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Outdoor and Western Hats

Outdoor hats are crucial in protection yourself from the sun. With flap cap, fishing hats, and other women's sun hats you are able to put both form and function together. If you are a fan of the western hat styles we have a great selection of cowboy hats.
Outdoor and Western Hats

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More About Outdoor & Western Hat

We also carry a great deal of cowboy hats for kids in a variety of styles. A wide brimmed hat is one of the best ways to protect you from the sun. Find a western style hat for women made of straw and other materials. These packable sun hats are so versatile you can wear them almost anywhere. Each of these unique pieces of headwear comes in a variety of materials from felt to straw hats.

Get your neck covered with these flap neck cover hats. A flap cap or neck cover offers great protection from the sun and other extreme conditions. The flap cap and neck covers you find here come in many different colors and styles. You can choose from zipper cap, extreme condition caps, washed cotton, and many more!

A hiking hat or SPF caps are casual hats that help you stay comfortable while at the same time being thoroughly protected from the sun. We also have several men’s sun hats for camping, fishing, and they also have an adjustable strap for added comfort.