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Fashion Sinamay

Sinamay comes from the abaca plant and the fibers are woven together to make a much stronger fabric. These fabrics are used to create very ornate hat applications. Early Sinamay users in the Philippines used the fabric as a raw material in which to create course and stiff clothing. If you have never seen a Fashion Sinamay hat before we invite you to check out the Sinamay hats hats we have available below. The hat was born in Asian culture and has spread stateside. These hats are excellent for ladies special occasions and can offer you an elegant summer look. We have fascinator hats available in , organza, church, and other fancy and decorative styles. Find two-tone, sheer, wide brim, or flower Kentucky derby hat. A flower Sinamay hat is perfect for a more elegant, fancy look. We have the best selection of sinamay derby hats on the internet.