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Chef hats or toque hats are slim hats with a slim brim or no brim at all. Popular back in the 13 to 16 century, they are now ubiquitous with professional cooks this day and age. Our chef hats generally serve to look the part of a Halloween costume. At the low prices we carry, they are very affordable. Once you try them on, you might get inspired to bake a cake or fry some omelets. Whichever is the case, try traditional white or even red to stand out even more. Our adjustable Chef Hats makes them a great fit for most sizes. Made of 100% cotton, they can withstand the heat of the kitchen. Feel free to bring your creativity in baking to the table while looking the part. Chef hat and cap for kitchen cook or Halloween costume party in variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and treat your friends and family wearing this chef's hats and cooking up some great meals.

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