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Sun Protection Flap Hats

Some people require a little extra UV protection. Maybe they have a skin condition, or just sensitive skin. Whatever the reason they need a special hat. These hats are called UV block flap hats.
Sun Protection Flap Hats

More About Sun Flap Hat

Don’t let your sensitive skin, or skin condition keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. A sun protection hat provides ideal sun and UV protection. You will find a wide variety of styles including gardening, UV sun protection hats, and neck cover flap. Our sun protective flap hat styles are perfect for both men and women.

Each hat is made of durable sun resistant material acting as a sun shield for your head. Check out our military and trooper styles as well. Stay protected from the sun, no matter what the season. Enjoy a warm spring or summer afternoon outdoors knowing you are protected by one of our high quality sun protection caps.

You can even find removable neck flap hats allowing you customizable sun protection. The elements are no match for our great hats. See for yourself how much of a difference these sun protective hats can make. Grab yourself a trooper/neck flap cap today!