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Pirate, Captain

The pirate’s life is not for everybody, and most people are not cut out to be a captain. However that is why we have an imagination. We have a pirate or captain hat perfect for any costume. If you have always wanted to be a pirate or a ship captain our hats help you look the part. These high quality hats add a little extra “oomph” to your costume. These hats are available in both youth and adult sizes. We also have sailor and yacht style caps available in cotton, felt, crushable and PU leather. Find adjustable Caribbean, scallywag pirate, and many other creative designs. This is the perfect accessory for your child’s Halloween costume. These can also be great as inexpensive props for a school play. Whether you choose to say “ay yai captain” or “arrrrrrr”, you are sure to find the perfect pirate or captain style cap and hat here.