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Beret and Tam Hats

A beret and Tam (O'Shatner) cap started as a flat wool cap that was worn by peasants, but after the 1920's it was worn more as a fashion statement. They then were adopted into the military. The beret is commonly worn pushed to one side.
Beret and Tam Hats

More About Beret, Tam Hat

Tam style hats set themselves apart from a beret in that it has a toorie or pom pom in the middle as well as an external headband. We offer these caps in cadet, military, bow knit, camouflage and fleece styles. While many other hat styles have changed, the beret stays true to its original design and continues to be a distinctive hat type.

These are great caps for all genders. Our crocheted, herringbone, mohair and plaid caps are perfect for little girls and fall and winter outings. No matter what you choose we know you are going to love it. That’s the reason hat lovers have been coming here for over 20 years.

Are you looking for something warm? We recommend looking at our adjustable jeep style hats. An adjustable Jeep style hat is an awesome way to keep your head cool in the warmer months.