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Fedora and Gangster Hats

Fedora and 1920's gangster hats have become a daily part of women, men, as well as teenagers and children’s lives.
Fedora and Gangster Hats

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More About Fedora, Gangster Hat

Find our unique selection of fedora and gangster hats in styles of felt Biarritz, felt gangster, and big daddy martini fedora for any Halloween party.

In the past, the fedora hat was worn during winter and fall as the material was made to keep your head warm during the cool weather. Nowadays, people where them throughout the season. With our natural straw material, people do not have to sacrifice themselves by wearing a fedora hat that will over heat their head.

Our natural straw fedora hat is great for the beaches, sun parties, walks, and outdoor trips in the spring and summer seasons. Any of these would be the perfect addition to your Halloween costume. We add new items all the time so check back often so you don't miss out on our other great new fedoras.