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Trapper Caps

Trapper caps are made of polyester, nylon and faux furs which are more animal friendly but still look great. We carry neck cover, ear muff, snow, winter flap, knit dog ear caps, earflap ball caps and more.
Trapper Caps

More About Trapper Cap

A trapper hat originally was used more as necessity and less of a fashion statement as it is today for the neckflap and trooper style. Through the evolution of these hats they have developed into not only using fur pelts but newer fabrics and faux fur to give the effect of the original model.

These hats are available in more of a trooper style hat but are also available in a ball cap style with ear flaps. A trooper hat is one of the most comfortable and stylish winter hats available. A trooper hat that is a hat with ear flaps is perfect for ski and snow season and can provide warmth for your head during extreme weather conditions. The ear flaps can be snapped together at the chin to keep it snug.

Both styles are just as comfortable, it is more of a personal preference. You can also find a hunting hat in both youth and adult sizes. A soft warm hunting trapper cap is your best friend in the winter.