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  • Introducing Newsboy and Ivy Caps

    Newsboy Cap

    The nineteen twenties were an epoch that still captures the imagination of those living in this, our 21st century world. With a new and roaring attitude and an elegance born out of the nineteenth century charm still intact, the twenties were most definitely a time that many “classic” styles and fashions were first conceived and brought into popularity. These days it often seems like many of these “old fashioned” ways of dressing have never truly faded out, and when you look at what is trending there are quite a few items that definitely qualify as “old school cool”. As you head back to school, or even just take a breath after the scorching summer, take a trip to the past with the now trending retro look from e4Hats.com!


    The Newsboy Cap

    _1239120348_4 ws001nb-light-grey-1_2

    A cap with far more names than it needs (even called a “Gatsby hat” after the Fitzgerald novel), the classic “newsboy” is a treasured icon in the history of good looking headwear. While these modified flat caps were originally the item of choice for young men, they now come in a selection varied enough for people of all types.

    A Newsboy cap is usually signified by the button at the top of the crown and a sort of rugged masculinity. As they were typically worn by the working class, these street-wise headpieces are strongly suggestive of individuality and hard work.


    The Ivy Cap

    Ivy Caps

    cd001ic-1 hp003ic-grey-1 wi001ic-camel-1

    A bit more on the refined side, an ivy cap has a very small and stiff brim and no button on top. Often made of wool or tweed, the ivy cap speaks of the English middle class, equestrians, or a Saturday spent at a fashionable golf course.


    News “girl” Caps

    _1239379890_7 _1265300456_4 fw001nb-camel-1 kf001nb-red-1

    Although it was primarily men who brought the newsboy hat into fashion, there were “controversial” flapper girls in the nineteen twenties who made this style their own. Whether you go for a pink version of the blue collar favorite, or opt for some other form of accent or feather in your cap, you can be proud to follow in the footsteps of these establishment shattering women.


    Sequins, studs, and patterns!

    bp001nb-beige-1 bs002nb-1 mp001nb-1_1 sn003nb-1

    For those who are really looking for a more flamboyant style, we have traditional newsboy caps with decidedly untraditional patterns and sequins. Get in touch with your wild side by trying on a purple zebra sequin cap, or else get a little funky with a girl’s polka dot cabby hat. Whatever your particular taste and swag we have the perfect newsboy hat to fit it. Check out the dizzying array of patterns to be found on e4Hats.com!


    newsboy gatsby caps

    While modern technology has certainly made our lives more convenient and comfortable, it is hard not to feel at times that some subtle elegance has not been lost in the many years since flapper girls and gin soaked speakeasies. Why not be part of the renaissance of fashion happening right now, and give proper homage to those charming souls who came before us by sporting some real 1920 style accessories from e4hats.


  • Trending Military, Cadet Hats


    The military overflows with its own customs, traditions, and yes even its own sense of style. For the warriors in your life, practical head pieces are more than just a useful fashion statement; they are the accoutrement of war and can perhaps be meaningful reminders of the trials of combat.

    But even so, the style itself is not reserved only for the men and women who actually serve their country. Soldier sheik has been trending lately, even with civilian populations. So why not check out a hip platoon near you for fashion ideas? e4Hats.com has the equipment to sort you out. At attention soldier!


    Military Caps

    _1236356310_4 _1307442066_13

    This alteration of the classic American baseball cap has a slightly higher, more cubic crown. Whether you prefer a more conservative khaki gray for your campaign or a loud, sequined variety to wear down to the saloon, we have got just the thing to fill your needs.


    Rhinestone caps

    cr001da-black-1 js002da-red-1 sb004pd-1 vs004nb-1_1

    Quite unmilitary in their appearance, the traditional military cap has become popular filling a decidedly flamboyant role in recent times. Rhinestones and sequins have replaced the conservative military camouflaged in dance clubs and hip parties across the civilian population.


    Engineer caps

    _1235488759_4 fg001cb-navy-white-1

    Not everyone who serves fires a gun, and for all the other enlisted out there with highly technical jobs that kept our soldiers safe, the engineer’s cap was created. With a short brim and a square crown, the cap is perfect for the golf course, barbeque, or other joyful activities that times of peace and plenty make possible.


    Camo hats


    _1315823157_4 ch002sp-camo-1

    Whatever your hat style of choice, chances are good that we have a camouflaged version, so don’t be afraid to try this militaristic print on for size. Whether you are a hunter, a soldier, or just enjoy the pattern, camo caps and visors are very popular with people in rural areas. You can fit right in down at the farmer’s co-op!


    Old School British Bobby Helmet


    _1311760315_7 _1316019783_7

    If traditional military dress is your thing – and believe us, it is a much cooler hobby than a lot of you might think – we have you covered. Check out our old-school-cool British Bobby helmet, worn by Her Majesties’ soldiers during the age of imperialism: makes a great costume or conversation starter.



    Whether or not you dig the style, you can’t debate the fact that our soldiers deserve our respect and thanks. Regardless of the political morality of warfare, the soldiers pay the steepest price and are worthy of praise. Show your gratitude by emulating the trendy style of the military on your next night out on the town.

  • Choose from our Custom Embroidered Hats

    Embroidered Cap

    Being unique and original is more than just a fashion statement. Independence sets you apart from the crowd and lets you bravely go your own way. As summer winds down, we have seen many a stylish fad come and go, and while they have all had their own unique sense of charm, there is nothing quite so hip as having your own individualized fashion sense. Now you can have just that and more with a customized accessory to show off what is truly important in your life. E4hats.com is offering a dizzying array of custom crests and embroidered symbols, messages, and designs so that you can showcase what moves you!

    For Family

    Few things define us as succinctly and completely as our position within our family unit. Are you a brother? A father? A son? Or perhaps all three? There are plenty of family-oriented embroidered caps to choose from. So go ahead and show off the fact that you are a caring “big brother”, parade the “world’s best dad” or proclaim yourself to be a “#1 Soccer Mom” with a custom hat from e4hats!

    hot pink white embroidered foam mesh back cap number 1 mom embroidered washed cap

    For Holidays

    There are plenty of seasonal hats, but none peg the time of year quite so specifically as those with holiday themed embroidery or patches. Choose the perfect holiday themed cap and beanie for Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween and other celebrations. Collect a whole set, and never be without appropriate headwear for any festive season all the year round!

    hn305bf-maroon-5_1 li306he-dk-green-1
    hs304di-orange-1_2 si303he-white-1

    For Veterans

    For those warriors who served in massive conflicts, the memories of the life changing ordeal they went through can be both powerful and lasting. So deep and profound are the bonds made in combat that being a veteran is often how old soldiers identify first and foremost. For that reason, hats embroidered with an affirmation of past duty are popular. Check out our selection of patches specific to the difference periods of recent American history, and get one as a thank you to someone in your life who has served his country.

    military embroidered cap
    vl301di-black-5 ve301mo-sky-1

    For Patriots

    Proud of where you are from? No matter the place, there is a person out there who is ready to sing its praises. Save your voice, and instead check out a patriotic hat to showcase your love for your mother country. No matter how far-flung your origins, E4hats.com can hook you up!

    IMG_1042n IMG_1598
    dw304ca-purple-gold-1_1 ef505cy-england-5


    Whatever your passion, your pride, or your identity happens to be, we’ve got a perfect embroidered hat that will proclaim it to those around you. While sporting some of these symbols may seem a bit brash, remember that a hat that signifies what kind of a person you are, or what you hold as important, can be a great way to make unexpected friends and have interesting experiences that you wouldn’t have otherwise had. Wearing a hat with an Irish flag will have Irishmen coming up to engage you in any city in the world. A veteran of the Korean War may be surprised to find brothers in arms coming out of the woodwork when he wears his Korean War hat.

    These hats will connect you to others, so don’t waste any time. Find your symbol today!

  • Guide to Back to School Fashion


    Summer is winding down, and once the world has collectively overcome the torpor of this sweltering season there will be much to do. First and foremost on the agenda should be getting any young people in your life started back in school. Books, school supplies, and emotional support are all important parts of a child's education, but nothing is more important in a young person's mind than being "cool" when they re-enter school in the fall. Help them along with a bit of style in the form of a hip hat from e4hats.com!




    lb305sh-orange-1      yd301ca-black-1


    Kid's Caps

    The good old American baseball cap is an accessory that truly knows no age. From the elderly down to the kindergarten bound, this classic symbol of stateside fashion is as practical as it is basic. Check out our wide selection of kid’s sizes and colors for your back to school head wear.


    ml302yh-lime-1_9   ml301yh-red-1_11


    Children’s Novelty Hats

    Whether it is looking like their favorite comic book hero, or playing outdoors in their Davy Crocket style coonskin cap, kids love to play dress up, and a cool novelty hat can be just the thing to set their young imagination free. From cowboys and Indians to Super Mario brothers, we have an assortment of styles popular with today’s kids- so take a look.



    ys001cf-natural-1     _1311950626_4

    Children's Fedoras

    Some children mature faster than others, and for the urbane and stylish youths we have a collection of hats that are simply miniature versions of well-known adult styles. After all, your little one imitating you is surely the most sincere form of flattery there is.


    boy-73629_640 ca011ms-1


    Kid's Animal Beanies

     It won’t be long after school starts that the cold winter months will come rolling along. When they do, the baseball caps of summer and the novelty hats of Halloween will be replaced by insulating beanies. Why not play a bit with this practical winter head piece?


    nc003nb-1 _1315850552_4 _1252405786_13


    Newsboy youth hats

     Kids might not appreciate the retro look quite as much as their parents do, but for those little ones who don’t mind a bit of a streetwise peddler look, there is the Newsboy cap. Emblematic of the great depression, these caps have never fully gone out of style. Make your child and trendsetter with these symbols of old fashioned boyishness and charm.


    Fitting in: it can be difficult even in the best of circumstances. But as our children grow, school teaches them many things outside of the realm of science and mathematics. Through their education, our kids are learning to socialize and find their place in the world. Therefore, seeing that they have quality clothes and feel confident in themselves can be just as important as an A+ on a spelling test. Whether it is a stylish hat, a popular lunch box, or a cool new smartphone, your kids are bound to want certain things because “other children have it.” Keep in mind that this is natural, and all part of socialization. Good luck to all the kids and parents out there as the schools once again fling open their doors for a glorious fall session.

  • A Guide to the Perfect Summer Sun Hat

    The Perfect Summer Sun Hat

    If you’ve made it this far into the dog days of summer, you probably already know a thing or two about staying cool. As the thermometer climbs, the joyful freedom of the season can turn into lethargy and a tendency to stick to one’s leather couch (in more ways than one).

    If you’ve been suffering from the summer blues, we’ve got just the thing to help you out: hats from e4hats.com!

    As we enter the hottest time of the year, it is little wonder that the recent craze for sun hats has swept fashion circles all over the world over. These wide brimmed, ultra-lightweight hats are just the ticket for getting out and about without turning into a piece of overdone beef jerky in the sizzling heat of the day.


    fe003fw-1   bi003fw-tea-1_2


    Straw Sun Hats

    Get in touch with your inner country girl with our wide selection of straw sun hats, perfect for those summer days spent gazing up at the clouds. There are a wide variety of colors and styles available, and we recommend checking out our array of “fringed edge” sun hat for that “rough around the edges” look that is trending this summer.


    summer-cute-hipster-beauty-large   woman-862514_640


    Floppy Brim Sun Hats

    Wider is better when it comes to sun hats, and no brims are quite as wide and versatile as the ones on our floppy brim sun hats. Made from lightweight material, these brims are perfectly poised to protect you from the worst UV rays the sun has to offer. Often associated with luxury tourism, these classic symbols of leisure are perfect for a day on an exotic beach..




    Lady’s Toyo Sun Hats

    Toyo is a special kind of paper material original used by the Japanese to make hats which were renowned for being ultra-lightweight and breathable. These hats are perfect for the garden, or places where you know you are bound to break a heavy sweat, as the porous material really helps to keep the scalp cool and fresh.




    Bow Trim Sun Hats

    Much like the floppy brimmed variety, these accessories have a crimped brim, which gives them a more feminine elegance, a bit of a girlish allure that can be further highlighted by pastels and other bright colors suited to the greens and blues of a summer day.


    tn002ru-mauve-1  ux001ru-gold-1




    Roll up Brim Sun Hat

    A proper English ladies hat, the rolled up brim makes this classic headpiece seem high-brow and respectable. Stick a flower in the hatband for a bit of added panache and class, and you are all set for the derby, opera, or fancy cocktail hour.

    Whatever your style, a hat is an absolute necessity in hot climates once the month of August rolls around. If you are anywhere near the equator, even in the subtropic zones, the sun is a serious health concern. Why not look super hip, while at the same time responsibly protecting your skin from harmful UV rays? With hats from e4hat.com, you can be stylish and safe all at the same time. Enjoy your summer, and roll on breezy days of fall!

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