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Visor Beach Hat

Whether you are playing a sport, gardening, walking or another outdoor activity, a sun visor can keep you wonderfully cool on a hot summer day. A sun visor is the best summer head accessory.
Visor Beach Hat

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More About Visor Hat

A visor can keep you protected from the sun. Here you will find hundreds of women’s sun visors, men’s sun visor, and wide brim gardening hats. For those with active lifestyles we carry comfortable sport visors made of materials such as terry cloth, light weight foam, cotton, mesh, and straw.

Find a wide variety of sun protective visor, floppy sun hat styles, packable sun hats and other wide brimmed visor. For added UV protection we have extra-large PVC visor with tinted material. They can be found with a variety of closures including, string, adjustable strap, clip on, and wrap styles.

If you are looking for more than just a plain visor, check out our designed strap back visor selection. Our designed strap back visor caps are available in a variety of styles and colors. We have styles like rainbow strap, checker flame, animal print, sports, glitter, and many more.