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The Rasta fashion trend is currently a unique ensemble inspired directly by the Rastafarian movement based in 1930’s Jamaica. This current fashion statement is was spread by Bob Mrely his amazing music and personality. This trend consists of three colors red, yellow and green, all of which are features of the Jamaican flag. The Rasta inspired style is now recognized as a global symbol. Our costume Rasta hat collection includes: Rasta beanies, berets, wigs, and may other styles of hats. Some come with hair attached and a dreadlock hat that coincides with hair braids associated with the Rasta look. Some people wear these items only for themed party and event purposes and others enjoy this trend as a new wardrobe necessity. Jump on the Rasta trend and reminisce on an inspirational period of unique music, love, peace and happiness. You will not find a better selection of Rastafarian apparel anywhere else.

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