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Dressy Hats

Dressy hats are very elegant but it does not mean that you can only wear them on special occasions like garden weddings and formal luncheons. You can wear them at the beach or with just about any dress you wear as long as you feel extra fancy.
Dressy Hats

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More About Dressy Hat

Dressy hats are made from different materials and they also feature different types of embellishments such as feathers, gemstones, and flowers. While dressy hats are designed for women, men also have their own versions of dressy hats and these include Top Hats. Wear these hats if you are attending different formal functions like weddings and formal balls.

While formal hats are great for these events, it is crucial that you also collect hats that will match your daily outfit. There are many hats that you can wear to match your outfit but you can never go wrong with Bowler and Derby Hats, Gambler Hats, and Fedoras, Gangster Hats. These hats have unisex appeal on them so anyone can wear them with whatever clothes that they wear.

These timeless hats are great but if you want to wear hats that are great for your outdoor hobbies like gardening, hiking, and even fishing, why not try Safari Hats and Cowboy Hats. You can also wear Chinese Coolie Hats if you are looking for functional hats that also come with interestingly novel designs.