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  • Looking for the perfect Hat for Halloween?!


    Halloween is right around the corner and prudent trick or treaters have already started to put together their costumes. After all, if you want to be the king of candy corn this October, then a fabulous costume is priority number one. But what if you find yourself pumping a dry well when it comes time to reach deep into your imagination and come up with an original idea? Not to worry, not only are we here at e4Hats.com purveyors of the finest headpieces around, but we also fancy ourselves as having a bit of a creative streak. Let’s brainstorm together shall we?


    Captain or Sailor hats

    Cotton Yacht Emblem CapCotton Yacht Emblem Cap

    Adjustable Cotton Yacht Cap Sailor Hat-White

    Here at e4Hats.com we are big fans of nautically themed costumes come the end of October. As such, we offer a wide variety of caps and hats that are perfectly suited for you seafaring idea. Whether you’d like cultivate the look of an urbane bourbon swilling riverboat captain, or would rather represent the sailing everyman with a lower ranking outfit, we’ve got just the thing for you. Aye aye matey!


    Pirate hats

    Pirate hats

    Ahoy there landlubbers! If ye be interested in sailing the high seas in search of booty this Hallows eve, cast your eyes on e4hats.com, which has the finest pirate hats in all the seven seas! If ye be seeking treasure, why then, search no further! You’ve already stumbled across the most winsome grotto in all of the cyber-seas. Set your sights on a selection the likes of which Davey Jones would be proud to call his own!


    Viking hats

    Caribbean Pirate Hat - Brown

    Wool Felt Tricorn Hats - Black _1271760961_6

    Another famous sailor, and perhaps the most infamous and bloodthirsty in all of history, is the Viking! Famous for the (Perhaps historically inaccurate) horned helmets, Vikings are a mystical and revered symbol of western culture and the aggression that shaped early Europe. So cast off your long ship and get ready for an eternity feasting in the halls of Valhalla with a Viking cap from e4hats.com.


    Police Officer, Chauffeur

    Police Officer, Chauffeur

    Cotton Chauffeur Hat Soft Cotton Police Hat

    Stop right there! The police officer costume is as classically American as apple pie. Could anything be better than to serve and protect while stuffing your face with chocolate? If that is an affirmative then we are going to need you to proceed down to the e4hats.com section of police hats and pick out one from the lineup.


    Uniform and Hero

    Whatever you decide to go as this Halloween, resist the urge to let another holiday pass without doing anything special. While dressing up in a costume can seem like a lot of hassle and a big time investment, marking these special occasions like Halloween creates a memory that you will treasure for a lifetime. Remember that time you dressed up as a ninja turtle, or the time your friend Jimmy went as Shaq to the middle school Halloween party? These are the type of things that, although a bit of effort is required, leave a lasting impression and stay with you for a very long time to come. Let us help you out by taking a bit of the work out of the equation, and start your costume with a headpiece from e4Hats!

  • Choose our awesome Halloween Hats


    All Hallows’ Eve, conventionally known as “Halloween”, has long since lost its ancient druidic roots and become a time of childhood joy, fun and celebration of things that go bump in the night. With wonderful traditions of dress up, practical jokes, and stuffing your face with that ubiquitous candy corn, Halloween is a personal favorite of us here at e4hats.com. Whether you are going for a complex and expensive costume with all the frills, or are more the “low key” type who prefers an item of clothing that gives a mere casual nod towards the holiday, we have something perfect just for you. Don’t be frightened! Let’s take a closer look at our wide selection of Halloween hats and accessories.


    Halloween Beanies


    hb303di-olive-1 hj301bf-black-5 hs304di-orange-1_2 jh301bf-white-5

    Most of us in temperate climes learn to anticipate a cold snap come late October, and it may be prudent to have your spooky Halloween accessories double as practical head warmers in case you find yourself going door to door in the midst of an early frost. We have a large assortment of insulating beanies perfectly suited to this ghostly time of year. Beanies showcasing various jack-o-lanterns are popular sellers for this, the season of the pumpkin!


    Halloween Caps

    ec301he-black-silver-1 hg304he-royal-5 ht301he-black-5 wb306he-maroon-5

    While Halloween is celebrated in many countries, there is something distinctly American about its modern manifestation. Perhaps it meshes nicely with our tendency towards indulgence, but whatever the reason, tootsie rolls and toilet papered trees fit right in with the good old American baseball cap. We have a large selection of specially embroidered Halloween caps for you to choose from- skulls, spiders and ghosts included (oh my!).


    Costume hats


    _1299503354_16 _1308573875_7 hb001ct-black-1

    If you are going all out with the “fancy dress” this Halloween, we’ve got your hook up. From characters off of video games, movies and TV to the more classic witches and skeletons, there is something suitable for whatever your creative idea happens to be. Why not attend your party as a steampunk princess, or stalk the suburban streets of your neighborhood with the headpiece of an Arabian sheik? The only limit is what you can dream up.


    Novelty hats

    _1268905116_7 _1314033242_7 ch001pa-5_1 oj01pa-1_2

    In a similar vein, head on over to our “crazy cap” selection and take a look at the wide selection of novelty items we have in stock. These are the hats that really don’t fit into the “costume” category, but that are weird and kooky enough to be worn in a variety of capacities.



    While spooky ghosts and dressing up are all part of the fun, don’t forget that Halloween is really a celebration of childhood, and of all the mysteries that make growing up such a special time. While it may be tempting to let another October pass with cocktails and not much fanfare, if you do have any special young people in your life, let this be a time to make a memory with them. What a better way to start your (or your child’s) costume off right than with a funny hat from our shop. Check us out, and have an awesome Halloween!

  • Introducing our Fall Hats and Accessories


    After a sweltering summer, filled with humid days and buzzing mosquitoes, the relief of autumn finally seems to be upon us. As the days and nights cool, so too do tempers and dispositions, giving way to a relaxing and meditative mood in the community. With this collective sigh of relief, the sexy and in-your-face fads of summer are replaced by a set of more contemplative and sheik fall fashion. Before the transition comes into full swing, make sure you are well prepared and stocked up with trending autumnal style hats and accessories from e4Hats.com!


    Fall Colors

    _1235668408_4 _1241712798_4 jo003fp-pecan-1

    cf004fw-1 os001nc-burgundy-1_3 wr002sc-2

    Before we get into a discussion of particular hats, let’s review an over-arching theme in the fashion associated with this time of year. The colors we wear in fall strongly reflect the transforming world around us. Like the leaves taking on their final shade of brilliance before they shed for winter, deep reds, oranges and browns are the hues of this season’s fabulous fashion. Consider these colors when choosing the perfect hat for the coming months.



    2N0P0283 2N0P0411

    The classic style that never quits is seriously back in fashion this fall. Whether the resurgence of this business headpiece is a result of recent television and media we will leave you to speculate on. What is for certain is that they are perfect for fall, and furthermore that we have an absolutely dazzling selection of fedoras to choose from. You’ll fit right in strolling through Central Park, having cocktails in a swank pub, or picking up the kids from school with a choice fedora from e4Hats.com


    Outdoor and Western

    fe001cf-black-1 mc001cw-copper-1


    Fall is an absolutely spectacular time to get outdoors. Few things are more gorgeous than a stroll through the falling multicolored leaves. And yet, you can make this autumn tradition even better with a rugged headpiece which nods towards your independent spirit. Check out cowboy hats, gambler hats, and an assortment of other outdoor fashions for both men and women.


    Fall Berets

    _1242738274_4 tb001be-beige-1_2


    Autumn is a time of year when the inner artist may come out of us all. Inspired perhaps by the loveliness of the landscape, we may find ourselves full of creativity. Unleash your inner impressionist with our huge selection of berets at e4Hats.com. Although they are traditionally associated with either art or else a very particular branch of the military, berets are just an all-around cool fashion statement. We even have knitted wool varieties to choose from in case the fall happens to be particularly chilly where you live. Don’t forget the puffball, or as we call it, “the cherry on top!”



    As the leaves begin their bright display and the winter winds take their first foray among the leaning grasses of summer, take some time to consider the passing of the seasons. Time is just flying by, so don’t forget to stop a moment and consider all the good and bad things that have happened over the past year. Most importantly, be sure not to waste any more time being left behind by the world of fashion—invest in a new fall hat from e4Hats.com today!

  • Introducing our trending Fedora Hats


    The West has long had a sort of “on again off again” love affair with the fedora. At times, it has come to symbolize different things, and gone in and out of style in a cycle that has at last become rather predictable. And guess what just happens to be in this fall, tightly enough on schedule that you could set your pocket watch by its return to popularity? You guessed it, this classic emblem of the mad men and the “Greatest generation” of the 40s and 50s is back and not mucking about this time around. Get in on the ground floor of retro-hip head accessories at e4Hats.com. Here’s looking at you kid!


    Classic Solid Fedoras


    _1281717135_4 kk002cf-navy-1 mw001cf-grey-1

    At your most basic and symbolic, you have the solid color fedora. Often made of felt (or more lately, of straw or other breathable materials) these swank man-about-town headpieces are evocative of the old school gentleman and a masculine, business like disposition. For those with a bit more flamboyance and swag, check out the banded fedoras. Pro-tip: the band is for sticking a “feather in your cap”, both literally and figuratively. Whiskey on the rocks is not included!


    Pork Pie hat

    IMG_1312_1329754758_10 br002pp-tan-1

    Pork pies are so called because, while they quite nicely fit the category of ‘fedora’, their flattened crown and straight brim makes them appear a bit like a delicious meat pie when viewed from above. But before you take a bite, know that these aptly named chapeaus are as cool as they are colorful. Check out the massive selection of materials and colors and bring back a more elegant and refined period of history.


    Patterned Fedoras

    pl003fd-gold-1 sz001mf-red-1 tk001mf-black-1 ws001mf-1_1

    For those who want to ‘tip their hats’ towards tradition without fully embracing antiquated styles, there are fedoras with very loud and in your face designs, perfectly patterned for the outlandish individuality of the modern youth. Whether it is leopard skin print or a fedora sequined with rhinestones, your brash sensibilities are more than welcome here good sir or madam.


    Bowler hat


    bw003tp-1 wt001tp-heather-1

    Popular for both men and women, the bowler is another piece of headgear that comes with its own rather prestigious pedigree. Allusions to the high life or summering by the seaside are brought to the mind. Delicate, and yet somehow rugged, the bowler has been worn by noblemen and coachmen alike. While they mostly come in thick material like felt or wool, the modern interpretation includes lighter materials and more flamboyant styles. Check out the wide selection on our bowler page.



    Fashion is a fickle mistress, with fads as fragile as glass. A moment of disillusion or unpopularity can see some styles banished to the fringes, never to return to the good graces of modern consciousness. Then, there are other styles that never truly leave us, but only orbit back around to visit our culture at a later time. The fedora is one of those orbiters, and thus is an investment you will find yourself returning to time and again. Buy quality from e4hats.com and you’ll have a piece that will survive the long revolutions of fashion!

  • Introducing Newsboy and Ivy Caps

    Newsboy Cap

    The nineteen twenties were an epoch that still captures the imagination of those living in this, our 21st century world. With a new and roaring attitude and an elegance born out of the nineteenth century charm still intact, the twenties were most definitely a time that many “classic” styles and fashions were first conceived and brought into popularity. These days it often seems like many of these “old fashioned” ways of dressing have never truly faded out, and when you look at what is trending there are quite a few items that definitely qualify as “old school cool”. As you head back to school, or even just take a breath after the scorching summer, take a trip to the past with the now trending retro look from e4Hats.com!


    The Newsboy Cap

    _1239120348_4 ws001nb-light-grey-1_2

    A cap with far more names than it needs (even called a “Gatsby hat” after the Fitzgerald novel), the classic “newsboy” is a treasured icon in the history of good looking headwear. While these modified flat caps were originally the item of choice for young men, they now come in a selection varied enough for people of all types.

    A Newsboy cap is usually signified by the button at the top of the crown and a sort of rugged masculinity. As they were typically worn by the working class, these street-wise headpieces are strongly suggestive of individuality and hard work.


    The Ivy Cap

    Ivy Caps

    cd001ic-1 hp003ic-grey-1 wi001ic-camel-1

    A bit more on the refined side, an ivy cap has a very small and stiff brim and no button on top. Often made of wool or tweed, the ivy cap speaks of the English middle class, equestrians, or a Saturday spent at a fashionable golf course.


    News “girl” Caps

    _1239379890_7 _1265300456_4 fw001nb-camel-1 kf001nb-red-1

    Although it was primarily men who brought the newsboy hat into fashion, there were “controversial” flapper girls in the nineteen twenties who made this style their own. Whether you go for a pink version of the blue collar favorite, or opt for some other form of accent or feather in your cap, you can be proud to follow in the footsteps of these establishment shattering women.


    Sequins, studs, and patterns!

    bp001nb-beige-1 bs002nb-1 mp001nb-1_1 sn003nb-1

    For those who are really looking for a more flamboyant style, we have traditional newsboy caps with decidedly untraditional patterns and sequins. Get in touch with your wild side by trying on a purple zebra sequin cap, or else get a little funky with a girl’s polka dot cabby hat. Whatever your particular taste and swag we have the perfect newsboy hat to fit it. Check out the dizzying array of patterns to be found on e4Hats.com!


    newsboy gatsby caps

    While modern technology has certainly made our lives more convenient and comfortable, it is hard not to feel at times that some subtle elegance has not been lost in the many years since flapper girls and gin soaked speakeasies. Why not be part of the renaissance of fashion happening right now, and give proper homage to those charming souls who came before us by sporting some real 1920 style accessories from e4hats.


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