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Witch and Wizard Hats

If you love dressing up as a medieval character for Halloween or any themed parties, make sure that do not only restrict yourself dressing up as royalties. Aside from princesses, dress up as a witch or wizard. Make sure you also get the right hat.
Witch and Wizard Hats

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More About Witch, Wizard Hat

Wizard hats are very dramatic. They are best worn on costume parties that are medieval-inspired. There are many styles and designs of wizard hats that you can choose from so make sure that you opt for those that will complement your wizard’s outfit. Aside from wizard hats, there are other medieval-inspired hats that you can try. These include Robin Hood Hats, King, Princess Hats, Gypsy Hats, and Clown Hats.

Medieval costume hats are fine but if it is not your cup of tea to dress up as a princess, gypsy, or clown, then you still have other options. If you fancy character-inspired hats, then you might want to enjoy wearing Waldo Hats, Dr Seuss Hats, and Sherlock Holmes Hats. These hats are very iconic so you don’t need to tell everyone what you are wearing.

Aside from character uniform hats, you can also wear simple hats as your costume. Wear the Police, Chauffeur Hats, Military, Civil War Hats, and Chefs Hats. These hats may look very ordinary but they are very effective in pulling off your work costume. Moreover, these hats are very functional, too.