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International Shipping

General Shipping Policy

For general information regarding our shipping policy, please see our Shipping Policy page.

Where do we ship?

e4Hats ships directly to many countries outside of the United States. Below is the list of countries to which we currently ship. If your country is not listed below, you may still place an order through fax or email.


Code Country Code Country Code Country
AE United Arab Emirates DK Denmark LU Luxembourg
AS American Samoa ES Spain MX Mexico
AR Argentina FI Finland NL Netherlands
AT Austria FR France NO Norway
AU Australia FJ Fiji NZ New Zealand
BB Barbados GB United Kingdom PF Fr. Polynesia
BE Belgium GE Georgia PR Puerto Rico
BG Bulgaria GL Greenland PT Portugal
BR Brazil GU Guam RO Romania
BS Bahamas HR Croatia SE Sweden
BZ Belize HT Haiti TC Turks & Caicos Iss.
CA Canada IE Ireland TR Turkey
CH Switzerland IS Iceland US United States
CL Chile IT Italy UY Uruguay
CR Costa Rica JP Japan VE Venezuela
CY Cyprus JO Jordan VG Virgin Islands (British)
CZ Czech Republic KR Korea, Republic of VI Virgin Islands (U.S.)
DE Germany KY Cayman Islands    

How do we ship to destinations outside of the U.S.?

We use USPS or UPS as carriers to ship all the international orders. We currently offer following shipping options.

USPS First-Class Mail International:

  • May be insured.
  • NOT Track-able.
  • Delivery time varies by destination.
  • Average delivery between 7-14 business days (2-3 weeks) to most countries.
  • Does NOT include customs delay.

USPS Priority Mail International:

  • Insured up to $50.
  • Track-able until it reaches foreign customs but not necessarily beyond.
  • Average delivery between 6 - 10 business days to most countries.
  • Does NOT include customs delay.

Note: Customs check can delay your package and we have no control over such delays. If you wish to track your package, please DO NOT choose USPS First-Class Mail International, as it is not track-able. Not all shipping methods are available to all countries.

What are shipping and handling costs for international orders?

Shipping is calculated based on weight, destination and delivery method selected by the customer. For more information on shipping please refer to our Shipping Policy.

What is the return policy for international orders?

For all oversea orders, return period is 45 calendar days. We calculate the calendar days from the date we shipped out to the date you shipped back the item (postmarked date). For more information on returning please refer to our Return Policy.

What are international customs duties or taxes?

For international order, you may be charged customs duties or taxes on your package once it reaches your country. e4Hats.com does not pay for customs duties or taxes. If a shipment incurs any such charges the customer is responsible. Please contact your local customs office for more information on your country’s customs policy.

How to file a loss/damage claim?

We may add insurance on international package. If package is insured, LOSS or DAMAGE claim can be filed. If your claim does not follow our policy (e.g. late claim, inaccurate info, missing paperwork) your claim will be denied.

For DAMAGE claim:

  • Please file this Damage Claim Form within 5 days after your package's delivery date.

For LOSS claim:

  • Please file this Loss Claim Form within:
  • Domestic: 30 days after your package's mailing date.
  • International: 45 days (60 days for Italy) of your package's mailing date.