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Neck Flap & Trooper

An ear protection flap hat can be a lifesaver when it comes to cancer risk. Our trapper, trooper, sunhat and sun protection hats are made of special material designed to keep you safe from harmful UV rays. We have the largest selection of UV protection hats online. We have trapper hat also known as hunting trooper hats made of polyester nylon a faux fur. A flap hat is great for camping, hiking, or as great fishing sun flap hats for long days on the lake. Many of our sun hats for women and UV neck cover hats are made of unique UV50+ hats with material engineered to block 98% of the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays. We also carry trooper hats for winter protection. You will find military, big size up to 3XL and other outdoor caps for men. Ear flap and troopers are the best Sunday afternoon hats.

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  1. Oversize Fleece Warmer Flap Cap

    Oversize Fleece Warmer Flap Cap


    On Sale Price: $9.99

    Oversize Anti Pilling Fleece Warmer Flap Cap

    Made of 100% polyester.
    One size fits most with elastic band, fitting XL to 3 XL.
    Crown measures 5 inches deep, 6 panels, 4 inches long bill.
    Flap measures 3 - 4 inches wide.
    Soft, thick and warm material.
    Hand wash only.
    Available in black, camel,and wine.
    W46S49E. Learn More

    In stock

  2. Big Size Faux Leather Shell Aviator Hat

    Big Size Faux Leather Shell Aviator Hat

    Big Size Pilot Helmet Trooper Hat

    Made of 72% cotton and 28% polyester.
    SIZES: XL, XXL and XXXL.
    Size adjustment buckle in the rear.
    Crown measures 4 inches deep, bill measures 1-3/4 inches long.
    Soft bill, earflaps measure 5 inches long with chin strap snap closure.
    Faux leather shell-feel better than real leather, aged leather finish.
    Feathered yarn lining-extremely soft.
    Available inand black.
    Imported. Learn More

    Out of stock

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