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Robin Hood Hats

Go to a party with your friends as Robin Hood and his band of merry men. But more than wearing green spandex, it is important that you also get iconic hats. There are many hats that are available but none are as accurate as what we have at e4Hats.com.
Robin Hood Hats

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More About Robin Hood Hat

Robin Hood was an infamous bandit who stole from the rich and gave the money away to the poor. He is portrayed as an archer wearing a green hat. So, if you want to go to a party dressed up as this merry bandit, you need to wear Robin Hood Hats. Dressing up as Robin Hood is great but if you want to try other costume hats, there are other hats that you can wear.

Do you like wearing costume uniform hats? Then you will definitely enjoy wearing the Waldo Hats or the Mario, Luigi Hats. These hats will make you look like the real characters that you are portraying. Other character hats that you can wear include Dr Seuss Hats and Sherlock Holmes Hats. With these hats, you don’t need to explain yourself who you are dressed up as.

If you do not fancy wearing character costume hats, there are other hats that you can wear that are simpler and more functional. You can wear the Police, Chauffeur Hats, Captain, Sailor Hats, and Chefs Hats and dress up as a worker from different industries. These hats are very functional that you can also wear them as accessories.