out some of the great ways to wear this versatile beanie below.

     winter hats slouchy beanie  winter hats slouchy beanie


    number 2Number 2: The Infinity Scarf

    The "infinity scarf" also known as a snood scarf is a style that I only recently became aware of. The best way to describe this style is that it is a super long scarf that is wrapped around your neck repeatedly. It has a bunched up but stylish look that has been worn by both men and women, and stars and starlets. If you are looking to turn heads while staying warm this winter, then this is the scarf for you. It can be worn with a wide variety of outfits and can be found in several different styles. Take a look here at some awesome infinity scarves available.

    snoody snood-infinity S037-Double-Wrap-Circle-Ring-Chunky-Knit-Infinity-Scarf-21 original


    Number 3: Flip Top Gloves

    14708668_201310011356 16463258 convertiblegloves

    Sometimes you want your fingers protected and other times you want to let those fingers roam. That is the beauty of flip top gloves. These versatile gloves can be worn as mittens but can also be converted into fingerless gloves. Like most men, I really hate making simple decisions. While they won't help me decide what food to eat for dinner, or what to do on a Saturday night, they can help be decide between gloves and mittens. It truly is the best of both hand accessory worlds.

    index glovemittens flippant


    Number 4: Santa Hats

    The Santa hat. One of the most popular winter hats out there. One of the most iconic hats worn in December since the birth of Christ(Slight embellishment) is still as popular as ever. You can't walk a block without seeing somebody sporting one of these fun hats. They are not just fun for kids. Casually wearing Santa hats has actually been widely accepted for adults both at work and at play.

    elf hat M9cpg4KTE santa yhst-130817123929166_2231_130323411


    Number 5: The Ugly Sweater


    Ahhh, the ugly sweater, one of my most favorite things about the holiday season. Gone are the days of flipping through the racks at the Goodwill to find the most perfect ugly sweater. Winter hats have a new best friend, the ugly sweater. The ugly sweaters of today are actually designed to be ugly, on purpose. I don't know if they are hipster, or fashionable or what have you, I just love them. You better shop for one soon before they only have the pretty ones left.

     shweater sweaterguy uggosweater


    Number 6: Trooper and Trapper Hats

    The next one on the list is the trooper and trapper hat. This is my personal favorite on this list. If you have not ever worn a trooper hat it is easily the most comfortable winter hats in existence today. With the fur lining and the long ear flaps, it is an integral part of the winter wardrobe. Not many outdoor excursions should take place without this trusted cranial companion.

    trapper 5 trapper 4 trooper 4 trooper 3_1232635415_4


    Number 7: Animal Beanie Hats

    Animal beanie hats is a style that really picked up steam last year and continues to be a fun way to stay warm and have fun for both kids and adults alike. That trend looks like it will continue, as you can even find these types of hats on the shelf of your local 7 Eleven stores. When you see it at 7 Eleven you know it has hit the mainstream. These hats also come with mitten paws attached for added warmth and whimsy. Most of the MVP's of the animal kingdom can be found including pandas, monkeys, dogs, tigers, and even frogs.

    fm028cz-1 sa001ch-1 _1323939761_4 _1321432507_4


    Number 8: Ski Mask

    Ski and snow season is here. Now skiing and snowboarding is nothing new, and people have been hitting the slopes for decades now, but the gear has changed. Enter the neoprene ski mask. There are hundreds of cool designs out there for every person and every personality. Whether you are a winter bad boy and skulls are your thing you can find that. If you are more on the nerdy side you will find Transformers, and Hannibal designs. For the hipster (most might never admit it) you can find mustache designed face masks all across god's green internet.

    sf003fm-1 fh054fm-hannibal-1 fh039fm-1 nb008fm-rocker-1


    Number 9: Corduroy Everything

    Corduroy is making a comeback (I never thought I would ever write that). Believe I was just as surprised as you, in finding out. Alas, the Prince of texture, the sultan of swag, and the king of casual is making it's triumphant return to the world of fashion. Corduroy hats, pants, bags, purses, children's clothes, high fashion apparel, and so many other bits of fashion are creeping back in style. Corduroy has always been the "Little Engine that Could" but it not only can it is, and it can be found all throughout popular fashion today.

    th sick wild-things-raccoon-corduroy-dress-p410-776_image cordsfordays


    Number 10: The Watch is Back in Style

    Many people have a love, hate relationship with a watch. Believe me, for the first 24 years of my life, the last thing I would ever be asking for this Christmas would be a watch. Flash forward to today, the watch has become an integral part of my daily fashion repertoire. It seems like I am not only in my new found appreciation for the watch. Both men and women are wearing watches more and more, and most are doing for for the fashion benefits and not to become more punctual.

    mega seiko timepieces watch

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