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Pith Helmet Hats

If you are looking for an awesome pith helmet then you are in luck. We carry pith hats that will add a little extra to your costume or next special event.
Pith Helmet Hats

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More About Pith Helmet

We carry British Bobby helmet, pith helmets, twist Toyo and other diverse styles. If you have never seen a pitch helmet before, they are pretty awesome looking.

Don’t leave for your next safari without one. These hats are traditional British style hats and they feature a large hard dome on the top. There is also a buckle hat band on each one. These hats offer the wearer eye catching style that will definitely turn some heads.

This is the most comfortable, sturdiest hat that you have ever put on your head. Check out one for yourself. We are always looking to add new items all of the time so be sure to check back often to see what’s new. Find a pith style hat for your next themed costume or next play or performance.