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  • Our Top Trending Spring Hats

    The sun is beaming. Spring Hats to the rescue.


    Spring is simply the best time of the year. No more cold days bundled inside, now that the birds are chirping and at last the world has grown lush and vivid. In this wondrous season it’s not just the flowers that are in bloom- all of those lovely spring outfits that have been tucked away in musty wardrobes for half the year can finally come out and be seen! Whatever your style, there is no better way to top off your vernal fashion statement than with a hat perfectly suited to the glorious beauties of springtime.

    Let’s take a look at what is in this year.

            IMG_1180   IMG_0496


    Wide brim floppy hats

    The sun grows hotter every day as summer approaches, and wide brim hats are the practical and stylish alternative to unfashionable sunburn. For all the ladies headed to the beach, the wide-brim floppy hat is the ideal accessory. Providing 360 degrees of shade, these hats droop slightly like the petals of a great flower—tasteful yet attention-grabbing.


    Pork pie hats

    Just because something is old doesn't mean it is old-fashioned! Pork Pies are a classic men’s hat from the nineteen twenties that are experiencing a roaring renaissance this spring. This look gives men a certain urbanity, a man-about-town swagger that speaks of refinement and gentlemanly taste- a perfect fit for your next spring cocktail party.


    Bowler hats

    Popularized by English nobility, bowler hats are the ultimate symbol of the cosmopolitan gentleman out for a dignified nightcap. Another classic in men’s headwear, these rounded crowns are perfect for costume parties, or for those confidently strutting the ‘retro’ look this spring. A nice felt bowler could be worn at the bar, a wedding, or shopping, and is sure to draw attention from ladies for its soft felt feel and dashing, romantic connotations.


    Panama Hats

    The name has it wrong, as these suave hats are actually of Ecuadorian origin. No matter, these svelte symbols of refinement are truly cool on an international scale, and make the wearer appear like a confident man of the world preparing for a globe-trotting safari to warm climates. Because they are often made of straw, the Panama hat is very lightweight and breathes well, making it ideal for outdoor activities like a stroll through the park. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, a nice panama hat can make a five mile hike seem like a trek to Machu Picchu.


    Spring hat fashion is designed to be light in both weight and color, and serves the important purpose of keeping you cool. First and foremost, a good light material is necessary for daytime, outdoor hats, as that will be where the new spring sun is at its most fearsome. After dark, the heavier material hats are great for enjoying cocktails or dancing as the day winds down. Whatever your particular flair or style, we have a hat to suit it, so take the plunge and make this spring a trendy one!

  • Memorial Day Hat Celebration

    Choosing the Right Memorial Day Hat.


    As simple as a hat may seem – after all, it’s just a crown and a brim – choosing the right one for the occasion takes some thought. People wear hats for one of three reasons: protection, decoration and communication. In most cases, it’s easy to see why people choose the hats they wear, especially when they are seasonal or holiday related.

    Memorial Day Hats for Sale


    Memorial Day is fast approaching and it’s a good time to show off some cool head covers if you got ‘em. If you don’t, you can find cool Memorial Day hats for sale in our online store.  Memorial Day is the perfect opportunity to show off your pride in your country with a great hat. Here are a few we’ve come up with that are just right for this special holiday.

       rw001ct-1_1   la001fn-red-1   _1314033242_7

    Patriotic Hats

    If you love your country and want to tell everyone you see, there’s no better way than with a fun, patriotic hat. Our patriotic hats come in a wide array of stars and stripes to fit every prideful personality. Take for instance, the Uncle Sam Top Hat. What’s more traditional or patriotic than that?


    Or maybe that big hat isn’t your style. Maybe something a little more subdued is a better choice. In that case, the USA Flag Visor fits the bill nicely.

        fv001ds-black-1      fp501cy-royal-2_2

    USA Ball Caps

    The traditional style ball cap is something that never goes out of style. It’s comfortable and can be decorative, communicative and protective all at the same time. This Memorial Day calls for something a little more USA than your typical ball cap, so be sure to check out our selection of star-studded, red, white and blue USA ball caps.




    UV Sun Block Hats

    With any luck, this Memorial Day will be a warm and sunny one. While this makes for some great outdoor fun, the sun can be brutal on delicate skin. That’s why we carry a large selection of UV sun block hats in styles and colors to fit every occasion. Choose from several wide-brimmed styles designed to protect your face, neck and shoulders from the sun. In addition to protection, these stylish hats look great, too.

          vh001bh-1      uv002cr-baby-blue-1     _1241005958_4

    Flap Hats


    Another great way to enhance your outfit and protect your skin at the same time is by wearing flap hats. These hats feature wide brims and neck flaps to protect as much skin as possible from the sun. If you have short hair, or tend to wear your hair up when outdoors, this is the type of hat you need this Memorial Day. There’s nothing more painful than a burnt neck, so be sure you have a flap hat or two as part of your wardrobe this summer.

    Whether you want a Memorial Day hat for protection, communication or decoration, be sure to check out You’ll never find anywhere else with a bigger selection of the hats you want most. We’re dedicated to making sure you have a hat for every occasion.

  • A Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Hat Gift Ideas for Mom.


    Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If the holiday has snuck up on you this year, don’t worry. You still have time to get your mom something really special. Women’s hats make great gifts for anyone because they allow the wearer to create stylish and unique looks easily. Keep reading to find hat gift ideas for mom that are trendy and hot this spring and summer season.



    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #1: Floppy Hats

    The nice thing about floppy hats as a Mother’s Day gift idea is that they are very versatile. These hats can go from errand running to the beach with no second thought. Floppy hats add an air of femininity no matter what color they may be. Go ahead and find out what your mother’s favorite color is and get her a floppy hat in that shade. She’ll love it!



    Mother's Day Gift Ideas #2: Wide Brim Sun Hats

    Similar to the floppy hat in the fact that it has a wide brim, the wide brim on this hat is stiffer to help protect delicate skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. If your mother loves spending time outdoors gardening or lying by the pool, the wide brim sun hat is a great choice.

                 IMG_1276       IMG_0635


    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #3: Rain Hats

    Contrary to what their name implies, rain hats aren't just for wearing in the rain, although they do a great job of keeping you dry. The droopy, girly look of this style of hat lends a casual feel to any outfit. If your mother is the fun-loving type who doesn't mind splashing in the puddles on occasion, the droopy rain hat makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

    IMG_0874 IMG_0988


    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #4: Knitted Hats & Beanies

    While knitted hats and beanies are also a great style for winter, lighter-weight, more lacy type versions work well with springtime attire. Beanies create a more youthful appearance that’s comfortable and easy to wear. Of course, this style of hat comes in every color of the rainbow and then some, and they are relatively cheaper in price than many other types of hats, so you may want to get your mom a couple to let her pick and choose.

         bs007tb-mustard-1   wr008tb-olive-1   wd008tb-ivory-silver-1   ht001sk-1

    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #5: Headscarves and Turbans

    Ranging in stylish inclination from ethnic-inspired to retro to neo-modern, turbans, headscarves and bandannas are a hot trend this spring and summer season. These types of hats have the ability to change the entire look of an outfit and can be matched or contrasted with the ensemble to really make a bold statement. If your mother is a bold personality that enjoys making an impact on others, a turban or wrap is definitely a Mother’s Day hat idea to consider.


    Even if your mother has never worn head wear before, choosing a hat that fits her personality and lifestyle can transform her into a fan of hats. The list above is a great starting place, but use your own judgment, as anything goes as far as hats are concerned. You know your mom best, so choose a hat that you know she’ll love.

  • All About the Hat- Derby Days

    Talk Derby to me.


    To many, the Kentucky Derby is known as the "most exciting two minutes in sports." Respectfully, we believe that the Kentucky Derby is the "most exciting event in hat fashion." What better way to usher in the beauty of Spring than with extravagant and chic "larger than life" hats. The millinery, cocktail, sinamay, organza, fascinator; the bigger the better. We've put together a quick guide to the Kentucky Derby. From Derby fashion tips for men and women to creating the iconic concoction of the Kentucky Derby, the Mint Julep.

    It's All About the Hat

    Over the years, Kentucky Derby Hats have really turned up the glamour of hat fashion. Part Southern tradition, part spectacle, the Kentucky Derby hat has become a beautiful blend of wild fiery expression and chic elegant sophistication. Bright and vibrant colors are a must when choosing the perfect Derby hat. Remember, you are choosing an outfit that best suits your Kentucky Derby Hat not the other way around. Let's go over a few of the basics of the Kentucky Derby Hat.

    Sinamay Hat

    The Kentucky Derby crowd favorite is easily the Sinamay hat. Widely varying in size and styles, the fashion sinamay hat is typically decorated with ruffles, feathers, ribbons, and bows. In our opinion when paired with an outfit and styled correctly, the sinamay hat epitomizes the class and elegance of Kentucky Derby fashion.

                      sina1     sina3     sina2



    Sinamay maintenance

    Sinamay straw is the material used on all sinamay hats. If you're dusting off your fashion sinamay from last year and notice some creases and dents there's no need to worry.

    1. Boil a pot of water in a tea pot

    2. Carefully steam the dents starting from the inside of the hat then on the outside.

    3. Gently straighten out dents with your hands while applying steam as necessary.

    4. When you've managed to get most of the dents straightened out, fill the crown with butcher paper (avoid newspaper as it may cause discoloration)

    5. Let the sinamay straw dry out and repeat as necessary.


    Fascinator Hats

    For those of you who do not feel comfortable wearing something so large on your head but don't want to lose an ounce of the extravagance, fascinators are perfect for you. In terms of variety, fascinators have the most. They come in all different sizes, colors, and designs. Typically they are designed with flower, feathers, lace, and satin. Fascinators are worn by head band or hair clips, so your hair style becomes an essential part of your overall look.


    Most Common Mistake in Choosing your Derby Hat

    The most common mistake we've noticed when choosing that perfect Kentucky Derby hat is that people have a tendency to choose a hat that they believe most suits their face shape. From our experience the best Derby hat is one that you love and feel confident when wearing. Those two factors alone will make any choice a great one!

    Men's Derby Fashion

    The Kentucky Derby is one of the few times a year a man can dress up and stand out just as much as the ladies. Traditionally linen suits, bow ties, and a nice pair of oxfords would do the trick, but the look is not complete without the perfect hat.

    The Panama and Pork Pie

    One of the hottest trending items for spring and summer fashion is the Panama hat. Similar to your typical fedora hat, the Panama has a wider brim and is often made of a straw material. This hat is light, bright, and will turn up the vintage "throw back" look of almost any outfit. If you really want to turn it up, the straw pork pie is one of our favorites. This hat will definitely have you standing out while looking classy and authentic.



    Day Drinking!

    What better reason to get dressed up and have a few drinks during the day than the Kentucky Derby. The crisp, cold, and clean Mint Julep has become the staple of the Kentucky Derby. Nearly 120,000 mint juleps are served during the Kentucky Derby Weekend. Here are some simple instructions on making this light and crisp drink.


    mint julep


    The Kentucky Derby is a one time a year event filled with drinks, luxury, and high fashion. Sounds like a good time across the board, but don't be too bummed if you can't make it out to Kentucky. If you live close to California, check out the Biggest Derby Party West of Kentucky at Santa Anita Racetrack. This star studded event will be held on Saturday May 2, 2015 or at the very least we suggest "Derbying" it up in the comfort of your home. Cheers!

    santa anita

  • Egg-cited for Easter

    Egg-cited for Easter.

    For many of us, Easter marks the annual celebration of the coming of spring. What better way to welcome this momentous season than with a sugar infused adventure and some beautiful big poofy hats. Let's have some fun!


    Easter isn't all about just candy and bunnies.  But let's face it, it plays a big role. The Cadbury Bunny is coming in hot so lets get prepared for another fun and fashionable Easter Sunday.

    The Egg


    One of the most time tested and true symbols of Easter is the Easter egg. Over the decades, the Easter Egg has gone through transformations beyond our wildest imaginations. Today the Easter Egg ranges from the classic dye and paint to elaborate and floral tie dye designs.



    But who has time to learn, prepare, and design these over the top beautiful eggs. Here's a quick little tip and simple idea that will have the kids screaming and jumping out of their seats        pre-sugar rush.

    The Minion



    1. Buy hollow plastic eggs, preferably blue and yellow.

    2. Buy black and silver markers.

    3. Yellow for tops and blue for bottoms

    4. Let your kids go wild.

    Let's have a little grown up fun now. In my opinion the true star of Easter Sunday is Easter Fashion, so dust off your Sunday shoes and let's take a look at some trending Easter Sunday hats.

                           2015-fashion-wedding-hats-fascinators-handmade     baby easter       felt-bunny-ears



    You can't go wrong with a simple and classic hat. Save the over the top accessories for the Kentucky Derby. Simple classic pastel or neutral colors with floral ribbons and lace. Fascinators are a great way to top off your favorite Easter outfit with the perfect amount of class and style.

                                     Queen+attends+Easter+service+0AJggW-xJcMl      princessmariechantal-greece


    No Easter Sunday is complete without the Easter Bunny. There are a variety of different rabbit ears and rabbit hats perfect for any Easter celebration. Bunny ear headbands, rabbit ear beanies, and even rabbit hats with gloves.

                          _1270227609_7 _1319018704_7 fm018cz-1

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