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Sherlock Holmes Caps

Look like the charming super sleuth of old England by wearing Sherlock Holmes hats. These are structured hero hats that are decorated with black and white prints so not only can you use it as a costume but as part of your daily uniform wear.
Sherlock Holmes Caps

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More About Sherlock Holmes Hat

Sherlock Holmes is the most popular private sleuth of all time. This is the reason why many people love dressing up as him during Halloween and costume parties. Dressing up as Sherlock Holmes requires wearing the right hat. But if you do not want to dress up with Sherlock Holmes Hats for a party, then there are other costume hats that you can wear.

Why not wear Mario, Luigi Hats and dress up as the infamous Nintendo character? You can also wear the Waldo Hats and look like the popular comic book character from the 80s. The thing is that there are many character hats that you can wear to a costume party.

If you do not want to wear costume hats and find them childish, there are other hats that you can wear. If you want sophisticated hats that can be worn for both costume parties and everyday situations, you can never go wrong with Gypsy Hats. You can also opt for Biker, Motorcycle Hats and wear them as part of your daily outfit.

Whether you are looking for elegant, functional or whimsical costume hats, you are bound to find the right one that fit your needs.