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Chef Hats

Our chef hats are a perfect addition to your costume, can be used in professional kitchens or even at home. Our adjustable chef hats make them a great fit for most heads. We carry several kitchen hats and cook’s cap for every occasion.
Chef Hats

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More About Chef Hat

A chef hat also known as a toque hat is a slim hat with a slim brim or even no brim at all. They began to grow in popularity around the 13th century. They have now become ubiquitous with professional cooks in this day and age.

We carry multiple colors so there is a toque hat for everyone. Each of these hats is made of 100% cotton and is crafted to withstand the heat of a kitchen. This is your new best friend in the kitchen. Cook up some great meals, and share your gift of cooking with your friends and family.

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