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Newsboy and Gatsby Hats

Dubbed as the most timeless piece of hat any American could ever wear, Gatsby Hats were the rage decades ago and even now. They not only provide protection against weather elements but they are mostly show pieces that work well with any outfit.
Newsboy and Gatsby Hats

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More About Newsboy, Gatsby Hat

A newsboy cap is a slice of Americana and played a huge part in the fashion of the early days of our great country. A newsboy or Gatsby cap has the overall shape of a flat cap but the body is rounder, fuller and is paneled with a button on top. These hats were the hat of the working class. We have big size options available in this style.

The Gatsby style hat was made famous by Jay Gatsby in the classic novel the Great Gatsby. We have these fine hat and cap styles available in corduroy, canvas, cotton newsboy, baker boy, elastic, flower print and military style as well. Every one of these hats is made of durable material.

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