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Popular in grunge circles and certain other music scenes, the slouchy beanie is noted for having a particularly long crown which tapers off at the end.

  • Introducing our Winter Beanies

    Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Unless you have the means to spend the winter abroad sipping Mai Tais on a tropical beach some place, there is no escaping the frosty season that is just around the corner. With the cooling of temperatures comes a yearly change in fashion that we here at e4Hats.com are always looking forward to. Just as your mother likely warned you, most of the heat generated by the human body is lost out of the head. While this may be an unconfirmed wives tale, who wouldn’t want to keep their heads toasty and look fabulous while doing so? We here at the internet’s grandest hat store can get you sorted out just in time for the first fall of snow.

    Short Beanies

    Short Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Short Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale  Short Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale  Short Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    The short beanie is without a doubt the most minimalist of wintertime fashion, and amounts to nothing more than a fluffy skull cap. However, don’t let this simplicity deter you, as short beanies are definitely trending this winter. Try darker colors for a refined and urbane look, or brighter hues for that peppy and youthful vibe. Whatever you are going for, we have most definitely got you covered when it comes to this simple yet effective headpiece.

    Hot Beanies

    Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale Short Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale  Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale  Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    As the name suggests, hot beanies tend to be warmer, thicker and longer than short beanies. This extra insulation makes them perfect for days spent building snowmen and generally enjoying the wintry outdoors on a day out of school or work. They also come in a larger variety, and we have tones of custom embroidery done to the front folds of our hot beanie selection. So why not get a cozy hat for the “world’s greatest Dad”, or a Canadian maple leaf hat for that neighbor of the North living in your neck of the woods? The customization possibilities are endless, so make sure to peruse the choices.

    Slouchy Beanies

    Slouchy Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale Slouchy Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Slouchy Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale Slouchy Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Popular in grunge circles and certain other music scenes, the slouchy beanie is noted for having a particularly long crown which tapers off at the end. If you are having trouble picturing it, imagine the hats that the Smurfs wear and you will have a pretty good image of the basic shape. Fortunately, our selection has much more diversity than the Smurfs do, and you can find all types of slouch hats at e4Hats.com. From the reggae Rasta style to an understated gray, you’ll have no trouble finding a slouchy style to fit your particular fashion sense.

    Ski Beanies

    Ski Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | SaleSki Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale
    Ski Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    It is almost time to hit the slopes, and ski lovers out there will be on the hunt for something warm and stylish to protect them from the harsh elements to be found on mountainsides. With ear flaps and a low fold to keep you 360 degrees of cozy as you conquer those black diamonds, our ski beanies are an absolute necessity on that next trip out looking for fresh powder.

    Beanies | Mens, Womens, Youth | Sale

    Don’t put off getting your winter wardrobe in order, as the chilly weather is already well on its way and many places are already a bit on the frigid side. Therefore, take a moment to get prepared with a slick beanie from the internet’s best hat depot. Have a great Thanksgiving and stay warm!

  • Halloween Ideas

    Halloween Costumes


    The big day is almost here and we at e4Hats.com have been working around the clock to stay well-stocked with all of the hottest Halloween garb. So, how ready are you for the biggest costume party of the year? Remember, the guy or gal with the most intriguing costume is the one who gets the most attention, so the get-up you decide to go with is an important decision. Let us help you out with yet another post full of possible suggestions from our giant grab-bag of accessories.


    Civil War Soldier

    Civil War Soldier Costumes

    Civil War Soldier Costumes Civil War Soldier Costumes Civil War Soldier Costumes

    2015 was the 150 year anniversary of the end of the civil war. What better year to pay homage to our forebears who battled brother against brother in one of our nation’s bloodiest conflicts? Whether you want to go as Jonny Reb or a blue bedecked Yankee, we’ve got the historically accurate hat to tie your uniform together with honors. See you at Appomattox!

    The Chef

    Chef Halloween Costume

    Chef Halloween Costume Chef Halloween Costume

    Chef Halloween Costume Chef Halloween Costume

    One of the greatest chefs of all time, Paul Prudhomme, died earlier this month. While it may be a bit soon to dress up as the man himself, it is a well-known fact that everyone loves a jolly chef in full garb. Here at e4Hats.com, we have all of the culinary accouterments an aspiring chef could hope for. You’ll find something such as chef hats and aprons to tickle your appetite – we guar-an-tee!

    Wizards and Witches

    Wizard Hat

    Wizard Hat Wizard Hat

    Halloween is a time to celebrate the magic and mystery of life. What a better way to celebrate than to carry yourself to the local cocktail party dressed as the human embodiment of spells and witchcraft. Whether you are going for the classical “Merlin” look of Arthurian legend, or the classical cackling witch riding high atop her broomstick, we’ve got the things you need to enchant your peers. Check out e4Hats.com and see what kind of tricks we have up our sleeves!

    Kings and Princesses

    Princess Hat Kings Hat

    Princess Hat Kings Hat

    Who wouldn’t want to be the King or Queen for a day? The feudal leader look is totally in this year with so much popular culture based around knights and dragons, ladies and wizards! All of your peers will be bowing in supplication when they see Your Majesty at the Halloween party. We decree that you should check out our royal collection.

    Cowboy and Wild West Wear

    Cowgirl Hat Cowboy Hat

    The mystique surrounding the pioneering days of the West will never fully die away, and Western wear has even experienced somewhat of a resurgence in popularity this year. Check out all of our rootin’ tootin’ cowboy headwear at e4Hats.com and experience the thrill of dressing up like a real old time waddy for Halloween!

     Halloween Hats

    Whatever you decide to go as, don’t be one of those people who lets the holiday pass by with no effort put into a costume! Of course it can take a hassle to find the time between work and other responsibilities, but a fancy dress costume will leave you with memories you can cherish for years to come. Check out e4Hats.com for cheap and simple solutions that will make your Halloween experience as easy as a handful of candy corn.


  • Halloween Theme Costume Hats

    Halloween Essentials | Halloween Hat Costumes


    Humans have been dressing up in costumes for a long time. Whether the dramatic masks of ancient Greece or the caved Tikis of the South Pacific, the need for playful disguise is a deep part of human psychology. When we become someone or something else, there is a lowering of inhibitions and a sense that one can act freely. All of this makes for a great Halloween Theme Costume Party! These days, dress-up parties are reserved for a few select holidays, Halloween being the biggest and most exciting. So, how prepared are you for the festivities? Keep in mind that no costume can be complete without an appropriate hat to tie the whole thing together. Check out our special Halloween hats for some novel ideas if your creativity is running a bit dry. Whatever it is, we here at e4Hats.com have got you covered.


    Animal Costumes

    Piglet Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Panda Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes

    Penguin Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Fish Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes

    The animal kingdom is rife with furry and fabulous choices for fancy dress parties. The sexy mystique of a fox or a jaguar is perfect for getting in touch with your wild side this Halloween. Less traditional choices include our hilarious moose head complete with a set of antlers that will ensure you are the alpha of the herd, or a silly crab hat that will make you the most fashionable crustacean under the sea. The more cutesy animals like the penguin and the panda are here too. We have a creature to match any personality type—welcome to the jungle baby!

    Food and Drink Costumes

    Pizza Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Hambuger Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes

    Hot Dog Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Got Beer Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes

    Why not a culinary homage this Halloween? After all, dressing up like a pungent piece of garlic or an all American hotdog is a simple and easy way to enjoy the festivities without investing too much time, effort, or money this October. We have a menagerie of scrumptious articles to choose from, so whet your appetite on what e4Hats.com brings to the table. We promise not to leave you hungry!

    Military / Police Costumes

    Military / Police Costumes

    Military Hat Costume | e4Hats | Military / Police Costumes Military Hat Costume | e4Hats | Military / Police Costumes

    If you are feeling a bit more bellicose this fall, we have a wonderful formation of military garb to set off your totally rocking military outfit. Assault your local Halloween bash with the classic pith helmet of the British military, or tie off your sexy cop outfit with a police hat that shows you mean business. While our hats may imbue you with a sense of authority, don’t let the power go to your head as you stuff your face with candy corn.

    Halloween Theme

     Happy Halloween | Animal Hat Costumes

    Cat Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes Cat Hat Costume | e4Hats | Animal Costumes

    Should you have your own unique idea for a spooky or strange Halloween costume, we here at e4Hats.com can help you make it a reality. Check out our wild and wonderful assortment of costume and fancy dress accessories. From the sequined left glove of a King of Pop outfit, to a full novelty beard for you lumberjack heartthrobs out there, we’ve got the little extras to make your disguise come alive on All Hallows Eve! It’s a grab bag of goodies, so get yours before the holiday passes us by.

  • Have You Picked Out Your Halloween Costume Yet?

    Halloween Costumes | Waldo, Wenda | e4Hats.com

    Having trouble conjuring up a brilliant idea for your Halloween costume? Why not consult the wonderful world of popular culture? Video games, movies and books provide plenty of possible outfits to weigh and consider. The characters from popular media have the benefit of being instantly recognizable and often are rather easy to recreate with a simple hat or particular prop. Here at e4Hats.com, we have embraced two of our favorite characters from the world of nostalgic pop culture: Waldo of the “Where’s Waldo” books and the incomparable Mario of video game lore. Being two of our darling iconic characters, our one stop shop for headwear has invested in a huge stock of costume pieces to pay homage to these monumental figures loved by children and adults the world over.


    Waldo and Wenda Halloween Costumes

    Waldo Costumes | Wenda Costumes | e4Hats.com

    There is no need to search any further! If you grew up in the 90’s or had loved ones who did, then the elusive Waldo (or Wally, to you Britons) needs no introduction. For the rest of you, Waldo is one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in all the world of children’s literature. Popularized by British Artist Martin Handford, finding Waldo and his striped suit has given hours of joy (and frustration) to a generation. Not only has this iconic look appeared in a multitude of spinoffs, but it seems to be almost a cultural meme, with recreations and events dedicated to the characters popping up across the Western world. Thankfully, this is an easy to throw together costume which people will recognize easily. Couples shouldn’t forget that Waldo has a girlfriend named Wenda with the same fashion sensibilities – obviously a match made in heaven.


    Mario and Luigi Hat Halloween Costumes

    Mario Hat | Mario Halloween Costume | e4Hats.com Luigi Costume Hat | Luigi Hat | e4Hats.com

    Mario Embroidered Cap | Halloween Costume | e4Hats.com Luigi Halloween Hat | Halloween Costume | e4Hats.com

    Fake Mustaches Costume | Halloween Costume | e4Hats.com Pink Mustaches | Halloween Costumes | e4Hats.com

    Who could not love the improbable heroes of video game lore? These two brothers started it all with their weird and wacky antics way back when video games first became a thing. Any of us who grew up with a NES system on the family TV need only hear the first few notes of the score to be whisked away to stirring memories of Sunday mornings stomping Goombas, eating coins, and fighting a giant reptilian villain! The costume possibilities here are endless. Don’t forget that these two brothers have awesome mustaches and are (for some strange reason) also plumbers. So why not pay homage to this duo with some sweet Mario Hats and Luigi Hats from e4Hats.com (mushrooms definitely not included).

    Halloween Designed Beanies | Halloween Costume | e4Hats.com

    Nostalgia is a powerful human emotion. When we remember the beloved figures and icons of our past, what we are really remembering is that wistful time period of growing up. When you see a Waldo book and feel that tugging at your heartstrings, what you are actually feeling is a longing for the simpler time of your childhood. These characters come to emblemize a period in your life which you can never truly get back. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this lovely holiday to take a trip down memory lane with a costume dedicated to a memorable figure from your salad days!

  • e4Hats Table Tennis Round Robin Results

    Thank you to everyone who participated.


    Thank You

    The Grand Opening of the e4Hats Table Tennis Club was a huge success. We would like to thank everyone who came out to participate or support. We would like to congratulate our Round Robin winners:

    1st: Jonathan Gebala
    2nd: Rachel Trsn

    1st: Anh Nguyen
    2nd: Gabriel Espinosa

    1st: Gabriel Espinosa
    2nd Dung Ngo

    Check out the e4Hats Table Tennis page for more information about the club, memberships and future tournament schedule.


    Fullerton Table Tennis Has a New Home

    Welcome to the newest USATT affiliate Table Tennis Club in Fullerton California. Welcome to ETTC. The club features top of the line Butterfly tables, a world class coaching staff with both private and group lessons available. The club is perfect for those at any skill level, and both young and old. Ping pong, officially known as table tennis will never be the same.

    The e4Hats Table Tennis Club is now officially open. Open Monday thru Friday 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM the new club has been a welcome addition to the Fullerton community. Check out the e4Hats Table Tennis page for more info about free lessons to be available in the coming weeks. You can follow our club on Instagram as well as Facebook here

    Come check out what the Fullerton community has been buzzing about.




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