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Witch and Wizard Hats

Most of our wizard and witch hats come in either polyester or other synthetic fabrics. These materials help the hat ensure its shape while you attend Hogwarts or are trying to keep that pesky dragon at bay.
Witch and Wizard Hats

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More About Witch, Wizard Hat

For several years now, the witch and wizard has remained one of the top costume choices every single year, and that is not soon to change. If you need a witch hat for your costume looking or wizard hats you will have plenty to choose from below.

While black has traditionally been the most widely found color we do have other non-traditional colors like pink available. You will even find satin witch caps that add a touch of elegance to your Halloween costume. Conjure up your best look now with our amazing selection of wizards and witches hat. We have the finishing touch to any Halloween party this year. Skip the overpriced holiday stores, shop online.