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Witch, Wizard

Witch and Wizard hats are a core look for all magic lovers out there. You can never go wrong with this look for Halloween. Remember the pointier the top the bigger the surprise. So get some of our largest hats we have. They look even more adorable as oversized hats on your kids. While black colors are quite common, we do have nontraditional pink for those who want to stand apart of the magical crowd. Most of our witch and wizard hats come in polyester or synthetic fabric. These materials help the hat ensure its shape so when you’re facing your wizardry challenge, the hat will stand tall just as you will. Conjure up your best look now with our amazing selection of wizards and witches hat. Browse our unique selection of Halloween Witch caps and Wizard hats, a must have for that unexpected costume party for adult and children. You can have a fun with satin witch’s hat and black wizards cap.