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Pork Pie

The Pork pie hat is recognized as the hat choice of many Jazz and Blues musicians in New Orleans. Its name has a very literal meaning. The food sellers would take old dress hats, trim off the damaged brim parts and re-loop the hats over pie trays. The hat is similar to a fedora but with a flatter design. The pork pie style hat is one of those classic iconic styles that will always be a part of Americana history. Pork pie hats nowadays are available in a variety of crown styles, and brims ranging from very stingy to more formal widths. We carry summer straw, diamond crown, short brim, and striped styles. Our pork pie hats are made of felt, wool, tweed, polyester and wool. Every hat tells a story. The pork pie hat has come a very long way, and the design may have changed but it is still a very popular hat style.

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