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UV Sun Block Flap Hats

Don't let your sensitive skin, or skin condition keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. A sun protection hat provides ideal sun and UV protection.
UV Sun Block Flap Hats

More About UV Block Flap Hat

Some people require a little extra UV protection. Maybe they have a skin condition, or just sensitive skin. Whatever the reason they need a special hat. These hats are called UV block flap hats. Shop our selection of UV block flap hats available in a variety of styles and colors. Our UV Block Flap caps offer fantastic sun protection.

These hats are made of a special chemically treated material that blocks and reflects the sun’s harmful rays. Find a hat in our huge selection of zipper flap caps, microfiber, UV50+, UV 40+, and floppy wide brim. They can keep your head protected during extreme weather conditions.

Check out our selection of removable flap cap styles. The flaps give your neck superior protection, during even the hottest days. These hats are great for hunting and outdoor lovers. Never fear, a great sun protection flap cap is here.