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Mario and Luigi Hats

The Mario Brothers are the two most iconic video game characters of all time. Dress up either of these Nintendo heroes with the right costume. We have a wide selection of Mario and Luigi hats for you. Browse through our page to find the ones you like.
Mario and Luigi Hats

More About Mario, Luigi Hat

Perhaps one of the most iconic video game characters that people dress up as are Mario and Luigi. For this reason, it is crucial that you get Mario, Luigi Hats. These hats are very iconic and you don’t even have to tell everyone who you are portraying. They already know!

There are other iconic hats that you can wear including the Waldo Hats inspired by the Where’s Waldo? comic book and Dr Seuss Hats inspired by the character from the Cat in the Hat. But if you don’t want to wear iconic hats and just opt for simple yet common themes, you can never go wrong with King, Princess Hats, Clown Hats, Gypsy Hats and Witch, Wizard Hats. These hats are very appealing as they come with different styles and designs that will suit your tastes.

Now if it is simple hats that you can also wear every day is what you need, then you can never go wrong with Biker, Motorcycle Hats and Military, Civil War Hats. There are also interesting designs for Pirate, Viking Hats that may complement your ordinary jeans and shirt aside from completing your costume for a particular party.