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Stingy, Trilby Fedora Hats

These stylish hats are making a comeback in a big way due to many Hollywood superstars and musical artists. They are making the fedora the super popular hat that it once was.
Stingy, Trilby Fedora Hats

More About Stingy, Trilby Hat

Stingy and Trilby fedora hats are the perfect spin off of the fedora style. These hats take what makes the fedora such a popular hat and takes it a step further. A trilby is a narrow brimmed hat once viewed as a rich man’s hat. Both the stingy, and trilby style fedoras are also known as crumpled fedoras. The hats are available in a variety of colors and styles such as sewn braid, snap brim caps, diamond shape, RGY, solid band, wool felt, and upturn brim.

Every one of the hats you will find here feature high quality materials and are available in a wide variety of sizes perfect for any unique style and for every head. They were designed for both style and substance giving you the comfort you deserve.

We also carry panama fedora, and plain options if you are looking for a simpler style. These fedoras are plain but sure to have you looking stylish to your next party occasion.