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Military, Civil War

Civil War Era and Military Hats are very popular in general. Every kid wants to look the part of their great hero relatives that fought in the old days. They also make great costumes for school plays whether you’re trying to look like a retired Civil War general or modern service man of today’s age. We also carry other country’s signature looks like our Canadian Mountie Hat. The high quality material will make you look like an authentic Royal Canadian mounted police. If you’re looking to stand out with the RCMP signature look, definitely choose our Mountie Hats. The British Pith Helmet is also a signature look of the Royal Marines. Dating back to the 1800s, this look has definitely been around long enough for anybody to instantly recognize the look you are trying to achieve. Our pith helmet is made of durable and is of high quality. Wear it for your European style look or just to go on a safari adventure. You can’t go wrong either way!

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