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Top Hats

Top hats are very elegant hats. They have rigid construction thus they maintain their shape no matter what force you inflict on them. An elegant hat needs an equally elegant outfit. This is the reason why they deserve to be paired with formal suits.
Top Hats

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More About Top Hat

Top hats were first introduced during the 18th century and it became the symbol of power especially among men. Top hats are very formal structured hats that you wear on limited occasions. They are perfect for formal events like weddings, charity balls, and formal luncheons. They are commonly worn by men but there is also an equivalent hat that can be worn by women. Dressy Hats, for instance, come in different designs and embellishments such as feathers, flowers, and gemstones. Be sure to pick the ones that complement your outfit.

While dressy hats are important when you are attending a formal function, it is also equally important to wear hats that can complement your daily wear. Examples of hats that you wear to match your daily wardrobe include Fedoras, Gangster Hats, Gambler Hats, and Bowler and Derby Hats. Whether you are wearing a skirt, jeans, or a sundress, these hats will match your style.

But if you prefer to wear hats that are both functional and appealing, you can never go wrong with Cowboy Hats and Safari Hats. Wear them while doing different outdoor activities that you have in mind. well.