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Billed Classic Beanies

Billed classic beanies provide protection to your face because of the visor that can shield your face from the rays of the sun. Aside from added protection, billed classic beanies are also comfortable as they allow air circulation in the head.
Billed Classic Beanies

More About Billed Classic Beanie

They look very timeless so you can wear them all year round. They are not only perfect for winter but also during the summer. What makes Billed Classic Beanies great is that while they provide warmth to your head, the knitted structure also allows adequate air flow in your head thus you are well ventilated while still keeping your head warmth much like our Cuff Visored Beanies.

A more rugged styled visored beanie is our Jeep Style Beanies. Each set of our Jeep Styled Beanies is structures in more square shape much like our Jeep Styled Caps. The crown is shorter and constructed. The fabric is double layered at the sides of the crown for added insulation, with a fun accent of 3 panels. Be sure to check them all out as each offers something different than the other.

If you are looking for something with more patterns or designs we got you covered with our Billed Designed Beanie. Our design beanies are manufactured with the design. These beanies are available in many different colors as they feature many colors on one design. It is a great way to express yourself with a designed beanie.