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A visor is something that became super popular in the 1980’s and has remained popular ever since. Whether you are playing a sport, gardening, walking or another outdoor activity, a visor can keep you wonderfully cool on a hot summer day. A visor by definition is a crownless hat or cap consisting of a wide bill with a strap encircling the head is great for those who are active and need protection from the sun. Browse our selection of clip on, strap, string, wrap, roll-up and wide visors styles. Visors are light-weight fashionable hats for both men and women. Our visors are constructed of a vast amount of materials including ultra comfortable terry cloth, light weight foam, durable plastic, straw, mesh visor and more. With so many colors and styles to choose it is easy to shop smart at No matter how you wear your visor we are confident that you will find one to fit your life.

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