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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of Mexican independence. We here at e4Hats salute those who want to bring out their Cinco de Mayo spirit their sombreros and flags. Our sombreros come in assorted colors such as Red Green Blue, Plain Blue, Only Green, Natural, or Red. Make sure you fasten them tight to your head with the neck/chin straps so you can party all day. Our sombreros come in assorted materials such as Straw and Natural. They feel natural and authentic to the touch so don’t be afraid to party hard with them because they will not wear out. We even have accessories such as Mexican flag towels and flag patches, as well as plastic bangles to show off your Mexican pride. Find a Cinco de Mayo hat, caps, and accessories in styles of Caballero hat, patch, towel, bangle, head wrap, sombrero, straw cap and Mexico Costumes to spice up any fiestas or parties for your family.

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