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Wigs and Mustaches

Our wigs can be worn for a variety of costumes and events. For others who want more of a wild look, we offer our Mohawk wig, gnome hat with beard, funky mustaches, and hats with braids.
Wigs and Mustaches

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More About Wig, Mustache

A great costume or disguise can be a great way to have a little fun next Halloween or at your next theme party. We offer different styles of wigs, beards, bucket hats, afro visors, pony tails, baseball caps with bangs, and mustaches for Halloween accessories and other costume parties for men, women, boys, and girls of all ages.

Quite often, life doesn’t always go as we plan and we have many road bumps along the way. For those who have suffered from cancer, our customer’s love to wear our baseball caps with pony tails. We have found that these great hats help boost their self-esteem.

Find our unique bow tie which is a perfect costume accessory that will complete your outfits for Independence Day or other patriotic theme parties for Halloween or other magnificent occasions.