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Safari and Gambler Hats

The safari hat will protect your scalp and face from the burning heat. We have a large variety of gambler and safari hats that come in assorted colors, shapes, and sizes.
Safari and Gambler Hats

More About Safari, Gambler Hat

A good safari or gambler hat is an essential accessory that can protect you from the UV rays during the summer season. Obviously the most popular place people wear gambler or safari hats, is on a hike, excursion, or hunting activity. However, men and women can also wear this type of hat gardening in the front yard. Most of our hats like these also come with chin straps for a secure fit.

Our safari gambler hats are made from 100 % cotton, wool, or straw material. What separates our hats from others is the versatility of each item. You can wear these hats during any season of the year due to their light in weight material. Make sure to refer to the descriptions on each item for more information.

Find the perfect outdoor & western hat with us. We have every style even fishing hats! Our sports and fishing hats include all kinds of outdoor styles and designs such as Australian, floatable nylon, oxford, boonies, canvas, fisherman.