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Find our unique Bow Tie which is a perfect costume accessory that will complete your outfits for Independence Day or other patriotic theme parties for Halloween or other magnificent occasions.
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More About Bow Tie

For those Mardi Gras lovers, we carry our one of a kind Mardi Gras bow-tie that will help add a little more kick to your outfit. The purple, yellow, and green colors on this bow-tie along with the sequin detail help create a more fashionable look and add a hint of pizazz to your outfit.

Add a tie to your suit for a more extreme and over the edge look! Independence Day is often associated with fireworks, picnics, concerts, games, carnivals, fairs, parades, and barbecues. Bow-Ties are a great addition to your outfit even for family reunions and political speeches, ceremonies, as well as private historical events.

We also offer different styles of wigs, beards, bucket hats, afro visors, pony tails, baseball caps with bangs, and mustaches for Halloween accessories and other costume parties for men, women, boys, and girls of all ages.