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Captain and Sailor Hats

Look just like real sailors with our captain and sailor hats. Wear them on a costume party. But even more surprisingly, wear them as part of your daily wear. Be sure to browse through our website at e4Hats.com to find the right hat for the occasion.
Captain and Sailor Hats

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More About Captain, Sailor Hat

Dressing up as a captain or sailor in a costume party is very common. In fact, people just love to wear the white pristine uniform and sailor hat. If you love wearing uniform costumes to a costume party, then there are other options that you can try. Why not opt for Pirate, Viking Hats or Chefs Hats? Given the right attire, you can make yourself look like a convincing officer or chef, respectively, with these hats.

But if you want to dress up as a medieval character, there are several hats that you can try to wear. The King, Princess Hats is definitely on top of the list. Other hats at your disposal include Gypsy Hats and Witch, Wizard Hats. You can also try Robin Hood Hats as they almost belong to the same era.

The thing is that there are many interesting hats that you can try for the costume party. Aside from the hats mentioned above, but if you are looking for hats that have timeless appeal to them, you can never go wrong with Clown Hats no matter what. The best thing about these hats is that you can wear them on any occasion.