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Top Hats

The top hat was created in the 18th century. In 1797 a man named Hetherington first wore the hat on the streets and people were so taken aback by the over the top style that Hetherington hat was actually arrested for disturbing the peace.
Top Hats

More About Top Hat

A top hat is a great way to add some elegance to your dressy wardrobe. These hats have been around for decades and the styles have not changed all too much over the years. Our large selection includes styles like felt, Sinamay, pilgrim, St. Patrick's Day, and more.

These are perfect for a costume, theme party, or elegant evening wear. Although these types of hats have a modern look to it, the iconic image never fades. For a more popular style hat, you can try our other great old fashioned bowler hat and derby hats. Don’t forget to try our cylinder and stovepipe caps as well.